Friday, February 3, 2012

Sweetest Valentine

Hey everyone!

Can you believe Valentine's Day is so-close! I want to write down what I'm doing for Matt's gift [and I'm mostly safe because Matt doesn't read my blog] BUT I don't really wanna risk at the chance he could randomly read this post before Valentine's day.

However, if anyone wants to message me and find out - be my guest!

Anyways so I really think everyone needs a soft, sweet, Valentine's day look. Whether you're staying home and watching TV, going out with friends, seeing family or with a sweetheart, might as well dress nice!

I like this look a lot because it's a very "day look" that can easily be switched into a "night" look with minor adjustments.

In Order:
Benefit Erase Paste #1
Rimmel Stay Matte Powder
Too Faced Eye Shadow Insurance
MAC "Vanilla" e/s
MAC "Blackberry" e/s
MAC "Frost" e/s [high light]
Urban Decay "Rockstar" 24/7 liner
BonneBell white liner

MAC "Kitchmas" pigment

Rimmel "Sexy Curves" mascara [extreme black]

MAC "Tenderling" blush

MAC "Angel" lipstick

Hope you guys liked this look!
I'll probably do another one later ;]


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