Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My Personal Fashion Must Haves!!!!


I hadn't planned on blogging again, but after a conversation with a friend of mine last night - I really couldn't resist. My friend and I have very different styles, but yet they some how are also very similar. We both work in business casual atmosphere [ie; you have to dress work appropriate with no tanks, tube tops or really short skirts] I have a little more leniency though, I am able to wear jeans when I want but I only own one pair of jeans so I mostly wear dress pants.

With this nice weather coming, I have been doing some shopping to amp up my style. Last year I wore a lot of skirts, but really I only had 3 I wore on a loop plus 2 dresses. At the end of last year, I had to give away one skirt so I was down to 2 skirts. A navy skirt from Aerie nd a bandeau styled black one from Garage. [both photos below]

Black bandeau skirt - I've obviously worn it lots.

Same idea as what I have.

So after last year's clothing issue [I also had a few issues with shirts] I didn't want to go through that this year. For Christmas I got quite a few giftcards [total of 250$ for one mall, 100$ for another mall nd 100$ cash] I mentioned in a Christmas haul video
Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XQBFGNAbFjE
I mention about tiered skirts, faux leather jacket and heels.

When I say tiered skirts, I mean these

They're simple, cute and flowy. I now have 3 of them. One plain black, one black and white and one is black, white, yellow and blue. The one bonus is that they're easily paired with simple tank tops. When I went to the mall recently, they were on sale. I got a few shirts [which I'll be showing in a video!] - white, grey and olive green [because they had no navy!] - that would mostly go with my skirts.

I feel that if you start hunting early, you're bound to find what you want. I started hunting for tank tops probably back in January. I knew they'd come around. I'm really picky about clothes once I know what I want. The tops to go with all the skirts I bought plus what I already had, I knew they had to be solid [prints aren't exactly work alright]

But how do you wear a tank top to work? Without being overly showy?

I get this a lot actually.
What I did last year - because I wore a lot of tank tops and one day I wore a black and grey tube top to work. It was too hot for much clothing! - was I had bought a nice boyfriend-style jacket [ideally, this is just a 3/4 length sleeve jacket usually without a button and neutral colour]

The jacket above isn't like mine, but it's the same idea. Mine is a light grey, no button and the body part of the jacket [the part that covers your torso] is shorter to give the illusion I'm taller. If you're taller, you can get away with a regular length jacket. These jackets are generally lighter than a sweater, so they keep you warm in AC buildings.

Anyways, I'll probably go into more detail in the video I'm planning out shortly. But if anyone has questions, lemme know!


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Friday, March 11, 2011

After 3 Days of Attempted Blogging ....

Hey Everyone!

Just as a heads up, because of issues that have been driving me nuts - i started this blog 3days ago! Finally I got everything to go the way i want!

So I want to post a little update but I have to touch on this crazy happenings in the world.

I will assume that you all have heard about things going on in Libya/Egypt and now Japan?

Libya there's lots of fighting going on nd honestly, my heart goes out to those who are there. The violence HAS to end!

Now the other day it was a tsunami/earth quake in Japan. Which I hear was started because of a volcanic eruption in Indonesia? I'm not 100% if that's true because none of the news places mentioned that [online nd tv] Japan had about 80 aftershocks that got to about as bad as original quake!

The unfortunate part is that not only did the quake [which created the tsunami] affect Japan, there was 3point something wave in Hawaii. Luckily there was nothing else on the west coast [that I've heard of! if I'm wrong, let me know!]

Something interesting I found on someones facebook status!
September 11- World Trade Center
January 11- Haiti Earthquake
March 11- Japan Earthquake
12-21-2012* 1+2+2+1+2+0+1+2=11

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not 100% that the world is going to end in 2012 BUT i do believe that something major will happen probably weather-wise.

Okay, now that I've mentioned about that ON TO THE REST!

Almost 2 weeks ago [has it been that long already!?] I was in Montreal for some shopping!
Mum, mum's friend Lori nd i went - we eventually met up with Lori's daughter Sarah later - to Montreal.

Picked up at 7am!

Okay so anyone who knows me, I am NOT - in any means of the word - a morning person! But it was weird, maybe the excitement or something I was pretty awake. Lori even brought pillows nd a blanket if I wanted to sleep! [told you, everyone knows I'm not a morning person!] Which I thought was really sweet :]

One stop for Tim Horton's coffee's nd tea nd snacks nd back on the road! 3hrs later, we made it to downtown Montreal! Took the subway to one end of Montreal's main shopping street - St. Catherine's - nd walked the rest. The subway was cool nd i fell in love with Montreal! The subway driver blew a kiss at me. WOW! The French really are more friendly!

Subway map

Random rainbow thing i found

The subway tunnel. Looks a lot cooler in real life.

If I'm honest, I loved the fact that every one's - men nd women - fashion was so eclectic! It was so stylish nd different from what I normally see, I felt like I fit right in. Don't assume anything, I don't think I'm this fashion plate, icon, trendsetter, etc but I do believe I have good fashion sense. Of course, we all make fashion mistakes. Looking around Montreal, I loved how much people were willing to try out different things.

I love the stores! I went to this awesome/weird thrift store. I got a black nd silver skirt for like 3$!! I'll be doing a video eventually with a bunch of things I bought recently, so I'll explain it all then! In the back of this store they this part that was basically like a pool. 6ft high, nd probably over 10ft wide filled with clothes! Everything in there? Just 1$! My mum found a Hurley jacket for about 7$

This is the clothes pool!

Went to Forever21 [which isn't common in Canada but amazing!], 2 different H&M stores, HMV [which is different than the ones here] and an Urban Outfitters that's more like the ones in the U.S with all the different accessories. Found some interesting things!!


I didn't buy any of them. Actually, I didn't spend as much as anticipated. I happened to luck out with what I did get that were amazingly priced.

So afterwards we met up with Lori's daughter Sarah who is at school in Montreal. She showed us a few neat boutiques - some in good price range, others not so much - nd then we headed to "thEATre" for the most delicious Greek salad ever! The water was kept cold in former wine bottles! So classy. I loved that place so much. Great vibe!

Anyways, needless to say I didn't get home till probably 11pm!

That Thursday I decided to indulge a little nd go to MAC to get my makeup done. I got Centrestage [eyeshadow - Mega Metals], Retrospeck[eyeshadow], pressed powder nd a new brush!


That night was pretty interesting but with not the greatest outcome, so I'm actually skipping over that. *le sigh* Live and learn I suppose.

Saturday [March 5th] my friend Anna ended up coming over. Brie, Daria [season 2&3], 2 bottles of wine nd "Burlesque" .... it was a great night.

Sunday was the Lady Gaga show. Scissor Sisters were the warm-up act, but before they came on there was this lady who must be a DJ because she was working turn-tables nd had a ton of records. She played pretty much all classic rock stuff [Metallica, AC/DC, etc] The crowd really got into her rocking out nd she seemed to be drinking Jack Daniels nd it's possible it was, but I think it was just like apple juice or whatever. She was fun.

Scissor Sisters came on .... i already know/like a few of their songs - "I Don't Feel Like Dancing", "Take Your Mama Out" - nd heard a few new songs which I have yet to hunt for on youtube. The male singer was dressed like ... well ... a stripper. Lol! The girl had similar influence but not like his. Great show though.

Gaga was AMAZiNG! She had these videos going on between set changes. I was really hoping she'd do "Speechless" nd "Eh Eh [Nothing Else I Can Say]" but she didn't sadly. The show was still amazing though. Lots of costume nd set changes. She spoke a lot about her past, which I loved. Got me feeling a little emotional.

Downside: I'm about 5'1" 1/2 nd on the floor I couldn't really see much. I think next time, I'll get 100 levels. It's pointless if I can't see anything.
Suffice to say, I didn't get any photos but Anna did [she's about 6'1" lol!] Just waiting for her to upload.

Another downside to floor is that there's no seats. With my right side being bad lately [more on that coming up!] I really felt like I was going to pass out. I got kneed in the back because some jerk wasn't really looking when I decided to kneel down. Then he said "why the f**k are you on the floor?" Well when one has 2 options - kneel or pass out/throw up - in a public place, it's best to choose the one that doesn't cause a scene.

Got home a little after midnight nd guzzled down a lot of water. My dad had to wake me up the next day because I slept through my alarm.

Now before I explain why I went to the hospital on Wednesday night, I got to say that this pain has been off-and-on for about a month. I have seen my actual doctor nd gotten ultrasound done. I was just waiting on results from that. Wednesday we had pancakes nd I asked for banana to be put in mine. Nuthing was wrong with anything - parents had pancakes nd mum had a bite of banana - but about 20mins [max] after eating, I was basically doubled over in pain.

No, I don't take pain that well but this was ridiculous! I was actually getting sick from the pain. I called TeleHealth to see what to do, they said hospital.
Of course, it was a snowstorm that night.

My mum came with me. We were at the hospital from 8.20pm - 3am .... blood work normal.
Came home nd called about my ultrasound results. Normal.
I now have an emergency appointment tomorrow [monday] to find out what's going on. I'm actually still in pain since Wednesday - sometimes it's bad, other times it's more achy - nd it was puffy/swollen yesterday. I'm hoping the doctor will figure this out soon.

Anyways, so Saturday I ended up meeting some friends for some shopping because I was feeling relatively okay. Spent my giftcard I had left nd got my mum her bday gifts. Came home, surprised my mum with red velvet cheesecake.

Today is her actual birthday [the big 5-0! even though you'd never guess sometimes] nd I surprised her with another card. She loved her stuff.

I got a bed frame today for half the price of a brand new one. It's huge! I'll be posting a photo another time though.

Anyways, I've got lots of cleaning to do. I'll do another post this week - hopefully a video also!