Saturday, October 30, 2010

when did winter get here!?

As I type this a few things are happening
- I am coughing up a lung
- my nose is running like crazy
- it's snowing.

Really? It's not even November. Sometimes I hate Canada.

Anyways, I've been getting my portfolio together. I have my exam, practical AND my portfolio DUE on Nov.5th [next friday] so it's serious crunch time.

Last weekend I was suppose to do Anna and Steph's makeup but since we all haven't really seen each other in awhile - Anna was busy with Steph's mum abt govn't jobs, Steph was wandering nd i was chilling with Stephen in his room - nd then the wine came out nd Wii was played. Needless to say, I lugged my makeup around for nuthing.

I really need a better form of travelling makeup. My bag is hurting my back.

This week I also got mail! I ordered a Z Palette abt a week ago. Also my swap from came in. [check out that site! it's awesome!]

I did Anna's makeup for Hallowe'en. She went as Sally from the movie Nightmare Before Christmas

Because she's also sick - I got her sick last weekend. We shared a Thai Tuna wrap - I couldn't use any cream base. Foundation then blue eye shadow. I'm happy it worked but looking at the pictures I wish I'd done more blue. One side looks more blue than the other. Oh well.

Anna's very European [Russian - moved here when she was 5yrs old] and has very typical Euro eyes - very small lid - so I had to pretty much create the crease.
For arguement sake, I know Russia isn't in Europe. It's between Europe and Asia

How did I do that?

Easy! If someone has very small crease, you create one with black or grey [or brown] nd put liner on the top lid by the lashes - winging it out. Then take the same colour and go on the eye itself where the crease WOULD be, then line that. Connect with the bottom winged out liner. Makes the eye also appear larger. You can also do the line on the top lashes with liquid liner.

The lip colour in that picture isn't exactly like Sally's and I know that BUT it was the only lip colour I had but she did have the maroon-red at home. That colour was for picture purpose anyways.

Today my mum was a willing model because I was also teaching her how to do it to herself. Since she's applying to jobs she can wear makeup, figured it was easier to teach it to her.

Now I KNOW the foundation is horrible, the camera didn't make it any better. The foundation she had was soooo light! I need to find her some foundation that is her skin colour. It's horrible and I tried so hard to darken it. Took a clean sponge to take a lot off, then took a darker powder on her skin. It just didn't work. Suffice to say, her eye makeup went wonderfully! Neutral brown with purple liner! Perfect.

Urg! I just checked outside and it was still snowing. I am SO not ready for winter! I hate winter. I'm Canadian and I hate winter. Typical. This winter I'm think about trying to snowboard. Not sure. I know how to ski - sort of - but snowboarding seems more interesting. We'll see!

New videos soon hopefully!!

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