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Music Review! Canadian Artists!

Hello Again!

I know, I'm getting much better at blogging. YAY!

There are 19days left until the big move, barely anything left that is needed to be packed, holiday hours start at the mall next week, Santa's already there, I have started holiday look ideas AND this blog will have a review of 3 cd's I've gotten recently.

I am on the ball!

Before I start, can you please do this survey here? I'm trying to figure out what people want from my YouTube vids.

Have not been asked to do this. Personal opinion and does not portray band itself.

CD List:
Simple Plan "Get Your Heart On!"
Lights "Siberia"
Hedley "Storms"

4th Album
Montreal, QC born
Pierre Bouvier - Lead singer
Chuck Comeau - Drums
David Desrosier - Bass
Sebastien Lefebvre - Guitarist

1. "You Suck At Love"
Kinda speaks for itself. Being in a relationship nd realizing that you're in it more than they are. Serial cheaters. They exist.

2. "Can't Keep My Hands Off You" [ft Rivers Cuomo]
You know the lead singer of Weezer?? That's Rivers.
This was actually their first single from this album. As much radio play as it's had, the video hasn't done much. Their 2nd single ["Jet Lag" more later] was released about the same time. Both good.
This is a very upbeat and makes you wanna dance. General idea, you know when you're first in a relationship and you just can't get enough of that person? This song is that.
Boyfriend's favourite line:
"There’s fungus growing in the icebox
All I got left are Fruit Roll-Ups
My clothes are six months old
But I don’t care, no no no I don’t notice
My bills pile is so high, it is shocking
The repo man just keeps on knocking
He likes Rivers Cuomo. Lol

3. "Jet Lag" [ft. Natasha Bedingfield]
This is their 2nd single and I feel it's done a lot better. I think it's Natasha Bedingfield, she's beautiful and a great singer. Song is quite upbeat considering the message I suppose. Being away from your loved one [or loved ones I suppose] and just not feeling right/like yourself.

4. "Astronaut"
3rd single that was recently released I believe.
Another song about being/feeling alone in the world. The video basically conveys this but in the end the 'astronaut' finds another. Happy endings :]

5. "Loser of the Year"
Again love song. Says many times that if you can't have the one you love, what's the point of having the world? Possibly written after a breakup? Not sure.

6. "Anywhere Else But Here"
You know that feeling of "i wanna be somewhere else"? Usually happens at work nd you start counting the minutes, hours, etc. Yup. There's a song about it.

7. "Freaking Me Out" [ft. Alex Gaskarth]
I must be honest. I had to YouTube the name because I had no idea who it was - however I do know the band he's in - "All Time Low". [Might I suggest "Painting Flowers" or "Maria" by All Time Low?]
Very electronic. Alex's voice sounds very close to Pierre [lead singer] voice. Good mix and it's very complimentary.

8. "Summer Paradise" [ft. K'Naan]
K'Naan always makes me think of his hit "Wavin' Flag" [I can almost hear your "Oh that's where his name rings a bell from!" You're welcome]
This song makes me think of summer time and if that was the point, excellent. Kind of a reggae beat that makes you think of beaches, sunshine, long days. This song makes me want to put on shorts and sandals. Very "summer loving" song :D

9. "Gone Too Soon"
I'm not sure if many of you knew, but Pierre's brother was diagnosed with cancer before. I feel that this may have been written for him. But it's been written so well, you can definitely think of anyone you have lost. Family, friend, pet, etc.
Chorus is my favourite
"Like a shooting star
Flyin' across the room
So fast so far
You were gone too soon
You're part of me
And I'll never be
The same here without you
You were gone too soon

10. "Last One Standing"
I get the feeling of empowerment here. Like when someone in a relationship tries to keep you out but fighting to stay around. Or just fighting to stick out a relationship because you know it's worth it.

11. "This Song Saved My Life"
This really sounds like a letter from a fan talking about previous songs/albums and it's like hearing a song at just the right moment. My guess, the song would be "Perfect" from the first album.

12. "Jet Lag" [ft. Marie-Mai]
Exactly like the Natasha Bedingfield version but French. If you didn't know, Simple Plan are from Montreal and bilingual.

General opinion:
More upbeat songs and doesn't seem so emo-depressed as their other albums. It's okay to listen to sad songs or even be sad, but to listen to a whole album and just feel depressed? This is a great change because I like Simple Plan.
Haven't seen them live, so I cannot say anything about them live.

FACTS: Real name "Valerie Poxleitner"
From Toronto, ON
Synth/Electronic style music.

1. "Siberia"
Title track.
Long distance in a relationship and wanting time together alone. ie; Siberia.
Best part, mention of Canada in it! Lol

2. "Where the Fence is Low"
Finding yourself while on your for the first time.
Learning how to be alone, etc.

3. "Toes"
First single from the album. About love keeping you in anticipation.
ie; on your toes.

4. "Banner"
Being in love in chaos. Not wanting people to change your relationship just because you want to show off your love.

5. "Everybody Breaks a Glass" [ft. Holy F**k and Shad]
We all go through the same things in life. We all let chances pass, we all break up, you're not alone. But if you want good things, you must give good things.

6. "Heavy Rope"
I like this song 'cause she says "precipice" That's a high class word! It's almost a "be the one who saves me" kind of a song.

7. "Timing is Everything"
Being somewhere and meeting someone at that perfect time. No hints, nothing. Timing is everything when meeting someone.

8. "Peace Sign"
Very sweet song. Almost feeling of being pulled in everywhere, having that chaotic feeling but there's one person who can almost "ground" you. Someone being your anchor.
"Where it's all a blur, you are the hard line
In the disorder, you are the peace sign

9. "Cactus in the Valley"
Soft and relaxing. But the message feels different.
The lyrics imply the feeling of falling apart and just being sad/alone. It mentions about "the storm finally finding me" and if you want to get into literal sense, maybe depression?

10. "Suspension"
Sometimes Lights' lyrics are confusing - however amazing they are.
By the fact she says "You're not close enough" it once again refers to a long distance relationship.

11. "Flux and Flow"
My computer for some reason hates this song and glitches it out a lot unfortunately because I like this song :[ Again, this one confuses me. Sorry.

12 "Forth Dimension"
This song kind of confuses me. The synth is amazing though.

13. "And Counting ..."
This is song is probably one of my favourite songs on the whole album. Not sure but it's very sweet.
Starts at 40days and counts down a bit.
Counting down until you're with someone.

Jacob Hoggard - lead singer
David Rosin - Guitarist
Chris Crippin - Drums
Tommy Mac - Bass
From Vancouver, British Columbia [Abottsford I believe]
Known for being sassy. [Side note: seen them 3x Live - Jake's energy is ridiculous]
This CD has a strong feeling of being who you are, not letting others bring you down, etc.

1. "One Life"
You have one life. Life it, be it, make mistakes, don't regret.
Life is too short to be upset and not keep moving.

2. "Invincible"
Being who you are and not letting that stand in your way.

3. "Heaven's Gonna Wait"
Jacob's piano is beautiful, this is such a beautiful song.
It's basically saying "I'm going to keep you and heaven can wait because you're important to me" - I started crying hearing this live on MuchMusic

4. "We Are Unbreakable"
About being unbreakable. Having a strong bond with someone [friends, family, significant other, etc]

5. "Young"
Feels like their song "Young and Stupid" from their other album. Mentions of AC/DC.
Possibly written feeling old and thinking about the "good old days".

6. "Beautiful"
Sounds like someone is describing a perfect moment with a significant other. Possibly describing a city. It can be both and neither, but basically saying how simple yet beautiful it is. Semi-acoustic sound.

7. "Bullet For Your Dreams"
What if everyone stood up for their dreams? Just never backed down from it.
It seems being free doesn't matter.
"I thought that I was free
They took that all from me
They told me I should back down, all around, not a sound
Dirty little freak, but this is how we bleed
And we ain't gonna stop now,
A penny for your thoughts now,
A bullet for your dreams

8. "Hot Mess"
'Hot Mess' is defined as a girl who is hot while drunk/hungover while the rest of the normal people are considered ugly. A party girl who drinks too much.

9. "Stormy"
Side note: My mum's cat is named "Storm" also called "Stormy" ... haha.
Best way to explain this song is to use a quote Jacob said while on Live@Much
"it's not about the storms
it's about getting through it

10. "Last Call"
Basically saying that even if the world seems to be putting you down and not helping you, this isn't your last call if you keep trying. Think very "Firework" but not as bouncy.

11. "I Won't Let You Go (Darling)"
Piano again. *grin*
Being homesick, being away, but not fighting for a long-distance relationship.

Anyways, that's it.
This has taken a lot of time this afternoon but worth it.


Thursday, November 10, 2011

Holidays, MAC, Video and More!

Hey Everyone!

Well packing for move is coming along quite well. I was kind of avoiding doing the bedroom but the other day I finally got it done. There's a bunch of fragile stuff that is going to be brought over separately [one bonus of moving from parents house ...]

It's a mere 23 days till it all happens!

So I was cruising YouTube while my video uploaded and saw the XSparkage site and she had the MAC holiday collection up. Just as a heads up, I got these pictas from her page. Link with pictas.

This is the full collection

Eloquent Air Lipstick

Such Flare Lipstick

Fancy Moves and Smooth Manoeuvre Technakohls

Frozen Blue and Winterized Mineralized Eyeshadows

To find out more on the collection, and a credit to where I got the pictas is here

As Christmas draws near, there's many things I've been doing - other than packing I swear! - and that's getting xmas gifts together plus HOLiDAY ViDEO LOOKS

I'm not big on Hallowe'en things because I don't feel that what I do compares even close to what's out there. I don't mean that my holiday looks are great, just I can have more options with Christmas parties, Christmas itself and New Years. [Plus other holidays that are celebrated] I think they're a little more fun because it's sparkle, shimmer and glitter. I don't know what it is about it, I'm really not a winter fan but I love how it sparkles. The snow, ice, etc is so inspiring.

Plus the holiday outfits are so pretty.

So far I only have one look, but I am definitely open to different ideas. Send me your pictas, colours, etc. I will definitely get them in!

Anyways so I finally did my tag video.

Miss Makeup Fairy blog.

Tag questions on youtube video.

Well, until next time lovelies!