Sunday, January 22, 2012

Spring/Summer Fashions! Part Two - Accessories and Blazers


Hey Everyone!

I'm continuing my Fashion Spring/Summer theme. If you wanna check out my last post that included tops, shoes and just one dress, check it out *H E R E*

This one is including accessories and some blazers. [it's not that warm out!]

Let's start with accessories because this one just knocked me out of the water!

Seriously .... everywhere!

Keep in mind that this trend [like last year's animal tail] was very popular in the 1970's ... many trends are pretty much a repeat of previous years.

I walked into "Aldo Accessories" last week and I swear it's like a bird massacre! Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy this trend [like the stars, but we'll get there] but this is too much! Feathers everywhere! On headbands, earrings, hair, embellishments for shoes, etc.

I am guilty of buying one hair piece including feathers [read: bobby-pin with string/rope and feathers in black, also available in bright colours] and I own a pair of dangly feather earrings. Like I said, I enjoy this trend but it's kind of an over-kill to walk into a store and get over whelmed with feathers.

Personally, I find this too much.

Many examples of how feathers are used right now

I do like that last necklace. Metal feather and solo. Very simple but trendy.

Another trend I really like - kind of always liked even when it's not trendy - is the stars. During the holidays I saw a lot of shirts with star prints and there's some shoes out there that have stars on them [so hard not to buy them ... really]

Sadly, that was the only decent photo I could find online of star accessories but that's basically the idea. The stars are very simple and not huge. Not like before when it was hard to find something with a star on it that didn't have a giant cluster of them.

I actually bought a star ring years ago [mood ring that is now dead fyi] and I could never part with it! It's starting to rust like mad but I'm hoping with this re-introduction to star accessories, maybe I can find a similar ring.

Another accessory that I'm pretty sure most people forget exists is nail polish.

Pastel and neon seem to be back, and China Glaze does not disapoint!
After hearing about Sally Hansen testing on animals, I do plan on buying both of these sets so I can toss a few Sally Hansen polishes.
[Note: I have quite a bit of that brand and while I don't want to use them, I'm not buying anymore but I'm trying to find replacements - like China Glaze, OPI or Essie]

These China Glaze polishes don't come out until February [or so I've heard] and if you're in Canada I'm about 90% sure you can only get them at a beauty supply store but where ever you buy China Glaze should have them.



I do plan on buying these and I'll let you know what they're like. I've heard from Vintage or Tacky that they're pretty good. She reviewed a couple of them.

I see those colours and think of spring and Easter. I know Cora says that in her review but she's right!

So back to the clothes right?

Such cute ideas. They can be dressed up with a skirt, dress or just some dress pants or worn casual with jeans.

Here's a few I really like
The Boyfriend Blazer:
Usually a longer style, maybe a tad baggier than normal girl blazers. Tends to have a few feminine touches - girlie inner print. This one has zebra print in grey.

The Cropped Blazer:
Obviously blazers come in all sorts of colours, but I find the red in this style adds that little punch of colour that is great!
Cropped blazers is great for those who have a shorter upper body, or are just short in general. This will make your upper body seem longer, leaner and therefore taller.

Well that's about it for fashion for now.
These are just things I've seen often in stores lately for summer.

I'll have some of my Healthy Living stuff up soon! [more like Healthy Living on a Budget]


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