Sunday, January 22, 2012

Spring/Summer Fashions! Part Two - Accessories and Blazers


Hey Everyone!

I'm continuing my Fashion Spring/Summer theme. If you wanna check out my last post that included tops, shoes and just one dress, check it out *H E R E*

This one is including accessories and some blazers. [it's not that warm out!]

Let's start with accessories because this one just knocked me out of the water!

Seriously .... everywhere!

Keep in mind that this trend [like last year's animal tail] was very popular in the 1970's ... many trends are pretty much a repeat of previous years.

I walked into "Aldo Accessories" last week and I swear it's like a bird massacre! Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy this trend [like the stars, but we'll get there] but this is too much! Feathers everywhere! On headbands, earrings, hair, embellishments for shoes, etc.

I am guilty of buying one hair piece including feathers [read: bobby-pin with string/rope and feathers in black, also available in bright colours] and I own a pair of dangly feather earrings. Like I said, I enjoy this trend but it's kind of an over-kill to walk into a store and get over whelmed with feathers.

Personally, I find this too much.

Many examples of how feathers are used right now

I do like that last necklace. Metal feather and solo. Very simple but trendy.

Another trend I really like - kind of always liked even when it's not trendy - is the stars. During the holidays I saw a lot of shirts with star prints and there's some shoes out there that have stars on them [so hard not to buy them ... really]

Sadly, that was the only decent photo I could find online of star accessories but that's basically the idea. The stars are very simple and not huge. Not like before when it was hard to find something with a star on it that didn't have a giant cluster of them.

I actually bought a star ring years ago [mood ring that is now dead fyi] and I could never part with it! It's starting to rust like mad but I'm hoping with this re-introduction to star accessories, maybe I can find a similar ring.

Another accessory that I'm pretty sure most people forget exists is nail polish.

Pastel and neon seem to be back, and China Glaze does not disapoint!
After hearing about Sally Hansen testing on animals, I do plan on buying both of these sets so I can toss a few Sally Hansen polishes.
[Note: I have quite a bit of that brand and while I don't want to use them, I'm not buying anymore but I'm trying to find replacements - like China Glaze, OPI or Essie]

These China Glaze polishes don't come out until February [or so I've heard] and if you're in Canada I'm about 90% sure you can only get them at a beauty supply store but where ever you buy China Glaze should have them.



I do plan on buying these and I'll let you know what they're like. I've heard from Vintage or Tacky that they're pretty good. She reviewed a couple of them.

I see those colours and think of spring and Easter. I know Cora says that in her review but she's right!

So back to the clothes right?

Such cute ideas. They can be dressed up with a skirt, dress or just some dress pants or worn casual with jeans.

Here's a few I really like
The Boyfriend Blazer:
Usually a longer style, maybe a tad baggier than normal girl blazers. Tends to have a few feminine touches - girlie inner print. This one has zebra print in grey.

The Cropped Blazer:
Obviously blazers come in all sorts of colours, but I find the red in this style adds that little punch of colour that is great!
Cropped blazers is great for those who have a shorter upper body, or are just short in general. This will make your upper body seem longer, leaner and therefore taller.

Well that's about it for fashion for now.
These are just things I've seen often in stores lately for summer.

I'll have some of my Healthy Living stuff up soon! [more like Healthy Living on a Budget]


Friday, January 20, 2012

Spring/Summer Fashions! Part One - Tops and Shoes!


Hey everyone!

The more I look at up-coming trends for spring/summer, the more I get the feeling I know how I'm going to dress in spring/summer.

With my goal of being fit/toned/thinner by summer, I kind of plan on wearing shorts a lot. Maybe I'll buy a pair of those lacy shorts for when my friends and I go to the bar. They're super cute and I'm not even sure why I'm attracted to them

I like the way I've seen them paired up. Like the 2nd photo [just above]
With a long necklace, peasant tops or blazers. Mostly just keeping the lace shorts to show the most skin and the rest is kept modest.

I am enjoying seeing all the wedge heels - either full wedge or thick heels - for summer. Such bright colours and some great colour blocking. Clothes doing the colour blocking, maybe not but definitely shoes. Even just bold colours

Thick heeled boots. I do love the red ones.

A few colour blocking thick heeled shoes. Don't know which one I love more!

Different idea on colour blocking - wedge heel

I am big on wearing more plain shirts but while wandering around in various stores [Dynamite, Costa Blanca, Garage, Suzy Shier, etc] I'm seeing a lot of racer back tanks, lace additions and - for some reason - nautical mixed with floral [or strips and floral]
I actually bought a few shirts from Garage that were that idea.

Racer back with floral - model obviously not me.

Racer back with lace/crochet

Then there's the subtle lace embellishments out there that just adds a very feminine look to a dress.
Like here [from Garage]

Printed shirts seem to be back, but the brighter the print the better.
These styles are popping up everywhere!
I like this idea of cinching the waist with a small belt, because the waistline is very feminine and not always shown.

This long tunic could be paired with some cute leggings - short or long - or if it's nice enough out [and your body type can pull it off] as a dress. This is a type of shirt that you could easily get now and wear right through till you don't want it anymore. The long sleeves are great for cool summer nights.

This I almost bought actually. It's a lot nicer in real life and the pop of colour looks great with a dark bottom [be it a skirt, leggings, pants, etc] It's not form fitting but it doesn't show any unflattering things.

Anyways, that's enough of a fashion spam!

Next update will have some skirts, accessories and blazers/jackets!


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Mini Makeup Review

Hey everyone!

So I'm doing a mini makeup review.

When I say mini, I really mean it. Like 2 items lol

I will be doing another CD review of LMFAO, Down With Webster and Nickelback since my last one seemed to be so loved.

First I'm talking about the TokiDoki Adios palette
Includes glitter white, icy gray shimmer, matte black, matte slate gray

Front - closed

Bottom - opened. Glue is where the charm is

Upclose. You can see the neat characters

The shadows up close - natural light


Side view - natural light

Natural light - names

With flash

Again with flash

Charm beside the case.

I find the shadows somewhat chalky and when you barely touch them - to apply - they become very powdery. They aren't very pigmented and it takes a few coats to get the black to be very noticed. It is very matte though, which is hard to find. So many black shadows look matte but aren't.

Price: says 19$ [25$ value] but I got it on sale.

Over all I'd give it
3.5/5 Stars

Great colours, would be better for younger kids though. Matte black is a bonus though.

MAC Mineralized Blush in "Dainty"

When I stopped into MAC, I was searching for something that was soft and glowy.
Something that would transition to spring/summer but could also be multi-use.

I'm not 100% but I believe this blush is in the "Naturally" collection. There was so many choices and I almost went with "Summer Haze" but after talking to one of the MAC Artist there [whom I adore - he's such a sweetheart and got me into pigments!]

So this is the colour we decided would be great for my skin tone.

Up close

Attempted swatch. It's very sheer.



If you're looking for a more glow blush that's quite sheer, this is definitely great. Fair skin tones best but I can't imagine it being horrible on more tanned skin.
Of course, you should test it to see if it's right for you.

I am going to get more mineralized blushes. They're gorgeous!

Price: 26.50$ Canadian

4.5/5 stars
Down side: very sheer so it seems to be barely there or too much. Somewhat hard to blend out.

No one asked me to review this. All personal opinions and does not reflect the company.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Road to Healthy Living Starts Today!

Hey Everyone!

You know how you do one thing and it can completely change how you do things??

Every time I enter a change room to try on pants, I want to cry.
"My butt is too big" "My thighs are too fat" "My stomach is too puffy" "I HATE ME"
Things I usually say while pant shopping.

I absolutely despise buying new pants but every time this happens, I get a lot of motivation to be healthier. It's harder than it seems.

I did, however, get a bit of a workout in today and I'm going to get another in tomorrow after work.

I sit a lot - at work and at home - so when I do my goals in "Just Dance 2", it's under "Intense" What that does is it has "Sweat Points" It doesn't work the greatest because you can shake the remote and it'll gain you points BUT it does motivate you to get to a higher number goal.

I'm actually quite proud of myself today. I was up early to do a workout, shower, breakfast and clean. Now that boxes are going away, it's giving us plenty of room in our dining room. I want to start eating in there but with all the stuff, it's not easy. Slowly it's happening though.

On my other blog I'll show the photos I got of Matt putting together our iKea-ture. It was hilarious because I tweeted a photo and Heather [aka @sokolum] called him a Beaver :D

Anyways I have lots more to clean before work tonight!

Here's my newest video - Neutral Smoke!


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Guru Series! Featuring XSparkage

Hey everyone!

How did everyone's New Years go? It's been a bit since I posted and seems even longer since I did a video! So I am here with some goodies!

Video and a post!

First the post of course.

A lot of people ask me things like "how do are you able to be a makeup junkie while on budget?"
Honestly, the first thing I have to say is that I've cut back a lot lately.
I do not wear foundation because the only one that likes my skin is Make-Up ForEver HD in #110 but that isn't exactly cheap.

I do plan on buying some tinted moisturizer but I'm on the hunt for something other than Aveeno [nothing against the brand, but want to keep options open] I'll keep you all posted.

Also - lucky for me - my skin has been quite behaved. *knock on wood*

Another way is that I look for deals. If there's something I really want, like a new perfume [my fave Betsey Johnson one is running low and it's hard to find] then I find out the price, and save up. Sephora seems to be my best bet for perfume though, so I know it's not exactly cheap.

I cannot stress this enough!
Drug store brands are just as good - depends on the brand - and you can price match at places like Wal*Mart and Zellers. It's great because if Rexall is having a deal on Maybelline mascara, and you have the flyer. Go to whatever is more convenient, show the flyer, get the same price. Simple!

Anyways, here's my video for Guru Inspiration Series - XSparkage!



Benefit Erase Paste in "Light"
Rimmel Pressed Powder
Too Faced Eyeshadow Insurance

MAC "Chrome Yellow"
MAC "Orange"
MAC "Shock-aholic" [dabbing in "Electric Eel" accidentally]
MAC "White Frost" [highlighter]
NYC Liquid Liner [black]
Urban Decay "Electric" 24/7 liner
NARS "orgasm" blush
Rimmel Sexy Curves Mascara
MAC Hello Kitty "Mimmy" lipgloss