Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Make-Up : Abstract and Review!

Hey everyone!!

It's super mild out lately so wearing a jacket is pretty optional. I've got all the windows and patio door open. All the spring clothes are pretty much out.

I still need spring shoes. All I have is the winter boots.

Speaking of spring, I got a beautiful palette from the SHOP MAC collection.
How have I never worn tangerine!?

"Call Me Bubbles"

When debating on this or another palette, the MAC Artist said that this palette is rare. Such a great palette all together. I've worn it often.

"Call Me Bubbles"
A really soft white. Almost the perfect highlight!

"Fresh Daily"
Tangerine colour. Good for blending.

"Full of Flavour"
MAC's website calls it coral, but there's more pink than normal coral colours. It's not far off though.

Best explained as 'burnt orange'. Kind of frosty but great for making a interesting smokey colour.
Veluxe Pearl.


L to R:
Full of Flavour; Fresh Daily; Call Me Bubbles; Brash

Sorry the swatches aren't the greatest!


Today I decided to do something a little abstract.
This is what I got:

I'm not entirely sure what prompted this but felt like playing with some bright colours. I may do something else another day, but that's another day.

I kind of feel that if I had straight-across bangs, it would look better. My cow-lick is evil.

Maybe I'll try a eyeliner design next time!

Okay well I'll probably do another spring tutorial later this week.