Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Ho Ho to All!!

No joke, I just from my granny's place nd even tho i LOVELOVELOVE my family, it's just really loud.

Last sunday it was my dad's side of the family. Mum, dad, nana, Connor, Debbie [dad's sister] nd Sam. It was a nice quiet buffet dinner at my nana's place.

From them i got:
200$ gift card for the mall [well, 2 gift cards of 100$ each] plus cards nd chocolate. *grin*

That was great. I also got my hair cut - which you'll notice in the pictas - in a very asymetrical look. My right side of my face it's at my chin, but the left side it's pretty much at my shoulder. It swirls around my head going from short-to-long ... i said it was like a rounded staircase.

Needless to say, it's been interesting trying to keep my bangs on the left side since i have a mad cowlick that fights to go on the right side.


Connor nd i - he's 7yrs younger nd a foot taller

Dad nd Debbie - dad's sister. can you tell?

Dad, nana nd Debbie

Christmas Eve we don't really do much. I got to open a gift early - which i don't usually do - becuz it was a Hello Kitty ornament. My mum said she wanted me to open it early to put on the tree.

Today was good.
My mum said she was waking me up at 8.30 - which i wasn't thrilled about - but i ended up waking up at 7.30 becuz i really had to pee nd figured it was probably just easier to stay awake then go back to bed just to be woken up again.

I do my parents' stockings so they had to open theirs. I just filled my mum's with Lindor chocolates plus wrapped butterfly cookies that wudn't fit in. My dad's was filled with Sodoku, pencils, pencil cup, chocolates, cooking spices nd a Sweettarts ornament.

My stocking was good. I got makeup wipes [haha, i got thru them so fast!], sponges, pumice stone, 2 pairs of knee high socks [one grey pair, the other black with pink bows at the top], tim horton's gift card, bayshore gift card, cocoa butter chapsticks, lotto scratch cards nd a hello kitty candle.

Parents gifts:
Mum - from me:
MakeUp ForEver "Rock For Ever" palette, pens nd Rexall brushes [they're really good! i was so impressed]
from dad:
Olay gift set nd a few chocolate bars

Dad - from me:
Dove "Just For Men" Fresh set, nd Farmer's Almanac calendar.
from mum:
Remote control truck [you heard me.], batteries nd Inception dvd

From parents: [they don't label who's what anymore]
Hello Kitty pj pants, Hello Kitty nightgown, Hello Kitty hat nd matching mitts, Colour Institute glitter nail polishes, Burlesque soundtrack, Lady Gaga remixs cd, Slumdog Millionaire dvd, Sex and the City 2 dvd, the Audrey Hepburn Story dvd, Dove gift set [shampoo, conditioner, body wash nd deoderant], hair towel-wrap, frame/note board for work, yoga pants, dr scholts flats, desk mirror [double sided nd lights up!] nd .... uhm ... i think that's it?

So we all just relaxed, watched my Audrey Hepburn Story dvd nd then started getting ready for my granny's place. Mum did her makeup with what i got her - while i taught her how to do it. must get a video of that later! - then i did my makeup nd faught with my hair. It's such an arguement. Original idea for makeup didn't work too well so i had to change the idea quick. [when i say quick i mean my parents yelling at me to hurry cuz "we're getting ready nd leaving in 10minutes with or without you!" kinda fast]

Walked up to my granny's.
General run-down: family, talking, food, more talking, yelling, mocking my granny, clean up, gifts, random arguements abt idk what, relaxing, dishes, mocking me *also me getting irritated*, clean up again, nd leaving.

For me: [not putting parents gifts cuz i can't remember what all they got]
granny nd don:
housecoat, La Senza double lotion-body mist, La Senza "La Sexy" lotion, bow headband, pink plaid fedora, black silk shirt with a silver chain strap on one side nd velvet stilettoe pumps.

from Cliff nd Greg:
50$ cash nd 100$ for carlingwood [which i've mentally half spent already]

Gary gave us chocolates cuz he cudn't carry all the bags over.

Home. Just putting everything away is a little complicated becuz i'll be moving rooms in a few weeks - once the other room's carpet gets torn up nd new floors are down - so i'm not sure where to put everything.

New Years Eve plans are getting down pat. Not sure what's happening entirely but i'm going to a friend's place. We're heading to the LCBO first of course ;]

Ooh! I almost forgot! Chris nd i did our gift exchange. He got my mum chocolates nd he got me Kero Barrows! [see the show "Cardcaptors" for his awesomeness!] My mum got him this day-to-day calendar that has origami ideas. I think she wants something made *hint hint*

Anna nd Steph i don't see till New Years Day nd Charlene i won't see till the 8th - but she knows her gift. haha!

Anyways, i'm going to continue cleaning. Sorry about lack of pictures, they're not uploading properly :\ Another time!


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Have A Holly-Jolly Christmas!

Hey everyone!

So I probably won't be really doing any makeup videos for a few weeks because of holidays and work. I do plan on doing a few tag videos I've been meaning to get to doing and also I'm doing a holiday mash-up video idea for holidays since there's a few things going on.

I'm not going to promise anything but if I can, I'll do a video before brunch on New Years Day .... I am of age and I am planning on drinking New Years Eve. But hopefully I'll get a chance to do it. I'm not sure what I'll end up doing though.

This weekend is going to be busy. I'm getting my hair done Saturday and then Sunday I've got to get some things for parents' stockings. Then I've got an early Christmas with my dad's side of the family. My cousin might have to work but I'm really hoping he doesn't since I rarely see him. I'll try to get a picture with him but it'll look hilarious since he's a foot taller than me and 7yrs younger. Lol!

Some exciting stuff is happening soon! Keep your eyes peeled!

Here's my 2 holiday makeup vids!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Tis the Season!!!

Hey all!!

Okay so I've never been hugely into the holiday spirit as I'm getting older [various reasons] but I'm trying to. I actually finished all my shopping - well main people shopping - by December 1st. THAT iS A RECORD FOR ME!!! Usually I don't start till then. Mind you, I'm a pretty bad procrastinator nd in past years I was working in a mall, so I didn't want to spend anymore time in the crowds than I had to.

I actually kind of "over-spent" this year because I'm not sure what next year will bring. I currently live at home so I have a little leniency with money. I want to move soon - well wanted to for awhile but haven't had the money. It's expensive!

so I did my 1st holiday tutorial, which I got the idea from the paper.

So I'll just post a few random photos then the vid at the bottom!

My mother nd i watching holiday shows

Today. I love this sweater

I found this! Haha! loves.

This is my advent calendar. My mum bought it for me haha!

This is Angel. I love him!