Monday, November 11, 2013

My VIB Rouge Challenge! (plus a little update)

Hi folks!

I know, I haven't updated this page in awhile. Sorry.
I have gotten 3 vids up {all 3 are getting quite high counts actually. Very surprised and happy! I love that people see my videos!}

A little update first, before I talk about VIB Rouge challege {as mentioned in title}

Matt's and my trip to Mexico is just about paid off! Just in time, I'm trying to start Christmas shopping. The trip isn't until February, but we wanted to be finished saving for it before Christmas so we could buy stuff for people and then have time to save some spending money.

Anyways, so there's that.

I haven't entirely decided on all the gifts, but I have a general idea on what I'm getting people. Unfortunately I can't even post anything on them because I know a few people will be read this!

Now to explain about the VIB Rouge challenge .... it's not a real challenge, it's something I made up myself. It is extravagant, because it's spending $1,000 in a calendar year.
No, I don't plan on spending it ALL on myself. Actually I did the math, I've got about $500 I could easily spend on myself. That does mean I will be buying people stuff from Sephora for gifts.

Why am I trying to do this? Mainly to see if I could. I qualify for VIB by September every year, and that's not even always buying what I want. {VIB = $350 per calendar year}
I've done the math for this challenge. I must spend approx $83

FAQs {well maybe not, but before people ask ...}

1 - Why?
- well, like I mentioned before, it's more to see if I can

2 - Are you planning on spending it all on yourself?
- haha, no. I completely plan on buying things for other people. People have birthdays and Christmas next year will be useful.

3 - How can you afford it?
- well fun fact, I actually do get a decent pay cheque. Sephora things will be least of my priorities per month, but I already have done budget.

4 - Does this mean you'll be doing more videos?
- Yes! My goal is to buy more makeup to do more videos.

5 - Are you going to do videos/reviews on the stuff you buy?
- Maybe not a "monthly Sephora haul" idea, I may do that every couple months. Reviews for sure. However, a few products I've used before so I may not review those. There's lots of things I want to get though .... I will definitely try to review things!

6 - You mention about things you want to buy .... does this VIB Rouge affect that?
- Yes and no. Like I said, I've budgeted this and if a few months I can't spend what I originally anticipated, then I don't. I am looking at buying a couch, desk and possibly new mattress.

So that's the low-down on my VIB Rouge challenge! If I get something and you're interested in seeing it used or a review, let me know!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Moving Stress - Packing Tips

As cliché as it sounds, sorry for not blogging! I forget about my blog sometimes .... horrible I know.

Some changes are happening to my blog though - and YouTube channel - very soon. I want to incorporate more people's interest, not everyone is a beauty product fan and it's also expensive, so I will be trying out new things on my channel/blog.

Although, this blog will be about how to pack a one bedroom apartment in two weeks
Why? I am doing it because we can move boxes over in 2 weeks. We don't want to move much when the furniture goes, so this is kinda easier. A lot of these may be common sense, but moving is stressful and some things may not come to mind right away.
{note: these are suggestions, not something set in stone. If you have a better way to pack in a short amount of time tell me! I would love to know!}

1. Know Your Time Frame!
            It sounds stupid, I'm aware, but knowing exactly how much time you have helps. We only have evenings and weekends because of work, some people may have more time.

2. Pack Easy Things First
            This will actually make it feel like you are doing a lot more than you think.
            Also, I don't mean wrapping dishes, I mean taking clothes that you aren't wearing {for me that's fall clothes} and bag it. Go through your kitchen, anything you don't use on a regular basis should get put in a box that is left open for convenience {and future packing.} Shelves that have books, those can be put away unless you plan on reading some. Dressers and tables can be cleared.

3. Know What You Aren't Packing
            Typically I don't do this, but for this move I am not packing fragile items in boxes {dishes, frames, etc} because I have the opportunity/option to move things before hand. So all fragile things I am putting in a grocery tote/bag and carefully bringing it in. We don't have a dishwasher and I hate doing dishes, so instead of ruining everything with newspaper .... make sense?
Appliances are also being taken separately.
4. Have A Suitcase
            It will feel like you are traveling, but putting at least a weeks worth of clothing in a suitcase before you move is actually a great idea. I got this idea from my mother. You may not entirely have so much time to unpack things and your place is in a vast disarray. It's good to know that the things you need are right there.
In the suitcase be sure you pack anything you could need within the first week. {toothbrush, towels, soap, etc} If everything is packed in various boxes, you know where certain basic needs are.

5. Plan Easy Meals Before/After Move
            Typical meal of moving day is pizza, but the next day or even a few days before? Make sure you have some quick items that don't require a lot of effort or dishes, best idea is either pasta or something you can toss in a microwave. You also may be very busy thinking about packing/unpacking and last minute things forgotten.

6. Pet Plans
            We have 2 cats and had to make a plan on how to move with them. Luckily for me, my mom offered to take the older one - Angel {male} - for the weekend. Unfortunately we don't trust the little one - Penny {female} - enough for my parents. They already have a female cat and we know that the two female cats would get into too many fights. Our plan? Taking Penny to the new place the night before, setting her up in the bathroom with all her basic needs, and placing a giant sign on the door so people are aware of the ball of angry fur that is in there. {also so people know they can't use the bathroom until all items are in the apartment}
Some people may have a better idea of leaving a pet in a car until things are moved or even taking them to an overnight spot. This also varies on pets and what you can do.

7. Address Changes
            This is the biggest hassle. Trying to reach all places you receive a bill or letter and tell them "heyyy I'm moving!" It's also greatly awkward. At least it also gives you a chance to speak with the company and maybe find a discount or something.
{Fun Fact: You can ask your credit card company to drop interest rate down.}

8. Be Critical On Your Things
            I'm really lucky to have a CDA {Canadian Diabetes Association} box right by my building. Anything unwanted goes in a bag and is taken there. Many times the items will get shipped to Value Village as well. It's like giving to charity.

            Packing is a headache, so I hope some of these tips work for you. Two weeks before we can move things is insane also, I advise everyone not to do this. {note: we wouldn't typically do it this way, but opportunity arose}

Once all is set up, changes on my channel/blog will begin. If you have any suggestions on things you want to see, feel free to let me know! If I can do it, I will.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

What in the World of Fashion is "Dressy Casual" !?

Hey everyone!

You've heard it. I've heard it. Maybe some of you have said it, but what in the world of fashion does "dressy casual" even MEAN!?

Let me break it down for you.
Simplest terms, it means no jeans.

This paragraph kind of sums it up for you

"There are many dress code policies that depend upon location, time and place. Deciphering these codes can be tricky, especially when there is not a general consensus on appropriate attire. The easiest way to decide what to wear to a specific event is to rule out what not to wear. One rule all can agree on is the importance of clean clothes that are in good condition."

Read more: What Is Dressy Casual Attire? |

Now, my dears, why am I posting about this? What importance does this have?

To be honest, it does play factor in future tutorials/makeup, fashion and blogging.
I just aquired a new job that requires this kind of dress.

I plan on doing more fashion videos also .... think "look book" idea.

My idea for this is simple. Dress professional but fun. I'm only 25yrs old so I want to look profession with style and nothing that's going to waiver my age, since I do typically look young for my age.

It will definately start with a haul video - since I plan on getting a few key items - then maybe some Outfit of the Day pictures. Maybe a couple videos if there is time. Winter is also not the easiest time to do anything fashion related but to give you any idea.
Since 2013's colour [according to Pantone Universe] is "Emerald" then I do want to try to incorperate it a few ways.
Being trendy doesn't mean breaking the budget. Neither does being stylish.

Makeup tutorials, I plan on doing some fun ones that are still work appropriate.
Colour, liner, simple.

One thing I am looking forward to, is that because my hours are more stable I will be able to plan things like videos and even meals! [which some I may even record!]

Regardless, 2013 is going to have some fun things happening.



Friday, December 28, 2012

Another Blog, No Video!

Hey everyone!

Oh look at this ... another blog post!
Exciting, I know!

Just a mini update really.
Hope everyone's Christmas was good! Mine was pretty busy. My parents, Matt's mum and step-dad, Matt's extended family - all within 3 days!

I plan on doing a haul and fashion video come January since I got money and gift cards I'd like to spend, but I need to get new batteries for my camera. I'm sure I've mentioned it, but if not it's just that the my Canon camera has no batteries. The rechargables I have are defective. They shouldn't have crapped out so soon. Oh well, just going to get some new ones and it'll be fine! I swear I'll get videos up soon!

Although, if I'm honest, I have no idea what I'd do for makeup videos. You know ... the real reason I started my YouTube channel. Fashion and haul it is!!

New Years is coming. No tutorial for that. Which is fine since I doubt Matt and I are doing anything really.
We plan on having a party in the New Year, but not until mid-January. I'm not sure how that will go considering our new kitten.

Wait .... did I mention we got a new kitten?
We did. Angel now has a friend.
She's a tabby. I call her a strawberry-blonde colour [not quite beige, not quite orange] and her name is Penny Noel
Penny was a feral cat so being inside was a big change for her.
Of course that means she meowed all night the 2nd night we got her and since it's pretty much programmed into the female brain to wake up to a high-pitched sound [mothering instinct to wake up for their child], it means I was up a lot. However, she's loud and consistant so Matt was awake all night as well.
Basically, it's like having new child. Haha!

On another note, Matt and I have taken all the money we got mutually [he got money, i got money and some people put money in a car for both of us] and are saving. We've decided we really want to move, which isn't cheap but at least we got a head start! All we have so far is moving cost. Guh! We're each putting 50$ away from each pay cheque - so ideally 200$/month. Should work.
What I would love, is to BUY a house but money doesn't allow us quite yet.

Anyways, this is getting farrrr too chatty! Oops!


Sunday, December 23, 2012

Last Minute Gifts Ideas!

Hello my loves!

I know I have really been neglecting you lately, however in my resolutions I have added to blog more. If one wants people to read, one must write. So write I shall!!

With Christmas so quickly approaching [oh dear, is it really just next week!?] I realize that some of you might be in a pinch for small last minute gifts!

Here is my version of a gift guide, but we'll change that since most of you I am sure you have bought all gifts!


Guy in your life:
Pajama pants are always safe.
Cotton plaid is a great idea and usually are in all sorts of colours.
Unless you know a specific like of his [tv show, movie, etc] then definately get that print!

Girl in your life:
If you're shopping last minute, it had better be jewellery! Joking!
However that is acceptable - so are shoes! - not everyone wants that. [or it's just not that relationship!]
Specialty items are usually fun. If she's a tea fan, then might I actually suggest you to Teaopia or David's Tea!
They have interesting flavours around holidays, so gift sets are great.

These women are very picky. They will always say they don't need or want anything, but you know there's stuff out there she probably would enjoy but not spend the time/money on herself. Go get it.

This year I'm getting my dad some clothes and a gift card. He doesn't need anything, nor want anything, but I know from my mum that he needs clothes. As an added treat, the gift card will help him get something at a specific store later. Maybe he doesn't want anything now, but next month he may!

Extended family:
Christmas is expensive, so if you really want to get something for everyone the best money saver is baking.
You can get some cute cut outs or containers at the dollar store, when you figure out what everyone would enjoy then usually there's left overs. [always expect you need to bake more than you think. Recipes are finiky.]

I have done my research for this one! If you're going to a party, it actually is customary to bring them a gift. [especially if it's a new home] Wine is usually safe, but be sure you know what they enjoy. [Mmmm a good sparkling or rose is fun! Fruity!] If you decide on wine, don't expect them to open it up that evening. Chances are they have set out certain drinks. Think of it this way, once you've all left, it will be enjoyed.
If you don't want to get them some wine, maybe a gift card. If it's a new place, ask if they need anything. You can usually judge by that. [iKea is a great store, so is Home Sense!]

I hope this helped you last minute shoppers! Hopefully there isn't many of you.

Ahhh and then there's the age-old question "what did you ask for Christmas?"

Every year, I will put Christian Louboutins knowing full well that there is a low chance I will receive them.
A girl can dream!
One thing that did top my list this year - the only thing I could really think of that I want - is a Kobo.


Sunday, September 23, 2012

Long Over-Do Update!!!

Hey everyone! Long time no blog, I know. Unfortunately I'm still not on my laptop - which is pretty much declared dead at this point - but I am able to post. Matt has allowed me to use his laptop during the time. Eventually I'll get my own laptop. A bit of an update: In June was a wonderful wedding of Tara and Ron. I was lucky enough to do the makeup for the bride and her bridesmaids, plus the lovely Jess who was M.C. As per usual, Anna was my date. [or was I hers? Lol Never too sure on that!] It was the first wedding I was just a guest and not part of the wedding party, so that was interesting. It was a beautiful day for an outdoor wedding and the place - Strathmere - is such a gorgeous area. Kind of a farm area. The day after the wedding was Matt's college grad. He finished school in December, but the official ceremony wasn't until June.
Matt's mom - Jocelyn - Matt and I After the grad was dinner, and it was interesting because it was at The Keg. Never been and for some reason I had been craving red meat. July was pretty much a whirlwind. Canada Day I was with friends for a BBQ, then saw fireworks.
It was really a debate on if we were going to the fireworks anyways, because it was a pretty long walk. Last minute we decided to go and ended up being soooo close to where they set them off! Unfortunately Matt started having ankle problems on the way home, luckily one of the guys lived near the fireworks. After Canada Day a few of us - Kyle, Mike, Anna, Matt and I - decided to go to Calypso water park. So much fun! I'm not a strong swimmer nor do I enjoy being dropped from high altitudes, so there was a few rides I wouldn't go on. August wasn't that busy. I started a new job near the middle of it. I now work in an optometry and sales at an eye wear place. It's very different from the salon - definitely more professional, especially since I have to wear a blazer. September - as some of you know I turned 25 on September 7th. Since I had things to do, I celebrated with my family ahead of time.
My dad, myself and my mum Rare photo of all 3 of us On my actual birthday, Matt got me Lady Gaga - Heart Beat headphones [beats by Dre brand!] and parents, Matt and I went to Scores for dinner. Parents got me a cake with a stiletto heel on it and gave me a card with money. Everyone pretty much got me money since that's what I wanted. With my trip to Toronto coming in just under a month, that makes shopping easier. The day after my bday, Matt and I went to his cousin's wedding. Such a beautiful ceremony! It was at a Sugar Bush, so most of the food and drinks were maple themed. Surprisingly great! One of my favourite drinks was called a "Maple Butter Kiss" - vodka, butterscotch schnapps, creme and maple syrup. Delish! And very inexpensive. We were surprised at drink prices.
Matt's aunt had Christian Louboutin shoes .... I need these shoes so bad!
Matt's mum - Jocelyn - and I
artsy photo of Matt and I
yes we match. so cute. so my doing. Anyways, that's enough blogging for me for now!!! xo Moi

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Tutorial - Tangerine Tango

Hey everyone! After multiple attempts at uploading/editing this [3x editing, 2x uploading] I finally got it on youtube! FACE: Urban Decay 24/7 Concealer - FBI Rimmel Matte powder EYES: Too Faced Shadow Insurance Brule e/s [MAC] Fresh Daily e/s [MAC] Brash e/s [MAC] White Frost e/s [MAC] Black liner [NYC] NARS orgasm [blush] Urban Decay Lipgloss - Love Child