Friday, February 24, 2012

Cloth Diaper Video, Baby Stuff, Rumour Patrol [plus FlashBacks]

Hey Everyone!

A few of my friends have started into cloth diapers. These are genius! Saving major money if you go cloth, plus diapers don't break down for a long time. Save money = Save the world!

My friend that did the video below didn't know about cloth diapers until recently and she's pregnant with baby #3 [she also does baby updates on that channel if you're interested]

She compares 3 different brands in this video:
Fuzzibuns, Sunbaby and Springbaby

One of her daughters is still in diapers, so she has tested these. Check out the video and see what she says!

Personally, if I were to have a kid I would probably go cloth diapers.
Yes you're spending a lot in the beginning but in the long run you are saving money. Probably a lot of money because you're constantly having to buy more.

Also, after a lot of research, I have decided I'm also going to be purchasing a baby bullet.

Wait wait wait .... before I even continue I have to state:
that I am NOT pregnant.
Matt and I are NOT trying for a child.
We are NOT engaged/married.

Maybe some day. But not today.

Why am I thinking about this though?
A lot of my friends have kids, so when there's a huge issue with a company that provides food for children, it's posted all over my facebook timeline. Which obviously makes me think about what I would do if I were to have a kid.

Back to the baby bullet though.

I have stated outloud to my mother since this thing came out on the market that I plan on getting one if I have a kid. It's a genius idea, even if it's a little time consuming. I'd get good peace of mind knowing that my child is getting food that i'm 100% is healthy for them.

Mind you, if you think I'm crazy then you should see me reading cat food. I like to make sure Angel [my fur-baby] is getting things that aren't bad for him. He has enough stomach issues, this does not need to be added.

I'm sure there's a few parents that read this, or anyone who plans for the future [like me, I swear I'm not crazy!!]

How do you cut costs and stay healthy for you and your children?
Or how do you plan on keeping costs down and still being healthy??



I'll leave you with a couple photos since it is #flashbackfriday

Grade 8!

During High School - grade 10 or 11?
I believe we were going on a field trip

Prom. Anna took this!


  1. In my opinion diapers are the basic need of every baby and if they are not made of good quality then they can harm your baby in many ways.So my suggestion is that you should use only those diapers which are best in the opinion of experts.

    1. I suggest before choosing a diaper you have some knowledge about the materials of diaper. It is comfort for baby's skin or not. I ask many people while choosing a cloth diaper,their opinions are positive for it.

  2. You have to choose the best for your baby because they are very sensitive. Don't just settle for what is more affordable. Quality and safety should be your priority.