Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Manic Tuesday or just manic!?

I feel manic. Seriously. It's not a good feeling by any means of the word!!

Friday my portfolio is due and I am a HUGE perfectionist when it comes to this, so I work non-stop so I can get this done just so. I'm lucky that Anna is such a good sport! I've had her come over twice now. Once was for her Hallowe'en makeup, nd the 2nd was today so I could do 2 looks on her.

THiS is the best picture I could get with her whole costume!
[side note: I did message the people who took this and promised to keep the watermark. VERY iMPORTANT!

It was essentially making sure my practical was perfect as well as adding 2 looks to my portfolio. Day and evening look. I was so happy that with all the blending, her skin looked FLAWLESS!!! That wasn't an easy task though, but I do enjoy a challenge!

Doesn't she look amazingly "fresh faced" ?? I loved it! I was so happy with the outcome!
My next challenge was the smokey eye with black. I'm not that great of a pro with this BUT after taking classes nd practice with other colours, I have discovered an easier way for me. Anna's one to either wear minimal makeup or zero makeup. She did love this though.

My favourite look right now!

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