Thursday, November 10, 2011

Holidays, MAC, Video and More!

Hey Everyone!

Well packing for move is coming along quite well. I was kind of avoiding doing the bedroom but the other day I finally got it done. There's a bunch of fragile stuff that is going to be brought over separately [one bonus of moving from parents house ...]

It's a mere 23 days till it all happens!

So I was cruising YouTube while my video uploaded and saw the XSparkage site and she had the MAC holiday collection up. Just as a heads up, I got these pictas from her page. Link with pictas.

This is the full collection

Eloquent Air Lipstick

Such Flare Lipstick

Fancy Moves and Smooth Manoeuvre Technakohls

Frozen Blue and Winterized Mineralized Eyeshadows

To find out more on the collection, and a credit to where I got the pictas is here

As Christmas draws near, there's many things I've been doing - other than packing I swear! - and that's getting xmas gifts together plus HOLiDAY ViDEO LOOKS

I'm not big on Hallowe'en things because I don't feel that what I do compares even close to what's out there. I don't mean that my holiday looks are great, just I can have more options with Christmas parties, Christmas itself and New Years. [Plus other holidays that are celebrated] I think they're a little more fun because it's sparkle, shimmer and glitter. I don't know what it is about it, I'm really not a winter fan but I love how it sparkles. The snow, ice, etc is so inspiring.

Plus the holiday outfits are so pretty.

So far I only have one look, but I am definitely open to different ideas. Send me your pictas, colours, etc. I will definitely get them in!

Anyways so I finally did my tag video.

Miss Makeup Fairy blog.

Tag questions on youtube video.

Well, until next time lovelies!


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