Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Long Lost Beauty Blogger!

I'm not even saying hi, I'm just going to start off with

Bad beauty blogger, bad!

Things have been so crazy lately nd i'm not even sure if I'm going to be able to cover all of it! I will be posting 2 videos at the bottom, so bare with me!

Earlier this month - just after my boyfriend stopped his co-op job - I lost my job. I was job hunting anyways, but there's a difference between wanting a new job and having to find a new job. So when I called him saying that I had lost my job, he met me. We went downtown so I could drop off resumes.

I actually have had 2 interviews from one of the places and just waiting to hear back. Hoping it'll be something good - the manager is waiting for a certain area to open up. I'm calling back this week to get a better idea where the standings are, but I know he's interested in me working there.

While we're not working, we have spent a lot of time together. Which is good because at the end of last week, he got kicked out of his house.

HAHAHA!!! Yeh, I'm not even joking. He lives at my house for now. We're both on the mad hunt for jobs so we can look at September move-out. We actually have our eyes on one apartment .... great price, heat/hydro included, etc.


Okay so my boyfriend just got back from getting stuff from his parents' place [well, mum nd step dad's place] nd they're willing to help us with first nd last months rent. I'm so confused but I'm glad they're not fighting anymore, makes him less stressed.

So recently I haven't bought much - other than my haul video - except for Benefit BadGal lashes, a Sephora Safari Cosmetics bag in pink [becuz I didn't have a bag for my purse] nd also I got Clinique's "Take the Day Off" makeup remover ... best I have ever used! It's a little pricy but works amazingly!


Products Mentioned:
LuxeBox by LooseButton
- "Cowardly Lyin" China Glaze
- Day Serum by Elizabeth Grant [great for dry/older skin!!]
- Exfoliant by Dermalogical [really interesting - powder to paste! soft skin]
- Organic Olive Oil soap

- FitMe Foundation - Maybelline #115 [lightest possible - pink undertone]
- Pump $7 MAC
- Erase Paste [concealer] in 'fair' - Benefit
- "Like What You Sea?" eyeshadow - Benefit
- "Sugar Daddy" nail polish - Essie

- "Center Stage" e/s [Mega Metals]
- "RetroSpeck" e/s
- "Wood winked" e/s
- "Stars N Rockets" e/s
- "Humid" e/s
- "Aqua" e/s [Fashion Flower]
- "Girl About Town" lipstick [VERY similar to "Lickable" - when you wear it, you can tell the difference]


I realized afterwards this is very similar to how Adele has her makeup done in various photos.

For the eyeshadow I just used MAC e/s in "Retrospeck" so you can clearly see the liquid liner.

- make a clean line from middle of eye to about 1/4 away from the edge of your eye
- make wing at 1/4 from edge of eye
- draw in line from inner eye [near nose] to where you started
- build clean line over middle of eye [like building half a circle]
- keep lines clean

Basic step-by-step of what the video says. [quickly done of course]

I should be doing a video soon that has a very bright, colourful eye colour. I had done it but needs to be re-done because the quality just wasn't right.


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Wedding Blues, Happiness nd Makeup!

Hey everyone!

It's been awhile, I know! So sorry! I am kind of lacking in the posts lately nd this one is more of an update on things.

This past weekend was one of my best friend's wedding. She looked so stunning nd it was a beautiful ceremony. I was one of the bridesmaids but I also got to flex my makeup skills. Her wedding was in various shades of blue, so her eyeshadow I wanted a soft but noteable blue. I was so happy it turned out because I had to slightly change my original idea for her [she wanted it slightly darker in the corner] but it still turned out great nd she loved it. Which really made me happy.

Of course, once I get photos I'll post them here. Until then, I'll show a few photos of things I have bought recently.

With the wedding nd everything, I had to get new foundation. My friend nd I are pretty much the same shade of white [not even joking ...] but she doesn't wear a lot of makeup. Gave me an excuse to buy a few items.

Note: no company has asked me to talk about these. Personal opinion!

Fit Me Foundation by Maybelline in #115

This is probably the most different foundation I've ever tried.
It feels really thick nd heavy when I put it on the back of my hand, but then on skin it blends really well nd doesn't feel thick. My only issue is that I need a pump for it. It's a pour bottle nd I tend to pour too much. Hard to get it back in the bottle. But otherwise, great coverage. When I tested it in the store, after testing on my jawline to make sure it was the right colour I put some on my cheeks because I tend to get some rosacea there. Great coverage! Usually I have to pat a bit to make it thicker, but one swipe nd blend a bit. Covered!

If anyone's thinking about getting this, definately go out nd test it!

Benefit Erase Paste in Fair

The lady at the store said this was suppose to lighten nd cover. Lightening, maybe not so much. Definately covers! I had a major breakout on my chin for the wedding nd I don't think I've ever used such a thick concealer. If you haven't either, it takes a bit of getting use to.

"Do You Like What You Sea?" eyeshadow by Benefit

I was looking for a soft, light blue with shimmer nd not glitter for the wedding. This is EXACTLY what I wanted! It's very pigmented - best used with primer underneath - but also extremly velvety. I love the finish. It blends so smoothly. I'm a MAC-a-holic but this is way better finish than what I've used from MAC! I was so impressed.

NYX Lip Stains in "Rock On Ruby" nd "Berry Long Time"

It says 16hrs, but it lasts abt 3-5 hrs. Very matte. Great pigment. "Berry Long Time" is more berry coloured nd "Rock on Ruby" is somewhat bright red. Your lips don't feel dry, even though it is matte. Other colours are beautiful too.

Anyways, I think that's about it. I've really got to do a video soon, it'll be an eyeliner video. Hopefully by the end of the week! Wedding photos soon.

Love nd makeup!