Saturday, October 30, 2010

when did winter get here!?

As I type this a few things are happening
- I am coughing up a lung
- my nose is running like crazy
- it's snowing.

Really? It's not even November. Sometimes I hate Canada.

Anyways, I've been getting my portfolio together. I have my exam, practical AND my portfolio DUE on Nov.5th [next friday] so it's serious crunch time.

Last weekend I was suppose to do Anna and Steph's makeup but since we all haven't really seen each other in awhile - Anna was busy with Steph's mum abt govn't jobs, Steph was wandering nd i was chilling with Stephen in his room - nd then the wine came out nd Wii was played. Needless to say, I lugged my makeup around for nuthing.

I really need a better form of travelling makeup. My bag is hurting my back.

This week I also got mail! I ordered a Z Palette abt a week ago. Also my swap from came in. [check out that site! it's awesome!]

I did Anna's makeup for Hallowe'en. She went as Sally from the movie Nightmare Before Christmas

Because she's also sick - I got her sick last weekend. We shared a Thai Tuna wrap - I couldn't use any cream base. Foundation then blue eye shadow. I'm happy it worked but looking at the pictures I wish I'd done more blue. One side looks more blue than the other. Oh well.

Anna's very European [Russian - moved here when she was 5yrs old] and has very typical Euro eyes - very small lid - so I had to pretty much create the crease.
For arguement sake, I know Russia isn't in Europe. It's between Europe and Asia

How did I do that?

Easy! If someone has very small crease, you create one with black or grey [or brown] nd put liner on the top lid by the lashes - winging it out. Then take the same colour and go on the eye itself where the crease WOULD be, then line that. Connect with the bottom winged out liner. Makes the eye also appear larger. You can also do the line on the top lashes with liquid liner.

The lip colour in that picture isn't exactly like Sally's and I know that BUT it was the only lip colour I had but she did have the maroon-red at home. That colour was for picture purpose anyways.

Today my mum was a willing model because I was also teaching her how to do it to herself. Since she's applying to jobs she can wear makeup, figured it was easier to teach it to her.

Now I KNOW the foundation is horrible, the camera didn't make it any better. The foundation she had was soooo light! I need to find her some foundation that is her skin colour. It's horrible and I tried so hard to darken it. Took a clean sponge to take a lot off, then took a darker powder on her skin. It just didn't work. Suffice to say, her eye makeup went wonderfully! Neutral brown with purple liner! Perfect.

Urg! I just checked outside and it was still snowing. I am SO not ready for winter! I hate winter. I'm Canadian and I hate winter. Typical. This winter I'm think about trying to snowboard. Not sure. I know how to ski - sort of - but snowboarding seems more interesting. We'll see!

New videos soon hopefully!!

Monday, October 18, 2010

The Makings of an AWESOME Portfolio!

Hey lovelies!!!

Okay so i was going to make a video YESTERDAY ... actually i had a few i was gonna do. Tutorial nd showing off my makeup kit BUT i woke up with the worst sore throat nd body aches, that i just had zero energy. I pretty much slept most of the day nd watched tv ... Stephen King's "The Mist" was on. That is one messed up movie! I hate horror movies but this wasn't too scary. Just a few parts i cud've done without. *shudders* Just gross.

Anyways ... this weekend i'm actually going to be starting my portfolio - which is also for my course. I'm getting marked on it but it's going to be for when i apply at makeup counters. Two of my friends have agreed to let me do their makeup when i see them this weekend. Another of my friends is getting married in a few weeks, so if i do hers or the other bridesmaids makeup, i told her i'm stealing pictures. Also i'm getting in touch with a photographer i did makeup for one of his shoots nd asking for those pictures. [he had promised he'd send them, but never did]

My course is going good. I got my eyebrows fixed for free, which is always a bonus. Now they're sort of even. One side is slightly different, but that's becuz they're different sizes. Don't ask. My eyebrows don't really work well becuz i shaved them


a few years ago when i got my eyebrow pierced. They never really grew back properly. So Friday we learned abt tweezing nd various eye makeup. I did someone else's makeup nd it's really weird becuz i'm use to a) my own brushes, b) my own makeup nd c) not qtips! We're allowed to bring our own brushes - i had to ask! - as long as we wash them before class. Now that we have our kits, we can use our own brushes. It's huge nd wonderful. I also got brushes, but i prefer mine. [which are MAC nd Sephora] I'll be doing a vid on them probably wednesday.

So that's probably it for me. I'll post pictas nd vids here soon soon soon! Promise!

love nd makeup!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Thanks for Giving!!

Haven't done this in awhile! Haha! Of course it's late ...

Last Saturday was Charlene nd Jamie's stag. I don't get to see her often, so it was fun. I was quite proud of myself becuz i didn't panic when she put her 4month old on my lap! Both her littles are so cute! The older one is 3yrs old nd he's such a sweetheart even if he gets into trouble [kids ... lol] So Charlene left to get the boys to the sitter's nd our group headed to where the party was being held.

Fun. Dancing. Drama. Drinking. Good times! Can't wait till the wedding!!!

Anna nd i - i'm "eating" my prize ticket

Matt nd i - yes this is pretty much how we are. i stole that cheese from Anna's plate while she turned on her camera ...

C nd i - we're fabulous. don't doubt it

Moi - couple drinks in.

This past Thursday i ended up going out. Did my makeup with a dramatic pink [nd taupe-ish nd black liner .... oh nd fake lashes!] nd one of my friends - who also has a love of makeup! - was impressed :] She usually does amazing makeup on herself nd gave me a few pointers [ie; if you want sharp lines, use duct/electrical tape!]

Anyways, so we all met at Dairy Queen [where a few ppl were just finishing work] nd headed to the bar from there. Becky nd Rob went ahead, Chris nd Steph went to Chris' place nd Joe finally met up with me on bike.

Get to the bar, drag tables together nd then i ran across the street to go see Matt nd make sure he was still going. He was! Yay! He leaves soon, so i was really hoping he wud. After awhile Chris nd Steph [bday girl] get there. Just as i finish my 1st song [it's kareoke nights on thursday fyi] nd get back to the table, Matt showed up. YAYAYY!!!!!! Last time he went we sang "Poker Face" by Lady Gaga [*ma ma ma ma*] but apparently that was a one shot only thing :[! Bahhh

Hung out, good times. Once i got home - 3 shots, 3 vodka&cranberries later - i started to not feel well. I wasn't drunk. I was past buzzed but not to the point where i shud've felt sick. I'm not sure if it's cuz i rarely drink anymore or what, but i think i'll be asking my dr next time i see her. I doubt that's normal.

Friday morning i had an eye dr's appt ... of course i got the *evil yellow drops* [for those who don't know, they royally mess up your vision becuz they're dialating your pupils] but i got other drops that prevented me from going to work [why? becuz they make your eyes extremely sensitive nd i basically wore my sunglasses all day ...] I need new glasses becuz apparently since i've had mine for so long [4yrs-ish] she wanted me to get new ones.

Saturday i worked then my mum nd i went to the Hallowe'en Spirit Store becuz i really wanna get a wig for my hallowe'en costume. Red or black. So expensive tho! Urg ... not cool! I got scared TWiCE in that store. I don't like things that jump out at me nd i don't do horror movies. Eventually my mum nd i left - after the 2nd time of me jumping at something suddenly moving - nd started towards other stores.
Pick up dinner, stuff for my lunches during the week, icing recipe, dinner that night .... heading home .... WE FORGOT MiLK! So hastily packed stuff from one bag into the ones i had nd mum heads back while i head home. Sore arms, sore shoulders.

Today i did my makeup to resemble this gothic version Alice in Wonderland ["Malice" if you will ...] nd i am really proud of it!!

I also made my cupcakes today. Cream cheese icing ... omg they're AMAZiNG!! *hearts*
Yes ... i looked like this while making cupcakes haha! :D

Tomorrow - well, today since it's past midnight ... - is my thanksgiving dinner. My mum doesn't like turkey, so we're doing ham, scalloped potatoes nd coleslaw. Plus my dad's pumpkin pie! My nana [my dad's mum] is coming over for dinner. I'm sending her home with a cupcake nd i'm sure she'll get some pie too.

Love nd desserts!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Make Up Make Up Make Up

I am sitting typing to you with excellent news!!

My 1st makeup tutorial is done!

I am beyond excited! It was kinda nerve-wrecking - mostly becuz i have NEVER done a makeup tutorial before. I've done vlogs, but this is so different becuz you have to explain what you're doing nd be so precise. It's good practice for future makeup things .... idk. Anyways here's the vid!

Suggestions for future tutorials or any questions wud be great :]
If i get enough questions, i may do an FAQ vid :D