Friday, December 28, 2012

Another Blog, No Video!

Hey everyone!

Oh look at this ... another blog post!
Exciting, I know!

Just a mini update really.
Hope everyone's Christmas was good! Mine was pretty busy. My parents, Matt's mum and step-dad, Matt's extended family - all within 3 days!

I plan on doing a haul and fashion video come January since I got money and gift cards I'd like to spend, but I need to get new batteries for my camera. I'm sure I've mentioned it, but if not it's just that the my Canon camera has no batteries. The rechargables I have are defective. They shouldn't have crapped out so soon. Oh well, just going to get some new ones and it'll be fine! I swear I'll get videos up soon!

Although, if I'm honest, I have no idea what I'd do for makeup videos. You know ... the real reason I started my YouTube channel. Fashion and haul it is!!

New Years is coming. No tutorial for that. Which is fine since I doubt Matt and I are doing anything really.
We plan on having a party in the New Year, but not until mid-January. I'm not sure how that will go considering our new kitten.

Wait .... did I mention we got a new kitten?
We did. Angel now has a friend.
She's a tabby. I call her a strawberry-blonde colour [not quite beige, not quite orange] and her name is Penny Noel
Penny was a feral cat so being inside was a big change for her.
Of course that means she meowed all night the 2nd night we got her and since it's pretty much programmed into the female brain to wake up to a high-pitched sound [mothering instinct to wake up for their child], it means I was up a lot. However, she's loud and consistant so Matt was awake all night as well.
Basically, it's like having new child. Haha!

On another note, Matt and I have taken all the money we got mutually [he got money, i got money and some people put money in a car for both of us] and are saving. We've decided we really want to move, which isn't cheap but at least we got a head start! All we have so far is moving cost. Guh! We're each putting 50$ away from each pay cheque - so ideally 200$/month. Should work.
What I would love, is to BUY a house but money doesn't allow us quite yet.

Anyways, this is getting farrrr too chatty! Oops!


Sunday, December 23, 2012

Last Minute Gifts Ideas!

Hello my loves!

I know I have really been neglecting you lately, however in my resolutions I have added to blog more. If one wants people to read, one must write. So write I shall!!

With Christmas so quickly approaching [oh dear, is it really just next week!?] I realize that some of you might be in a pinch for small last minute gifts!

Here is my version of a gift guide, but we'll change that since most of you I am sure you have bought all gifts!


Guy in your life:
Pajama pants are always safe.
Cotton plaid is a great idea and usually are in all sorts of colours.
Unless you know a specific like of his [tv show, movie, etc] then definately get that print!

Girl in your life:
If you're shopping last minute, it had better be jewellery! Joking!
However that is acceptable - so are shoes! - not everyone wants that. [or it's just not that relationship!]
Specialty items are usually fun. If she's a tea fan, then might I actually suggest you to Teaopia or David's Tea!
They have interesting flavours around holidays, so gift sets are great.

These women are very picky. They will always say they don't need or want anything, but you know there's stuff out there she probably would enjoy but not spend the time/money on herself. Go get it.

This year I'm getting my dad some clothes and a gift card. He doesn't need anything, nor want anything, but I know from my mum that he needs clothes. As an added treat, the gift card will help him get something at a specific store later. Maybe he doesn't want anything now, but next month he may!

Extended family:
Christmas is expensive, so if you really want to get something for everyone the best money saver is baking.
You can get some cute cut outs or containers at the dollar store, when you figure out what everyone would enjoy then usually there's left overs. [always expect you need to bake more than you think. Recipes are finiky.]

I have done my research for this one! If you're going to a party, it actually is customary to bring them a gift. [especially if it's a new home] Wine is usually safe, but be sure you know what they enjoy. [Mmmm a good sparkling or rose is fun! Fruity!] If you decide on wine, don't expect them to open it up that evening. Chances are they have set out certain drinks. Think of it this way, once you've all left, it will be enjoyed.
If you don't want to get them some wine, maybe a gift card. If it's a new place, ask if they need anything. You can usually judge by that. [iKea is a great store, so is Home Sense!]

I hope this helped you last minute shoppers! Hopefully there isn't many of you.

Ahhh and then there's the age-old question "what did you ask for Christmas?"

Every year, I will put Christian Louboutins knowing full well that there is a low chance I will receive them.
A girl can dream!
One thing that did top my list this year - the only thing I could really think of that I want - is a Kobo.