Friday, December 30, 2011


Hey Everyone!


Does everyone have plans?

This year Matt and I are staying in. We're doing late Christmas with his dad on New Years Day. I'm still not sure what I'm wearing, mind you I have no idea what's going on still. I got a really nice rhinestone shirt from my mama for Christmas.

Is anyone doing any resolutions?
I am. I'm only doing simple stuff.
Here's a few - with reasoning!

1 - No Stereotyping/Judging

We're all guilty of it at some point or another. Even if it's seemingly harmless, someone would be insulted.
I have a habit of creating lives of people. I basically judge their appearances and assume how their lives are. Which is still stereotyping/judging.
My granny was actually a victim of this about a month ago. She use to have a bump near her place and one day she slipped. A man was walking by and said "You can lie there you drunk!"

Cruel, right?

Irony, my granny use to have maybe one drink a year. Now she can't drink and has problems with her leg/knee [hence why she fell]
When I spoke to my mum about this incident later she said that people make a lot of accusations because of the area we live in.

This is what prompted this resolution.

2 - Don't Settle For Anything Less Than Fabulous!

Everyone should feel fabulous, no matter who you are! Male, female, old, young, gay, straight, bisexual, single, coupled, etc.
What do I define as fabulous? Comfortable in your own skin.
Bruno Mars got it right when he said
"Cause you're amazing, just the way you are!"

If you feel comfortable wearing all black, then wear all black!
If you feel comfortable wearing a face full of makeup, then do it!

I've realized recently that if you don't know who you are, you're generally not comfortable with yourself.

Why settle for anything other than who you are??

I'll let you guys think about this,
and I'll see you in the new year!

Happy 2012 and stay safe!


P.S -
If there's anything you want more [or less] of let me know! I'm pretty much up for anything.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

winter blues and sparkles!

Hey Everyone!

Finally got around to doing 2 more tutorials for the holidays.

I actually got a lot of compliments on the first. I have naturally small eyes and this really does open them up. With the gold tones and keeping product minimal, this works on pretty much any eye colour.

[I do note in the video that if your skin is darker to use a darker colour. My skin is really fair so this tone works for me.]

"Bright Lights and Shimmer"

The 2nd is somewhat of a smoky eye idea but with brighter colours [of course]


Another thing is, Matt and I are trying to eat really healthy but honestly, it's really hard. Oh it's easy to not buy junk food [cookies, etc] but the fact is, if you look at everything you eat most of the things aren't healthy.

We're big on snacking so instead of cookies or chips, we got tortilla chips and salsa or crackers [triscuits are freaking amazing] I also started doing something else that my dad started.

"The Snack Plate"

What started it was that when you're hungry at night and you don't really want anything heavy on your stomach, you look at the fridge see what's there. Green onions, pickles, cheese, olives, etc. Basically whatever you'd put on a snack buffet works.

As the holidays approach, it's harder to stay on budget and keep waistlines fit. I had my first part of Christmas last Sunday.

I am not a fan of Egg Nog, I'm not entirely sure why I agreed to drinking it.

I'll put more on that in my more personal blog

Enjoy holidays!
I'll try to do another video ASAP!


Saturday, December 10, 2011

Holidays : Waistlines, Partying and Keeping Fit!

Hey everyone!

So if you don't already know, I made a separate blog for my personal life. Go check it out here

With the holidays coming up soon, a lot of people tend to over eat or over drink. I definitely get it though, temptation is a horrible thing! But drinking and eating - like everything - is all about moderation. We all know "One glass of water per alcohol beverage consumed" but who really thinks about it. If you're at a work or family function, you may want to ease up on the intake of alcohol.

Instead of worrying about water all the time, make sure that you keep yourself hydrated if you're drinking. Keep a glass of water with you so you're not worrying about getting some. It keeps you from getting too badly hungover [that's if you're drinking too much.]

Of course, there's the waistline issue. That goes with drinks too. Egg nog isn't easy on calories. It has the same ingredients as cake/cupcakes.

But, just like cake/cupcakes and egg nog [and everything else], things are alright in moderation.

So if you want to have that piece of cake? Do it! Maybe try to have a smaller piece, or try not to over do desserts. It's actually a proven fact that if you fill your plate with more healthy items [like veggies, cheese, fruits, crackers] you're less likely to "pig out" on unhealthy things. However, what is a holiday party without desserts?

As I mentioned before, everything in moderation.

A few tips for post holidays:
1 - When you get home from that party, drink at least one glass of water. It helps flush the toxins from sugary foods or the alcohol.

2 - Maybe try doing a few workouts. Even if it's simple like dancing around while doing things around the home. Or a few squats. Even if you're not big on exercise, it does make you feel better and just a little may help.

3 - Be sure to wash your face before bed and definitely in the morning. It helps get the grease/toxins out as well. A light exfoliant gets the job done [soap and salt mix for oily skin] but Google has a bunch of different recipes for different skin types.

Well that's all the tips I can suggest today. I hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday - whatever you celebrate.

Biggest thing I cannot stress enough though.

There's far too many options to avoid this.


Friday, December 2, 2011

Keeping on Budget for the Holidays!

Hey everyone!

Holidays are coming! You know what that means? SPENDiNG MONEY AND LOTS OF FOOD!!!

I hear a lot of you screaming about budgets and waistlines.
Fear not .... I am here to save you!

This is Part One of Two - Holiday Budget

This Christmas is a lot different than last year. Last year I did go overboard with spending on gifts because I wasn't 100% if I would be able to this year. So glad I did because with moving and everything, my budget has gotten a lot more strict.

Here's a few suggestions for keeping things in budget:

1 - Gift Sets
I cannot tell you how much these help. I got both my grandmothers bath sets. The ones I got have a bodywash, lotion and loufa. These types of gift sets are great because even if you get a name brand, they're excellent pricing.

Which leads me to #2

2 - Name Brands
I can tell you right now that name brands and no name brands are different every where, so compare pricing. Sometimes they're the same price. I happen to buy a lot of no name brand just for the sheer fact it's the same product for even slightly cheaper. [it makes a difference in the end]
When I say price around, I mean it. Flyers are great. Some stores have a "price match" thing.

3 - Price Match
What is Price Match?
Excellent question!

Price Match is when you can find a product in one store but cheaper in another store's flyer. Bring the flyer to the store, when you go to pay for your products you can show your cashier. I know Wal*Mart does this now but I'm not 100% on what other stores do it. Definitly check before you go shopping.

4 - Keep a price range for everyone
If you keep a certain price for everyone, then you can figure out budgetting. For certain people, you may be able to buy a few small things instead of one large/expensive item.

5 - One at a Time or List it!
If you walk into a store without having a person in mind, you can easily over spend. If you're not sure who to look for, try to get an idea of the store before buying - maybe write things down with their price. That way you can also price at different stores. [ie; Price Match]

6 - Find Good Sales
[fyi - I learned this part from my mum's shopping habits]
Many stores make sales/specials that really isn't worth it. There can be two things but only one on sale but if the 2nd has more in it, you're getting your money's worth. Always add things up with 2 for 1 deals, or a certain amount for a certain price [ie; 2 for 20$]

So those are some little tips. I suppose shopping may be a tad late [this really was suppose to be done earlier in November ...] but for all you last-minute shoppers ... SHAME ON YOU!!! But these are good tips year round.

I actually did my first holiday tutorial of the year! While uploading it, I realized how similar it is to Kandee Johnson's tutorial!
There's nothing wrong with that, just the fact in comparison hers is by far better! Lol Oops!


PS -
Next blog I'm going to talk about the amount of food during holidays!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Music Review! Canadian Artists!

Hello Again!

I know, I'm getting much better at blogging. YAY!

There are 19days left until the big move, barely anything left that is needed to be packed, holiday hours start at the mall next week, Santa's already there, I have started holiday look ideas AND this blog will have a review of 3 cd's I've gotten recently.

I am on the ball!

Before I start, can you please do this survey here? I'm trying to figure out what people want from my YouTube vids.

Have not been asked to do this. Personal opinion and does not portray band itself.

CD List:
Simple Plan "Get Your Heart On!"
Lights "Siberia"
Hedley "Storms"

4th Album
Montreal, QC born
Pierre Bouvier - Lead singer
Chuck Comeau - Drums
David Desrosier - Bass
Sebastien Lefebvre - Guitarist

1. "You Suck At Love"
Kinda speaks for itself. Being in a relationship nd realizing that you're in it more than they are. Serial cheaters. They exist.

2. "Can't Keep My Hands Off You" [ft Rivers Cuomo]
You know the lead singer of Weezer?? That's Rivers.
This was actually their first single from this album. As much radio play as it's had, the video hasn't done much. Their 2nd single ["Jet Lag" more later] was released about the same time. Both good.
This is a very upbeat and makes you wanna dance. General idea, you know when you're first in a relationship and you just can't get enough of that person? This song is that.
Boyfriend's favourite line:
"There’s fungus growing in the icebox
All I got left are Fruit Roll-Ups
My clothes are six months old
But I don’t care, no no no I don’t notice
My bills pile is so high, it is shocking
The repo man just keeps on knocking
He likes Rivers Cuomo. Lol

3. "Jet Lag" [ft. Natasha Bedingfield]
This is their 2nd single and I feel it's done a lot better. I think it's Natasha Bedingfield, she's beautiful and a great singer. Song is quite upbeat considering the message I suppose. Being away from your loved one [or loved ones I suppose] and just not feeling right/like yourself.

4. "Astronaut"
3rd single that was recently released I believe.
Another song about being/feeling alone in the world. The video basically conveys this but in the end the 'astronaut' finds another. Happy endings :]

5. "Loser of the Year"
Again love song. Says many times that if you can't have the one you love, what's the point of having the world? Possibly written after a breakup? Not sure.

6. "Anywhere Else But Here"
You know that feeling of "i wanna be somewhere else"? Usually happens at work nd you start counting the minutes, hours, etc. Yup. There's a song about it.

7. "Freaking Me Out" [ft. Alex Gaskarth]
I must be honest. I had to YouTube the name because I had no idea who it was - however I do know the band he's in - "All Time Low". [Might I suggest "Painting Flowers" or "Maria" by All Time Low?]
Very electronic. Alex's voice sounds very close to Pierre [lead singer] voice. Good mix and it's very complimentary.

8. "Summer Paradise" [ft. K'Naan]
K'Naan always makes me think of his hit "Wavin' Flag" [I can almost hear your "Oh that's where his name rings a bell from!" You're welcome]
This song makes me think of summer time and if that was the point, excellent. Kind of a reggae beat that makes you think of beaches, sunshine, long days. This song makes me want to put on shorts and sandals. Very "summer loving" song :D

9. "Gone Too Soon"
I'm not sure if many of you knew, but Pierre's brother was diagnosed with cancer before. I feel that this may have been written for him. But it's been written so well, you can definitely think of anyone you have lost. Family, friend, pet, etc.
Chorus is my favourite
"Like a shooting star
Flyin' across the room
So fast so far
You were gone too soon
You're part of me
And I'll never be
The same here without you
You were gone too soon

10. "Last One Standing"
I get the feeling of empowerment here. Like when someone in a relationship tries to keep you out but fighting to stay around. Or just fighting to stick out a relationship because you know it's worth it.

11. "This Song Saved My Life"
This really sounds like a letter from a fan talking about previous songs/albums and it's like hearing a song at just the right moment. My guess, the song would be "Perfect" from the first album.

12. "Jet Lag" [ft. Marie-Mai]
Exactly like the Natasha Bedingfield version but French. If you didn't know, Simple Plan are from Montreal and bilingual.

General opinion:
More upbeat songs and doesn't seem so emo-depressed as their other albums. It's okay to listen to sad songs or even be sad, but to listen to a whole album and just feel depressed? This is a great change because I like Simple Plan.
Haven't seen them live, so I cannot say anything about them live.

FACTS: Real name "Valerie Poxleitner"
From Toronto, ON
Synth/Electronic style music.

1. "Siberia"
Title track.
Long distance in a relationship and wanting time together alone. ie; Siberia.
Best part, mention of Canada in it! Lol

2. "Where the Fence is Low"
Finding yourself while on your for the first time.
Learning how to be alone, etc.

3. "Toes"
First single from the album. About love keeping you in anticipation.
ie; on your toes.

4. "Banner"
Being in love in chaos. Not wanting people to change your relationship just because you want to show off your love.

5. "Everybody Breaks a Glass" [ft. Holy F**k and Shad]
We all go through the same things in life. We all let chances pass, we all break up, you're not alone. But if you want good things, you must give good things.

6. "Heavy Rope"
I like this song 'cause she says "precipice" That's a high class word! It's almost a "be the one who saves me" kind of a song.

7. "Timing is Everything"
Being somewhere and meeting someone at that perfect time. No hints, nothing. Timing is everything when meeting someone.

8. "Peace Sign"
Very sweet song. Almost feeling of being pulled in everywhere, having that chaotic feeling but there's one person who can almost "ground" you. Someone being your anchor.
"Where it's all a blur, you are the hard line
In the disorder, you are the peace sign

9. "Cactus in the Valley"
Soft and relaxing. But the message feels different.
The lyrics imply the feeling of falling apart and just being sad/alone. It mentions about "the storm finally finding me" and if you want to get into literal sense, maybe depression?

10. "Suspension"
Sometimes Lights' lyrics are confusing - however amazing they are.
By the fact she says "You're not close enough" it once again refers to a long distance relationship.

11. "Flux and Flow"
My computer for some reason hates this song and glitches it out a lot unfortunately because I like this song :[ Again, this one confuses me. Sorry.

12 "Forth Dimension"
This song kind of confuses me. The synth is amazing though.

13. "And Counting ..."
This is song is probably one of my favourite songs on the whole album. Not sure but it's very sweet.
Starts at 40days and counts down a bit.
Counting down until you're with someone.

Jacob Hoggard - lead singer
David Rosin - Guitarist
Chris Crippin - Drums
Tommy Mac - Bass
From Vancouver, British Columbia [Abottsford I believe]
Known for being sassy. [Side note: seen them 3x Live - Jake's energy is ridiculous]
This CD has a strong feeling of being who you are, not letting others bring you down, etc.

1. "One Life"
You have one life. Life it, be it, make mistakes, don't regret.
Life is too short to be upset and not keep moving.

2. "Invincible"
Being who you are and not letting that stand in your way.

3. "Heaven's Gonna Wait"
Jacob's piano is beautiful, this is such a beautiful song.
It's basically saying "I'm going to keep you and heaven can wait because you're important to me" - I started crying hearing this live on MuchMusic

4. "We Are Unbreakable"
About being unbreakable. Having a strong bond with someone [friends, family, significant other, etc]

5. "Young"
Feels like their song "Young and Stupid" from their other album. Mentions of AC/DC.
Possibly written feeling old and thinking about the "good old days".

6. "Beautiful"
Sounds like someone is describing a perfect moment with a significant other. Possibly describing a city. It can be both and neither, but basically saying how simple yet beautiful it is. Semi-acoustic sound.

7. "Bullet For Your Dreams"
What if everyone stood up for their dreams? Just never backed down from it.
It seems being free doesn't matter.
"I thought that I was free
They took that all from me
They told me I should back down, all around, not a sound
Dirty little freak, but this is how we bleed
And we ain't gonna stop now,
A penny for your thoughts now,
A bullet for your dreams

8. "Hot Mess"
'Hot Mess' is defined as a girl who is hot while drunk/hungover while the rest of the normal people are considered ugly. A party girl who drinks too much.

9. "Stormy"
Side note: My mum's cat is named "Storm" also called "Stormy" ... haha.
Best way to explain this song is to use a quote Jacob said while on Live@Much
"it's not about the storms
it's about getting through it

10. "Last Call"
Basically saying that even if the world seems to be putting you down and not helping you, this isn't your last call if you keep trying. Think very "Firework" but not as bouncy.

11. "I Won't Let You Go (Darling)"
Piano again. *grin*
Being homesick, being away, but not fighting for a long-distance relationship.

Anyways, that's it.
This has taken a lot of time this afternoon but worth it.


Thursday, November 10, 2011

Holidays, MAC, Video and More!

Hey Everyone!

Well packing for move is coming along quite well. I was kind of avoiding doing the bedroom but the other day I finally got it done. There's a bunch of fragile stuff that is going to be brought over separately [one bonus of moving from parents house ...]

It's a mere 23 days till it all happens!

So I was cruising YouTube while my video uploaded and saw the XSparkage site and she had the MAC holiday collection up. Just as a heads up, I got these pictas from her page. Link with pictas.

This is the full collection

Eloquent Air Lipstick

Such Flare Lipstick

Fancy Moves and Smooth Manoeuvre Technakohls

Frozen Blue and Winterized Mineralized Eyeshadows

To find out more on the collection, and a credit to where I got the pictas is here

As Christmas draws near, there's many things I've been doing - other than packing I swear! - and that's getting xmas gifts together plus HOLiDAY ViDEO LOOKS

I'm not big on Hallowe'en things because I don't feel that what I do compares even close to what's out there. I don't mean that my holiday looks are great, just I can have more options with Christmas parties, Christmas itself and New Years. [Plus other holidays that are celebrated] I think they're a little more fun because it's sparkle, shimmer and glitter. I don't know what it is about it, I'm really not a winter fan but I love how it sparkles. The snow, ice, etc is so inspiring.

Plus the holiday outfits are so pretty.

So far I only have one look, but I am definitely open to different ideas. Send me your pictas, colours, etc. I will definitely get them in!

Anyways so I finally did my tag video.

Miss Makeup Fairy blog.

Tag questions on youtube video.

Well, until next time lovelies!


Thursday, October 27, 2011

moving stress

Hey Everyone!

So my last post was just a countdown widget. Sorry I didn't post much!

Our moving date is December 3rd and we've booked the elevator for noon. I am unbelievably stressed right now. There's so much to pack and I've barely started. What I have done is go through a ton of stuff and either trashed or given away stuff. I've used 2 boxes for soft cover books.

We've actually got a lot of stuff. His parents gave us these metallic dipped leaves for decoration, and I have a picture plus a mirror. Matt bought me a Marilyn Monroe poster from his school because he knows I like her. My dad caved and bought us the Fantom Power Pet vaccuum. My mum's lending a bunch of curtains for the place and bought us cutlery and a mattress cover. [just in case because it's a new place] My nana is giving us a bunch of towels and face cloths, possibly sheets too. We're going to her place for the typical Christmas buffet thing she does - my parents, Matt plus my aunt, uncle nd cousin - so we'll get the stuff then.

We've figured that we're probably going to have the house-warming in January because December is way too hectic. Plus Angel - my cat - is going to brought here in early January.

Now for a few photos. Makeup from yesterday and the stack of boxes - only a few are being used currently.

First of all, the trunk that most of this stuff is on is full of curtains, kitchen things and dvd's
The purple box is the vacuum - Fantom Power Pet - and on top is utencils and a muffin tray [kept it out with intention of making cupcakes soon]
Beside that is 2 Dole boxes - those are filled with books.
Everything else is empty so far.

Anyways, that's about it.


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Exciting news!

It's official. Matt and I move!

Here's my countdown widget:

So excited!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Hallowe'en, Facebook Joy, Secrets

Hey Everyone!

Just a quick update on everything going on.

Hallowe'en is coming up! Matt and I might be going to a party put on by his work BUT we're not sure of details. I keep telling him that we need to know ASAP because of costumes, etc. I have a few ideas on what I want to be, but it depends on pricing in the end. I really want to get a few wigs while they're decently priced.

Couple ideas of my costumes are bumblebee, ladybug, Alice in Wonderland or Cleopatra. The Alice one I'm not thrilled with from the site, but I'm hoping it's decent in person.

Something else that I recently realized is that 3 females on my facebook are expecting their first child! [I actually had to double check it was still only 3 people because most of my fb friends have kids] I'm so excited for them!
Anna asked me - while I was telling her who is expecting - when Matt and I are going to have kids. Of course she was joking, but most of our friends have children [yeh, more than one]
Honestly, Matt and I have talked about this multiple times and I was the one who stated that if I had my choice, I'd rather be married before having kids. Of course, nothing goes to plan but we're not trying to have kids.

Also, no I am not engaged. Just because Matt and I have spoken about this, doesn't mean it'll happen.

I know a few people have wondered about the fact that Matt and I are keeping a secret, but it's neither pregnancy nor engagement. So that should narrow it down and once we know for sure, it will be chaos. We're both having a hard time keeping this quiet but we are because nothing is 100% - just family knows right now.

All is good otherwise, Matt is scheduled to finish school in December and his job has said they're keeping him on full-time afterwards.

All in all, this is exciting times!
Keep up ;]


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

change is in the air

Hey everyone!

I know some of you followers/readers are on my facebook and/or twitter, so maybe you already know? I mentioned this more on twitter actually.

Change is coming

My blog will probably be changing in a few ways by New Years [ie; 2012] for a few reasons.
1 - layout
I've been talking to my lovely boyfriend about helping me do some customization for my blog layout and stuff. Make it more acceptable to the eye. He does coding for a living, so he's going to help me figure out what's good and what'll work. I've got to figure out what I can do for a banner with photoshop [which I don't have ...] I'll figure something out

2 - posts
Actually, this is somewhat of a brief announcement but nothing is set in stone - YET! We're actually looking at moving at the end of November and because of this, I'll probably be lacking in posts for December, between crazy xmas plans, shoppers and the possibility of no internet .... it'll be hard to post. Unless I can figure out how to switch the internet from being at my parents, to the new place [since parents don't really need the net] then I'll be able to post.

3 - change of posts
Since I'm moving, I may not be posting about the same stuff as before. I'll try to keep it pretty similar. My goal is that this is a beauty blog, but it's somewhat more personal than that. I'm aware. It'll change.

So that's pretty much the biggest changes you'll see coming up. Now for answering the question most people have been asking me:
What are you doing for Hallowe'en costume/makeup? And are you going to do a video?

Ha ha, I love people sometimes! I know last year I promised a video and I did do it BUT it turned out awful. I procrastinated so much, I couldn't re-do the video. This year I'm going to try and do last year's idea at the very least. I'm not 100% what I'm doing for my costume this year but I need to figure it out soon because Matt's work is possibly having a Hallowe'en party. I've got a couple ideas for makeup, but again it depends on the costume.

I'll probably do a video of some sort about that also. Hunting for a costume I mean ...

I've been quite stuck for makeup ideas lately, so I spoke with Ronnnie [aka bowsandcurtseys] about some suggestions. there was a shirt I really wanted to wear, and I wanted to also rock some red lips. So she suggested a simple eye with cat liner.

Beautiful suggestion and very classic. Here's what I went to work with that day!

Also I wanted to try something new with my nails.

I took "Cowardly Lyin" from China Glaze and "Hot Coco" from Essie and got this gorgeous look.

To get this look is really easy.
Take "Hot Coco" and put 2 coats on all fingers you want. Make sure it's completely dry, then take a "Cowardly Lyin" and put a relatively thin coat on top. As if you're doing "Shatter" or "Crackle" look. Let dry, put top coat on and you're done. Simple.

No, that is not an engagement/wedding right. The one with hearts is the Daughter's Pride ring my parents got me, the plain silver band is something I found. I wear it there to even out rings on both sides of my hands.

For those who aren't Canadian, this past weekend was Thanksgiving. Saturday I worked closing shift, but Sunday Matt and I went to his mum and step-dad's place. There was about 9 of us [Matt's mum, step-dad, grandparents, step-grandparents, his brother, Matt and I] and we were so lucky it was beautiful weather.

I got a few new shirts [upcoming haul, promise!] and wore one on Sunday. It's purple and black, but to get the contrast colour right Matt took a photo of me and inverted it. Ended up doing a yellow and green look.

I was considering doing a video on this look, but then I realized that I've done a video on basically the same thing. Yes my technique has improved, but it'd be just repeating itself. Only difference is that I used different colours and there's black liquid liner on top lash line. No "eldorado" or "mildew" used in the above photos. Otherwise, the same. Same idea I guess.

Monday was Thanksgiving at my house.

I swear, between both days I really needed to workout today. I did and I'm glad I got to do 40mins before pain started.

Anyways, I'm off. This is a long enough blog, haha!

Love and makeup,

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

music, books, and reviews

Hey everyone!

Between work and home/family things, I really haven't been up for doing any blogging. No I won't get into it, but put it this way ... it's been difference and maybe concerning.

Although work has been good. Keeping busy and the past few days I've gotten better at balancing at end of my shift. Which is great! I've been wearing a lot of the same makeup daily. Retrospeck on lids and Caviar Dreams on crease. Then a white for highlight. Of course black liquid liner on top and some sort of lip colour, but really I haven't been up for doing much. Don't know why.

I've also been dealing with allergies and possibly a sinus infection. I use a lot of tiger balm and eye drops. I use to do Neti-Pot [which is absolutely brilliant and amazing!] Apparently things are failing me. Reactin and Benadryl [both allergy and sinus!] don't work anymore either. I AM RUNNiNG OUT OF OPTiONS!!! Blarg.

So I've actually got a few [unpaid] reviews coming up soon. One is going to be on makeup wipes. So far only tried 3 but I want to get more to review, then everyone has a better idea. Out of the ones I've tried, I'm only impressed with one of them. Not saying which yet, but 2 are name brands and one is dollar store brand. You'll see when I do it! :D I'm not sure which it'll be on, blog or video. I'll figure it out.

2 other things that I'll probably mention in the same video are:
"Siberia" by Lights cd
Run Down
Lights is a Canadian artist. This is her 2nd cd and she does a lot of electro-pop. There's everything from love songs to dance songs. Most have a message behind them. I just got the cd today so I haven't heard all the songs yet, but I know "Toes" is really addictive. She's super cute also.

Below is the video for "Toes"

This gives you an idea of her music.

Now for the other review I'll be doing.

Gossip Girl - Psycho Killer

Re-imagination of the original book by Cecily von Ziegesar only over the top gore. But it's so over the top, it's funny. Best way to describe it so far is like Dexter but funny.

This is the book store's synopsis for it [yes i'm copy+pasting]:
Welcome to New York City''s Upper East Side, where my friendsand I live, go to school, play, and sleep-sometimes with eachother. It's a luxe life, but someone's got to live it . . . until they die.

So begins Gossip Girl, Psycho Killer, a re-imaginedand expanded slasher edition of the first groundbreakingGossipGirlnovel, featuring all new grisly scenes and over-the-top gore by #1New York Times bestselling author Cecily von Ziegesar.

Just as in the original story, Serena returns from boarding school hoping to make amends with her BFF Blair Waldorf--things just haven't been the same since Nate Archibald came between them. But here's where our dark tale takes a turn: Serena decides that the only way for her to make things right with Blair is to eliminate Nate. If that means killing him, well, c'est la vie. Her attempted murder doesn't go unnoticed by Blair, however, who isn't about to let Serena kill whoever she wants-not when there'sCyrus Rose and Chuck Bass and Titi Coates and everyone else who's ever irritated Blair to get rid of first . . . .

American Psycho's Patrick Bateman has met his match in Manhattan's newest, most fabulous trendsetting serial killers, Blair Waldorf and Serena van der Woodsen.

Weird and messed up, right? Well once I finish I'll be able to explain better.

I plan on doing a video soon. Tag vids for now since I'm not really makeup-video inspired. I may try to do one for Hallowe'en but I need my costume first. There's a few ideas I'll probably do.

Okay well until next time!

Enjoy this beautiful fall weather while you can!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

NEW MAKEUP SERiES!!! [yayyy!]


Okay super excited to announce this so I'll just get to it!

I'm going to start a new makeup series! "7 Deadly Sins" !

Yes this was started because of Nymphette's makeup calendar. I decided to do it since that started on my bday nd i just kind of LOVE the movie "Seven" [Kevin Spacey, Morgan Freeman, Brad Pitt - go watch] I couldn't decide, so I did 2 looks that day. I'll probably end up doing a video for "Envy" [lots of requests from friends on fb] but I honestly loved "Sloth" better lol

Without further adu, here are photos!

"Envy" - all natural lighting.

And "Sloth" [my favourite]

Both of these are very 'wearable'. Well, maybe "Envy" not so much but it can be altered to be something everyone would feel more comfortable with.

Next I'll probably do "Lust" or "Pride"/"Vanity" - I may do their opposites.

It's actually a really sad day today.
September 11th
I'm not American but I think the whole world is very sad today.
Sad that there are people out there that would cause such damage to one country, which in turn has caused damage to another country. Started wars, lost lives. It's unfortunate on both sides of the situation.

With some slight joy though, fall TV schedules are out. I'm really hoping I won't have to work many nights. I have discovered a new love for TV!

Returning shows I'll be watching:
Gossip Girl, Glee, Big Bang Theory, Futurama, Simpsons, Bones

New shows:
Whitney, The New Girl, 2 Broke Girls, Up All Night, Pan Am, Charlie's Angels, I Hate My Teenage Daughter, Suburgatory, The Secret Circle.

There's a few more but those are the only ones I can think of.

Well I must go meet the boyfriend at the bus stop to get some breakfast, then clean.
Oh joy!

Hopefully making a video soon. Tags nd "hauls" first.


Tuesday, August 30, 2011

colds and canker sores

Hey everyone!

So I'm not sure about everyone else, but I have been fighting a cold for a few days. It's drained me so bad that I literally take a 1-2 hour nap when I can. It's mostly sinus with a dry cough, so I have liquid meds I'm taking [no name brand stuff but works great!]

There's not much you can do for a sinus cold or dry cough except meds, Vick's Vapo Rub [hate the smell but works great] and water/tea. It's great because I have cut down/off on junk food but this is great since I've actually lost some weight. I am going to start working out soon, so that'll help also.

Another downside lately is that I have a canker sore. Horrible nd gross. "Mouth Ulcers" ideally. My body hates acid and since my granny grows grape tomatoes in her garden, I have been downing them like candy.

Reaction = canker.

It's made my lip puffy and there's only so much salt and water rinse one girl can take. So I googled and got some great results. I've been swishing Benadryl liquid allergy meds in my mouth [over the canker - don't swallow!] and so far the results are good. I think it says not to do it more than 6x a day but clearly, the more you do it, the better.

I found my pink fedora!!!
I love this hat. I got it last Christmas but kept losing it.

This lovely boy-with-mop is my boyfriend.
We were at lunch before his tattoo the other week. He's a goof but a good guy.

Oh Angel.
My furbear decided to be cuddly with me yesterday. He's such a suck sometimes.

In other news, I have an interview tomorrow. I'm trying not to get my hopes up because lately my hopes have been let down so often with jobs. It's hard to keep up. But I am trying to be positive.

This week is all about positivism - sort of.

Wednesday [tomorrow] - interview
Thursday - no idea. prob cleaning
Friday - G.I Specialist appt
Saturday - Party with friends
Sunday - dinner with parents nd Matt
Monday - Calypso
Tuesday - Matt goes back to school
Wednesday - my 24th bday!!!

Exciting. I know!

Anyways there's some things I need to do before my mum gets home.


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Avril Lavigne

I'm sitting here, finishing my iced coffee and watching "Teen Mom" [say whatever, I like it.] I've been calling places I've had interviews and places that may be hiring for the past hour.

I am about ready to call it quits!

This is really frustrating. Going to interviews, thinking you're doing great then never getting a call back. I really want to go back to school - another makeup course - once some of my OSAP is paid down. [I have OSAP from a previous college course.] I'm not even sure if I can put it on OSAP ... but it is almost 3,000$ because I want to take 2 courses. There's a regular course that has lots of info, but then there's the advanced course. Both are awesome and I'm waiting to hear back to find out.

My interview Monday was with - hopefully - a makeup counter. I'm somewhat pushing for Clinique but I suppose I'd go with anything at this rate. I just know Clinique better [actually, I know MAC nd Sephora best but at Clinqiue is #3]

- 2 hours later -

This is usually what happens. I start a blog then disappear for some reason. This time I had to go clean stuff or else I couldn't think. So in addition to what I mentioned earlier about the makeup course. The major course - which is a hefty price - is probably something I'll take first. Neither do OSAP but the bigger course will give me an idea if I want to dish out the money for the 2nd course. Plus I'll get the kit, which is why it's so pricey. My plan is for September 2012 because it's such a huge price. Besides, I know for a few months it'll be complicated money-wise when I move because Matt has 4 months of school left [then graduated! Yay!] so I'll just save what I can, pay down what OSAP I can also and just keep reminding myself that he's got a job and school.

We already talked about this and we know we've got sacrifices to make while he's in school. Such as we're not getting cable. We may splurge for netflicks but not right away. We need internet for his school and so we don't lose our minds, so we'll be able to watch shows through that if we need to.

Vanilla e/s MAC
Silver Ring e/s MAC
Georgia e/s Cargo
082 e/s MUFE
Zero black cream liner Urban Decay
Black pencil liner [whatever works]
Frost e/s MAC
Tenderling blush MAC
Alpha Girl beauty powder MAC [Heatherette line]
L'Oreal Volumnous mascara
Aerie Pink gloss [whatever you have works]

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Little New, Little Old, Little Nothing?

Hey everyone!

I've had so many interviews lately [2 different salons and one bankruptcy/debt company] and I'm pretty hopeful something will come up. It has to really, I'm just tired of being home all the time and not being able to afford anything.

Once I get a job, then we can start getting set up for moving and hopefully cut a deal nd get a mid-month move in. I don't know but it's hopeful.

We literally have almost everything. Couches, tv, bed, table, etc. Between both sides of the family. His mum is giving us a wok .... which honestly I'm stoked to make stir-fries. I'm not big on cooking now but I'm willing to try :D

Speaking of family, we're actually going to his dad's place this weekend. He lives a bit out of the city and between his hours and Matt's hours, things weren't making sense to go. Now keep in mind that I am a city girl through-and-through, but a lot of my family is from the country. So this weekend will be interesting.

I'm planning on doing a video early next week for a smokey look that doesn't include black shadow. It'll have probably a little black if I do eye liner but the idea is more of a day to night idea. Like if you're going out after work and wanna wear a neat shadow. Well you'll get it when you see it.

I'll keep everyone posted!


Sunday, July 31, 2011

Hearts That Bleed or Good Life?

Hey everyone!

Honestly, sometimes it's hard to keep my cool sometimes with people. Someone hacked a friend of mine's facebook and said really cruel things. When he saw what was said, he apologized and explained his account was hacked. That's still dumb that people hack other people's accounts. Some people clearly need to grow up.

Another thing I'm having issues with is being unemployed. Yes I have been looking like crazy and if something doesn't come up soon I will have to see if a friend of mine is hiring at DQ. It's not my 1st choice but I need an income.

So I actually got a request to do an Avril inspired video. Which is exciting because I actually love her. This is actually a very different look to what she usually wears - it's not a dark eye! It's very grey but does have some of her trademark dark liner. I didn't do the under the eye smokey part because not many people can pull it off - like myself. I did change it a bit, but for the better I feel.

This is actually what I did instead of going to paint ball.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Wedding talk, rumours and a new video!

Hey everyone!

Sometimes people make me laugh with their rumours about me. It use to really bother me, but it doesn't anymore. It bothered me mostly because of who it was and now I'm just kind of use to it. I laugh now.

Latest rumour:
I'm moving to Montreal.

There's a couple things wrong with this.
1 - I don't speak French.
2 - The one who started this rumour, I don't talk to her.

I'm not sure what encouraged this rumour. I mean I do have a friend that is going to school in Montreal and I visited her in March. I def wanna go back because the shopping there is not to be believed. I'd love to move there, but the language is kind of an issue. Yes I'm Canadian but I'm not great in French.

Well that's that.

Also lately a friend of mine nd I have been talking about weddings. Neither of us are engaged but we both watch a lot of wedding shows. So today we started talking about ideals for when we get married. [meaning if it was up to us completely - we both agree the guy should have plenty to say!]

I've learnt how to cut costs because of a few friends of mine have gotten married and they paid for it themselves. [except one, but that's a diff story]

Makeup I actually did nd wore to my friend's wedding.

Doing her makeup - best friend and the bride :]

People say different things about where you should spend your money. Dress, photographer, flowers, etc. Personally, I'd probably get a dress that wasn't too pricey and then go more expensive for shoes. After all, you probably won't wear the dress again but the shoes you definitely can.

What are your opinions on weddings? I love hear different opinions!


So I decided to turn this into a series. Guru's on youtube are those who are really good, get lots of views and possibly partners on youtube [ie; get paid a certain amount from youtube]

Of course they're going to inspire people! Just to show my appreciation to those I watch lots, I

Makeup [in order]
MAC Face&Body foundation [C1]
Benefit Erase Paste [light]
MAC Studio Pressed Powder [light]
Too Faced Eyeshadow Insurance

Lid: "Too Dolly" e/s [MAC Hello Kitty line]
Crease: "Shockaholic" e/s [MAC] and "Romping" e/s [MAC Hello Kitty line]
Highlight: "Aspin Summit" e/s [Sephora]
Liner: lid - black NYC Liquid Liner // waterline - white Bonnebell pencil
Mascara: Rimmel Sexy Curves "extreme black 003"
Blush: "Orgasm" [Nars - powder]
Lips: "Boybait" [MAC Lipglass]

Friday, July 8, 2011


So I get a few questions often and so I'm taking this blog to answer them!

Feel free to ask more, I may end up doing a video if I get lots!

1. What are you?
Physically I'm a human female. Genetically I'm my parents.
But if we're going into specifics - as in nationality, etc - then here's the list:
German, Dutch, English, British, Irish, Scottish, Welsh.
This actually should explain lots.

2. Are you actually a makeup artist?
YES I AM! I got my certification last November.
I would post a photo here but it says my full name and I would prefer people who come across this not know specifics. Safety reasons.

3. Do you still talk to *insert name here*?
This question gets thrown around with a few people, but anyone that asks me this about certain people - the answer is no.

4. Do you want to?
Given the way things have ended a few times and the dramarama I went through, I would say no. My name had been tarnished because of a couple people. [however, karma pulled through and one of them actually heard one of the rumours ... idk what happened after that]

5. You use to be a party girl, why did you stop?
I was? Well I guess I enjoyed going out and having a few drinks. I was a regular at a certain bar. I stopped going because of a few reasons - work, drama, money - but I do go out sometimes still.

6. Why did you stop doing videos on youtube?
I haven't. Just taking a break because I wasn't getting great feedback. Besides, I had no time for awhile. I will again soon!

7. If you're into makeup, why don't you work for a company like MAC or Sephora?
Can I just mention that when this question comes up, people are usually rude about it.
Also I cannot force people to give me a job. It's very tempting and I wish I could, but I can't.

8. Why do you spend so much on makeup?
Short answer: because I can.
Long answer: I actually don't spend much on certain products.
I like MAC shadows because they've very pigmented but I don't buy the whole line.
I spend a lot on brushes because they are my tools that I use consistantly.
If I can find a similar colour for cheaper, I go that route. I'm also very picky.

9. What do you smell like?
I get this question from random people and it kind of weirds me out. However, mostly when I'm asked this I'm wearing my Betsey Johnson perfume. Only sold at Winners now ... sadly.

10. Why do you spend so much on clothes?
I really don't. I buy usually on sale and I don't buy high-end brands unless there's a good sale. A few things I splurge on - like dress pants nd bras. Dress pants because I have such an issue with sizing, so if it fits I'll buy. Lol! Bra's because I don't buy them unless I've had to toss one.

11. Why do you dye your hair so often?
First it's called "colouring" my hair. Second, my hair is surprisingly healthy.
Besides, it's my hair.

12. You go so often with bare nails, then colour them neon. Why?
My nails are never bare. When they seem bare, it's just I have a nude colour on in just one coat. Sally Hansen stuff that my friend got me, helps strengthen my nails. I love neon colours.

Anyways that's all I've got for now. I guess I seem sort of rude in these answers but honestly, most are from people I don't know or nosey.

Feel free to ask me questions! I won't be rude haha!


Monday, July 4, 2011

Long Weekend Made Longer!


Last friday was July 1st - Canada Day - and today is July 4th - Independence Day. I celebrate Canada Day [since I'm Canadian, in case you didn't know] but a lot of people also celebrate July 4th. It's an important weekend for everyone.

I spent most of the weekend celebrating.
Friday -
Woke up early to head downtown. The Duke and Dutchess of Cambridge - aka William and Kate - and we got there JUST as the motor cade drove up with them. For the record, we only went because my boyfriend is a fan of Great Big Sea and they were playing.

Speeches, music, heat exhaustion.

I almost passed out on the bus. Luckily my friend had a granola bar in her bag to tide me over before we went for lunch.

Matt[boyfriend] and I headed home after lunch, hung out, had a couple of drinks before and with dinner. Headed out again.

Met with my friend Dalia and the 3 of us headed to KRC hill [which is not Parliament Hill but has great venue. More family friendly, concerts, food, rides, etc] We met up with our other friends - Sam, Kyle, Steph and Matt J - to watch concert and fireworks. Here's a few photos!

whole group

This would be Matt and I

Matt, Dalia and I - he's kind of a goof

Dalia and I

So afterwards the buses were being absolutely stupid, we had to taxi home. At this point we were so exhausted.

Saturday -
Got to sleep and get ready slowly but still headed out relatively early.
Matt and I went to his mum and step-dad's place before heading to his aunt and uncle's place. Met a bit of his family; snacks, beers, food, chatting, random music. It was fun! I think they like me? I'm not sure, it was the 1st time meeting them. Matt thought I'd be nervous but even though I usually am when meeting new people, with his family I haven't been nervous so far. I'd say that's a good thing. Haha!

Got home and chatted with my mum for a bit then crashed.

Sunday -
Super thankful that we have AC and that our plans weren't until later. By 10am, it was already really humid. Slept late, lounged most of the day then headed to Kyle's place around dinner. He was hosting a BBQ. Sadly no photos. Didn't get home until late and pretty much crashed right away because Matt has to be up early during the week.

So that was my weekend. Pretty go-go-go but that's fine.

I realized I forgot to mention something I did last week! PAiNTBALL!
It wasn't as bad as I thought, but of course the 1st hit I got - which was within the 1st 5mins of 1st game ... - was in the thumb. There was a nice scratch and bruise for awhile. The worst is when the paintball hits ground and bounces on you or bounces on you and just doesn't break. I have a nice huge bruise on my thigh [barely there now] from that.

Of course you walk away with battle wounds but adrenaline runs through your veins during the game that you don't realize how exhausted/hot/etc you are until the last game.

You can wear your own clothes - which is what I did - but they offer coveralls for those who don't want to. The company takes photos, so I took a photo off the site of both Matt and I [FYI - we went with his work]

I'm the one standing awkwardly in the grey shirt. This was probably 3rd game? I was hiding behind a barrier.

This is Matt hiding on a bridge. Thought this looked cool.

That's it for me.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Return of the Missing Blogger!

Hey People!

Yes I'm such a slacker. No, i'm not going to apologize - "it's too late to apologize, it's too late!" - because I just know it'll happen again. I really do like blogging, it's just that life takes over.

I was working and now I'm not but that's a long story in itself that I really don't want to talk about, so I'll just get to other stuff!

Recent purchases are black clothes, the new NARS face primer and NARS blush in "orgasm" .... yes I caved. Hush.

I actually did try out a few ideas that I may end up doing a video on this one because I'm so proud!

I didn't think of this myself. I was inspired by it obviously.
One of my favourite YouTube gurus has another channel for vlogs. She had very similar makeup on in this video. I am linking her here and hope she sees it :]

The video I saw:

I don't really talk about the YouTubers I watch much, but there is a select few I never miss.
I'll put their YouTube names here [vlog channel if i can]:

I do watch other people's often, but those are ones i ALWAYSALWAYSALWAYS watch!

So what's new with me?

My boyfriend and I are looking at moving as soon as finances are good.

Layout of apartment.

Building itself.

Yes I did some editting so then any specific things are out of the photo. Just in case creepers are on here or there's people I really don't want to know where I live.

I can tell you one thing, I'm getting out of where I live now. Small town area. Not far out, but far enough.

Speaking of small town ...
Last year's rumours. Yes, those.
Well there was a rumour going around that I cheated on my ex. I refuse to confirm nor deny any truth to that for the main fact that he started that rumour. Now he's hearing it from other people. I think it's hilarious.
Another rumour is that my ex is leaving - actually, he told my dad. He speaks to my parents but not me. Rude much? I'm not sure where, or when but whatever. If it's true, it's true. If not .... well then.

Canada Day is on Friday. Not sure what's going on but a bunch of us talked about hanging out. I know Saturday my boyfriend and I are going to his aunt nd uncle's place for a post-Canada Day party. It's always interesting meeting your significant other's extended family.

Oh well!
Video hopefully this week and more blog another day!