Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Ho Ho to All!!

No joke, I just from my granny's place nd even tho i LOVELOVELOVE my family, it's just really loud.

Last sunday it was my dad's side of the family. Mum, dad, nana, Connor, Debbie [dad's sister] nd Sam. It was a nice quiet buffet dinner at my nana's place.

From them i got:
200$ gift card for the mall [well, 2 gift cards of 100$ each] plus cards nd chocolate. *grin*

That was great. I also got my hair cut - which you'll notice in the pictas - in a very asymetrical look. My right side of my face it's at my chin, but the left side it's pretty much at my shoulder. It swirls around my head going from short-to-long ... i said it was like a rounded staircase.

Needless to say, it's been interesting trying to keep my bangs on the left side since i have a mad cowlick that fights to go on the right side.


Connor nd i - he's 7yrs younger nd a foot taller

Dad nd Debbie - dad's sister. can you tell?

Dad, nana nd Debbie

Christmas Eve we don't really do much. I got to open a gift early - which i don't usually do - becuz it was a Hello Kitty ornament. My mum said she wanted me to open it early to put on the tree.

Today was good.
My mum said she was waking me up at 8.30 - which i wasn't thrilled about - but i ended up waking up at 7.30 becuz i really had to pee nd figured it was probably just easier to stay awake then go back to bed just to be woken up again.

I do my parents' stockings so they had to open theirs. I just filled my mum's with Lindor chocolates plus wrapped butterfly cookies that wudn't fit in. My dad's was filled with Sodoku, pencils, pencil cup, chocolates, cooking spices nd a Sweettarts ornament.

My stocking was good. I got makeup wipes [haha, i got thru them so fast!], sponges, pumice stone, 2 pairs of knee high socks [one grey pair, the other black with pink bows at the top], tim horton's gift card, bayshore gift card, cocoa butter chapsticks, lotto scratch cards nd a hello kitty candle.

Parents gifts:
Mum - from me:
MakeUp ForEver "Rock For Ever" palette, pens nd Rexall brushes [they're really good! i was so impressed]
from dad:
Olay gift set nd a few chocolate bars

Dad - from me:
Dove "Just For Men" Fresh set, nd Farmer's Almanac calendar.
from mum:
Remote control truck [you heard me.], batteries nd Inception dvd

From parents: [they don't label who's what anymore]
Hello Kitty pj pants, Hello Kitty nightgown, Hello Kitty hat nd matching mitts, Colour Institute glitter nail polishes, Burlesque soundtrack, Lady Gaga remixs cd, Slumdog Millionaire dvd, Sex and the City 2 dvd, the Audrey Hepburn Story dvd, Dove gift set [shampoo, conditioner, body wash nd deoderant], hair towel-wrap, frame/note board for work, yoga pants, dr scholts flats, desk mirror [double sided nd lights up!] nd .... uhm ... i think that's it?

So we all just relaxed, watched my Audrey Hepburn Story dvd nd then started getting ready for my granny's place. Mum did her makeup with what i got her - while i taught her how to do it. must get a video of that later! - then i did my makeup nd faught with my hair. It's such an arguement. Original idea for makeup didn't work too well so i had to change the idea quick. [when i say quick i mean my parents yelling at me to hurry cuz "we're getting ready nd leaving in 10minutes with or without you!" kinda fast]

Walked up to my granny's.
General run-down: family, talking, food, more talking, yelling, mocking my granny, clean up, gifts, random arguements abt idk what, relaxing, dishes, mocking me *also me getting irritated*, clean up again, nd leaving.

For me: [not putting parents gifts cuz i can't remember what all they got]
granny nd don:
housecoat, La Senza double lotion-body mist, La Senza "La Sexy" lotion, bow headband, pink plaid fedora, black silk shirt with a silver chain strap on one side nd velvet stilettoe pumps.

from Cliff nd Greg:
50$ cash nd 100$ for carlingwood [which i've mentally half spent already]

Gary gave us chocolates cuz he cudn't carry all the bags over.

Home. Just putting everything away is a little complicated becuz i'll be moving rooms in a few weeks - once the other room's carpet gets torn up nd new floors are down - so i'm not sure where to put everything.

New Years Eve plans are getting down pat. Not sure what's happening entirely but i'm going to a friend's place. We're heading to the LCBO first of course ;]

Ooh! I almost forgot! Chris nd i did our gift exchange. He got my mum chocolates nd he got me Kero Barrows! [see the show "Cardcaptors" for his awesomeness!] My mum got him this day-to-day calendar that has origami ideas. I think she wants something made *hint hint*

Anna nd Steph i don't see till New Years Day nd Charlene i won't see till the 8th - but she knows her gift. haha!

Anyways, i'm going to continue cleaning. Sorry about lack of pictures, they're not uploading properly :\ Another time!


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Have A Holly-Jolly Christmas!

Hey everyone!

So I probably won't be really doing any makeup videos for a few weeks because of holidays and work. I do plan on doing a few tag videos I've been meaning to get to doing and also I'm doing a holiday mash-up video idea for holidays since there's a few things going on.

I'm not going to promise anything but if I can, I'll do a video before brunch on New Years Day .... I am of age and I am planning on drinking New Years Eve. But hopefully I'll get a chance to do it. I'm not sure what I'll end up doing though.

This weekend is going to be busy. I'm getting my hair done Saturday and then Sunday I've got to get some things for parents' stockings. Then I've got an early Christmas with my dad's side of the family. My cousin might have to work but I'm really hoping he doesn't since I rarely see him. I'll try to get a picture with him but it'll look hilarious since he's a foot taller than me and 7yrs younger. Lol!

Some exciting stuff is happening soon! Keep your eyes peeled!

Here's my 2 holiday makeup vids!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Tis the Season!!!

Hey all!!

Okay so I've never been hugely into the holiday spirit as I'm getting older [various reasons] but I'm trying to. I actually finished all my shopping - well main people shopping - by December 1st. THAT iS A RECORD FOR ME!!! Usually I don't start till then. Mind you, I'm a pretty bad procrastinator nd in past years I was working in a mall, so I didn't want to spend anymore time in the crowds than I had to.

I actually kind of "over-spent" this year because I'm not sure what next year will bring. I currently live at home so I have a little leniency with money. I want to move soon - well wanted to for awhile but haven't had the money. It's expensive!

so I did my 1st holiday tutorial, which I got the idea from the paper.

So I'll just post a few random photos then the vid at the bottom!

My mother nd i watching holiday shows

Today. I love this sweater

I found this! Haha! loves.

This is my advent calendar. My mum bought it for me haha!

This is Angel. I love him!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Hello folks!

So I uploaded this a couple days ago and between xmas shopping [ONE MONTH LEFT!!] then seeing friends, and just general "omg I forgot!" [oops!] .... I really haven't published this anywhere except youtube.
[note to all: add my youtube, it goes there 1st always]

This is probably my biggest "go to" look because it goes with literally everything - lip, hair, shirt [even tho I usually wear neutral colour shirts, i love bright lips!] and it's so easy to do!

There's a lot of stuff that you don't HAVE to do, so pick and choose.


Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Good morning bloggers!

Is everyone good today?? I'm .... okay. A little bit irritated with where I live because the company is just not being very fair.

Enough about that, I doubt you really care.

I am so happy to share this! I went to a swap last saturday and got a bunch of things. For those who don't know what a swap is: Usually it's at someones house and people bring snacks for everyone. You bring clothes, shoes, books, etc and everyone can pick nd choose what they want. We also ended up watching "Prince of Persia" Such a good movie! I was surprised because I'd heard some bad reviews.

Anyways, so the swap was good. I didn't get a lot but I do enjoy what I did get. The girl running it had saved me a shirt that she thought I would like .... I thought that was nice :]

Well I did a video on the stuff I got, plus a few other things.



Saturday, November 20, 2010

New Tutorial!!!

I am so freakin stoked this turned out awesome haha! It's really hard to do tutorial with daylight savings working against me nd being busy also.

I've got something interesting coming up soon nd once everything is in place, i'll let you guys know!

Now to everything!


Skin care:
MakeUp ForEver HD Foundation [mine is 110], MakeUp ForEver HD powder

Urban Decay Primer Potion
Chrome Yellow - MAC e/s
#44 - The Body Shop e/s
#118 - Annabelle e/s
White - Bonnebelle liner
Eldorado - Urban Decay liner
Mildew - Urban Decay liner
Aspen Summet #23 - Sephora
Bad Gal - Benefit mascara

#239 - MAC
#217 - MAC
#266 - MAC

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

TAG plus update! [HANDS UP!]

So before i get to the tag [below] just wanna do a quick update.

I'm currently on a mad weight loss kick. I find i'm eating more empty-carb foods that really aren't good for me. I have a goal nd it's to drop one pant size. I'm not a huge person but i find pants easier nd i'm currently enjoying to fact that my current pants don't try to kill me anymore. I've lost some weight recently - more like excess fat that my body didn't really need, like that 'muffin top' some girls have - but i got pants recently that are for summer. Tone down, shape up, eat better, be healthier. I get sick a lot, maybe this will help?

I finished my course.
100% on my practical
80% on my exam
70% on portfolio - i knew that mark wud drag everything down becuz i wasn't 100% happy with my portfolio!!
83% average!

I've missed makeup counters doing their hiring, so i'm kinda pissed about that. Oh well, pretty soon i'll get my MAC discount nd all will be good.

I'm doing a tutorial on sunday using today's eyeshadow, becuz i got Urban Decay's 24/7 Jackpot eyeliners nd needed an excuse to test out 2 colours. Hahaha! Keep an eye out for that. I'm also doing a haul soon [you'll see all the liners i got] but probably also on Sunday. Saturday there's a swap going on nd i'll show what i got from that.


[i'm waiting for a game on my facebook to load more 'energy' lol]


"Wild Thing" Joan Jett

"Too Close For Comfort" McFLY

"Together" Avril Lavigne

"If you don't know me by now" Jacob Hoggard

"Stay" Cyndi Lauper

"Heart Heart Heartbreak" BoysLikeGirls [lmfao]

"Slipping Away" SUM 41

"Let it Be" Beatles

"When All is Said and Done" Abba

"Year of the Cure" Lights [wtf]

"Dragon Ball" McFLY [riiiight ...]

"Stay [Be the One]" Avril Lavigne

"Where Does it Hurt?" Alexz Johnson [actually makes sence ...]

"Wonderful" Lady Gaga

"St Jimmy" Green Day [last time i did this, i got "Dynamite" from Taio Cruz ...]

"Stay With Me" McFLY

"God is DJ" P!NK

"Memory Lane" McFLY

"Sex on Fire" Kings of Leon [LMFAOOOOOOO]

"Open Your Eyes" SUM 41

"Hands Up" Hedley

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Beautiful, Dirty, Rich

I have the strangest craving for a dirty martini. I'm not even sure why! I love martini's, they're so classy. Makes me feel like i'm someone out of the 50's or something. They're always drinking martinis in old movies so it makes me feel classy like them. Haha, i swear i'm not a big drinker!

I am, however, a big shopper. Christmas is coming up nd i'm soooo excited! I live at home nd next year i cud be moved, so i'm going a bit pricy for my family.

For my mum i got her the MakeUp Forever Rockstar palette

Plus i'll be buying her a simple kit of brushes from Elf that she actually really liked. I'm so happy she's getting into makeup!

I'm getting my dad the original Tron movie from 1982 [i think] nd a calendar ... not sure which one yet.

Matt laughed at me the other day because of how much i spend on makeup. We went to Sephora nd while buying my mum's palette, i got myself this.

Oh yes ... Urban Decay 24/7 Jackpot eyeliners!

I fell in love with them through the picture posted beside them nd i was about to buy a few, then saw the packet of liners. Hello cheaper! [9$/liner, 47$ for the packet] Cannot resist!

What can i say? Makeup is officially my life.

Gala soon so obviously a haul soon ;D!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Not A Usual Blog

I'm doing a vlog probably tomorrow, but figured I'd just post a few pictas i found and love. I think i'll start adding random pictas on various posts. Just random things.

MAC and Hello Kitty .... epic.

Coco Chanel. For those who don't know, i'm pretty much obsessed

This cracks me up :D!

I found my iPhone cover!

Kirby. This is who my hamster is named after!!

So beyond true

So cute XD!!!

Found this. So cool.

Tam - r.i.p <3 - made this to a story I wrote about her. The guy is Robin Black
... i think i've posted this before.

My obsession with Wonderland/Underland will never die!!!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Manic Tuesday or just manic!?

I feel manic. Seriously. It's not a good feeling by any means of the word!!

Friday my portfolio is due and I am a HUGE perfectionist when it comes to this, so I work non-stop so I can get this done just so. I'm lucky that Anna is such a good sport! I've had her come over twice now. Once was for her Hallowe'en makeup, nd the 2nd was today so I could do 2 looks on her.

THiS is the best picture I could get with her whole costume!
[side note: I did message the people who took this and promised to keep the watermark. VERY iMPORTANT!

It was essentially making sure my practical was perfect as well as adding 2 looks to my portfolio. Day and evening look. I was so happy that with all the blending, her skin looked FLAWLESS!!! That wasn't an easy task though, but I do enjoy a challenge!

Doesn't she look amazingly "fresh faced" ?? I loved it! I was so happy with the outcome!
My next challenge was the smokey eye with black. I'm not that great of a pro with this BUT after taking classes nd practice with other colours, I have discovered an easier way for me. Anna's one to either wear minimal makeup or zero makeup. She did love this though.

My favourite look right now!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

when did winter get here!?

As I type this a few things are happening
- I am coughing up a lung
- my nose is running like crazy
- it's snowing.

Really? It's not even November. Sometimes I hate Canada.

Anyways, I've been getting my portfolio together. I have my exam, practical AND my portfolio DUE on Nov.5th [next friday] so it's serious crunch time.

Last weekend I was suppose to do Anna and Steph's makeup but since we all haven't really seen each other in awhile - Anna was busy with Steph's mum abt govn't jobs, Steph was wandering nd i was chilling with Stephen in his room - nd then the wine came out nd Wii was played. Needless to say, I lugged my makeup around for nuthing.

I really need a better form of travelling makeup. My bag is hurting my back.

This week I also got mail! I ordered a Z Palette abt a week ago. Also my swap from came in. [check out that site! it's awesome!]

I did Anna's makeup for Hallowe'en. She went as Sally from the movie Nightmare Before Christmas

Because she's also sick - I got her sick last weekend. We shared a Thai Tuna wrap - I couldn't use any cream base. Foundation then blue eye shadow. I'm happy it worked but looking at the pictures I wish I'd done more blue. One side looks more blue than the other. Oh well.

Anna's very European [Russian - moved here when she was 5yrs old] and has very typical Euro eyes - very small lid - so I had to pretty much create the crease.
For arguement sake, I know Russia isn't in Europe. It's between Europe and Asia

How did I do that?

Easy! If someone has very small crease, you create one with black or grey [or brown] nd put liner on the top lid by the lashes - winging it out. Then take the same colour and go on the eye itself where the crease WOULD be, then line that. Connect with the bottom winged out liner. Makes the eye also appear larger. You can also do the line on the top lashes with liquid liner.

The lip colour in that picture isn't exactly like Sally's and I know that BUT it was the only lip colour I had but she did have the maroon-red at home. That colour was for picture purpose anyways.

Today my mum was a willing model because I was also teaching her how to do it to herself. Since she's applying to jobs she can wear makeup, figured it was easier to teach it to her.

Now I KNOW the foundation is horrible, the camera didn't make it any better. The foundation she had was soooo light! I need to find her some foundation that is her skin colour. It's horrible and I tried so hard to darken it. Took a clean sponge to take a lot off, then took a darker powder on her skin. It just didn't work. Suffice to say, her eye makeup went wonderfully! Neutral brown with purple liner! Perfect.

Urg! I just checked outside and it was still snowing. I am SO not ready for winter! I hate winter. I'm Canadian and I hate winter. Typical. This winter I'm think about trying to snowboard. Not sure. I know how to ski - sort of - but snowboarding seems more interesting. We'll see!

New videos soon hopefully!!

Monday, October 18, 2010

The Makings of an AWESOME Portfolio!

Hey lovelies!!!

Okay so i was going to make a video YESTERDAY ... actually i had a few i was gonna do. Tutorial nd showing off my makeup kit BUT i woke up with the worst sore throat nd body aches, that i just had zero energy. I pretty much slept most of the day nd watched tv ... Stephen King's "The Mist" was on. That is one messed up movie! I hate horror movies but this wasn't too scary. Just a few parts i cud've done without. *shudders* Just gross.

Anyways ... this weekend i'm actually going to be starting my portfolio - which is also for my course. I'm getting marked on it but it's going to be for when i apply at makeup counters. Two of my friends have agreed to let me do their makeup when i see them this weekend. Another of my friends is getting married in a few weeks, so if i do hers or the other bridesmaids makeup, i told her i'm stealing pictures. Also i'm getting in touch with a photographer i did makeup for one of his shoots nd asking for those pictures. [he had promised he'd send them, but never did]

My course is going good. I got my eyebrows fixed for free, which is always a bonus. Now they're sort of even. One side is slightly different, but that's becuz they're different sizes. Don't ask. My eyebrows don't really work well becuz i shaved them


a few years ago when i got my eyebrow pierced. They never really grew back properly. So Friday we learned abt tweezing nd various eye makeup. I did someone else's makeup nd it's really weird becuz i'm use to a) my own brushes, b) my own makeup nd c) not qtips! We're allowed to bring our own brushes - i had to ask! - as long as we wash them before class. Now that we have our kits, we can use our own brushes. It's huge nd wonderful. I also got brushes, but i prefer mine. [which are MAC nd Sephora] I'll be doing a vid on them probably wednesday.

So that's probably it for me. I'll post pictas nd vids here soon soon soon! Promise!

love nd makeup!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Thanks for Giving!!

Haven't done this in awhile! Haha! Of course it's late ...

Last Saturday was Charlene nd Jamie's stag. I don't get to see her often, so it was fun. I was quite proud of myself becuz i didn't panic when she put her 4month old on my lap! Both her littles are so cute! The older one is 3yrs old nd he's such a sweetheart even if he gets into trouble [kids ... lol] So Charlene left to get the boys to the sitter's nd our group headed to where the party was being held.

Fun. Dancing. Drama. Drinking. Good times! Can't wait till the wedding!!!

Anna nd i - i'm "eating" my prize ticket

Matt nd i - yes this is pretty much how we are. i stole that cheese from Anna's plate while she turned on her camera ...

C nd i - we're fabulous. don't doubt it

Moi - couple drinks in.

This past Thursday i ended up going out. Did my makeup with a dramatic pink [nd taupe-ish nd black liner .... oh nd fake lashes!] nd one of my friends - who also has a love of makeup! - was impressed :] She usually does amazing makeup on herself nd gave me a few pointers [ie; if you want sharp lines, use duct/electrical tape!]

Anyways, so we all met at Dairy Queen [where a few ppl were just finishing work] nd headed to the bar from there. Becky nd Rob went ahead, Chris nd Steph went to Chris' place nd Joe finally met up with me on bike.

Get to the bar, drag tables together nd then i ran across the street to go see Matt nd make sure he was still going. He was! Yay! He leaves soon, so i was really hoping he wud. After awhile Chris nd Steph [bday girl] get there. Just as i finish my 1st song [it's kareoke nights on thursday fyi] nd get back to the table, Matt showed up. YAYAYY!!!!!! Last time he went we sang "Poker Face" by Lady Gaga [*ma ma ma ma*] but apparently that was a one shot only thing :[! Bahhh

Hung out, good times. Once i got home - 3 shots, 3 vodka&cranberries later - i started to not feel well. I wasn't drunk. I was past buzzed but not to the point where i shud've felt sick. I'm not sure if it's cuz i rarely drink anymore or what, but i think i'll be asking my dr next time i see her. I doubt that's normal.

Friday morning i had an eye dr's appt ... of course i got the *evil yellow drops* [for those who don't know, they royally mess up your vision becuz they're dialating your pupils] but i got other drops that prevented me from going to work [why? becuz they make your eyes extremely sensitive nd i basically wore my sunglasses all day ...] I need new glasses becuz apparently since i've had mine for so long [4yrs-ish] she wanted me to get new ones.

Saturday i worked then my mum nd i went to the Hallowe'en Spirit Store becuz i really wanna get a wig for my hallowe'en costume. Red or black. So expensive tho! Urg ... not cool! I got scared TWiCE in that store. I don't like things that jump out at me nd i don't do horror movies. Eventually my mum nd i left - after the 2nd time of me jumping at something suddenly moving - nd started towards other stores.
Pick up dinner, stuff for my lunches during the week, icing recipe, dinner that night .... heading home .... WE FORGOT MiLK! So hastily packed stuff from one bag into the ones i had nd mum heads back while i head home. Sore arms, sore shoulders.

Today i did my makeup to resemble this gothic version Alice in Wonderland ["Malice" if you will ...] nd i am really proud of it!!

I also made my cupcakes today. Cream cheese icing ... omg they're AMAZiNG!! *hearts*
Yes ... i looked like this while making cupcakes haha! :D

Tomorrow - well, today since it's past midnight ... - is my thanksgiving dinner. My mum doesn't like turkey, so we're doing ham, scalloped potatoes nd coleslaw. Plus my dad's pumpkin pie! My nana [my dad's mum] is coming over for dinner. I'm sending her home with a cupcake nd i'm sure she'll get some pie too.

Love nd desserts!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Make Up Make Up Make Up

I am sitting typing to you with excellent news!!

My 1st makeup tutorial is done!

I am beyond excited! It was kinda nerve-wrecking - mostly becuz i have NEVER done a makeup tutorial before. I've done vlogs, but this is so different becuz you have to explain what you're doing nd be so precise. It's good practice for future makeup things .... idk. Anyways here's the vid!

Suggestions for future tutorials or any questions wud be great :]
If i get enough questions, i may do an FAQ vid :D

Saturday, September 25, 2010

About Me + A Bit More

So I suppose I should tell a bit about me because my readers - even though maybe not a lotta people read this haha!

My real name iS Katie
I just turned 23 on Sept. 7th [meaning I was born in 1987]
Graduated college with the Office Assistant diploma
I'm an only child
Oldest grandchild on my dad's side
Only grandchild on my mum's side
Only cousin is 7yrs younger than me nd i love him lots.

I live with my parents currently but am saving to move with a friend [maybe 2?]

Milika - spider [mum's] - 6yrs old
Kirby - hamster [mine] - a year in November
Angel - cat [mine] - 5 on Oct 31st [he is my fur bear!]
Storm - cat [mum's] - just turned 1yr in June

Currently single. Meh. My goal is Danny Jones. I will settle with no Danny Jones.

Which leads me to music.
McFLY [where Danny Jones is in], Hedley, Lights, Busted, Ashlee Simpson, Avril Lavigne, SUM 41, Porcelain nd the Tramps, Blondie, Joan Jett, The Runaways, Queen, AC/DC, The Summer Set, Sarah McLauchlan, Sarah Brightman - really any musicals, but she's in a lot of Andrew Lloyd Webber stuff -, The Pretty Reckless, The Veronicas, Train, Goo Goo Dolls, Adam Lambert, Johnny Reid, Carrie Underwood, Journey, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Fefe Dobson

Okay the list goes on ... literally. Mostly because I like one or two songs of groups but not enough to say I like the band.

I have 2 tattoos - pictas later.
One is a star chain on my right side - red, bleu nd purple. Represents my family
dad - red
me - bleu
mum - purple

The other is a lightning bolt on my left foot
That I got for my dad because he's an electrician. He always had a lightning bolt on his hard hat.
That was because he got zapped one day [yes he was fine] but his co-workers called him 'Flash' after that ... haha!

I have planned out my next 4 tattoos.
The one I want to get asap is an alien that a friend of mine drew. I'm getting it in her honour because she passed away this summer. That's going on my left shoulder blade.

Next is the grumpy bear cloud. Yes I mean the guy from CareBears. I love that cloud! Rain drops nd hearts. It's just .... to me it is amazing. That's going on my right shoulder blade

The 3rd is a spider. Same idea as the tattoo my mum has, only slightly different. Her tattoo is on her ankle nd it's suppose to be a black widow - except instead of the hourglass, it's a heart. It also has a fire heart around it. Mine is going to be on my left side - opposite of my star chain - nd it'll be a different spider but still with the heart.

My 4th tattoo [no, I'm not sure this will be the last one] I'm getting a heart with a halo nd wings in the middle of my back. That'll be last out of these choices because I'm really picky about the wings nd I'm not sure if it'll have colouring.
It's going to represent family I've lost in the past. Instead of getting something for everyone.

What else about me?
Hmm .... well I write a lot. I looooove shoes. I sing. Hanging out is fun. I miss a lot of my friends. There's a few I can't see often, since we don't live in the same city .... thank gawd for MSN! Haha! Even friends that DO live in the city, because of schedule nd work, etc. I don't see them often. We try to at least!

I am probably the least organized person, except for at work. There it's more of a scatter but I know where things are. Generally that's what it is in my room too .... until I really get cleaning. Then it ends up being "why do I still have this?" idea.

I am going back to school for makeup artistry. It is a passion of mine that really became something I was interested in about 4yrs ago when my mum sent me to MAC after finishing college. Since then, I'm obsessed. I've been told I have natural talent because - for the most part - I can copy diff types of makeup.

I've always been pretty interested in fashion. Not in the "I wanna be a designer or work in for a magazine" type of way. More like, I like the idea of different styles. I don't always go with a trend - sometimes I do like somethings.

Right now I've been wearing a lot of neutral colours because I'd rather play up my makeup rather than try to match it. Besides, I like bright makeup as opposed to bright clothes! Haha!

Skin care:
I get asked A LOT what I do to keep my skin so nice.
I'm not gonna lie. A lot of it is genetics. Both my parents nd their family have good skin - one of my uncles had acne as a teen, but that obv doesn't do much.
I do get break outs, but I learned awhile ago how to deal with them. Sunshine nd water. Plus the moisturizer I use also has medication to help breakouts [clean & clear - it's white nd has a purple lid. It may say 'daily moisturizer' ? I'm not 100% but no other looks like that.]

Summer I don't wear a lot of stuff on my skin. Powder is fine. Cooler months - like fall/winter - I wear foundation to protect my skin. MakeUp Forever HD foundation. It's most likely the lightest colour they have because I'm really fair [no I don't even tan. I freckle more than tan.] It's pretty much the ONLY foundation I live by. It goes on sheer, doesn't feel cakey. I love it. It's expensive but last awhile for me because I don't wear it EVERYDAY.

I drink a lot of water, so that also may help a lot too. I do take good care of my skin because I'm not taking the fact it's nice now for advantage. I know it won't last forever BUT taking good steps now, helps for the future.

Anyways, any questions anyone has feel free to post. I'm pretty open but I don't want to go on formspring.

Friday, September 24, 2010

I Am Not Afraid to Keep on Living

Today has been so up-and-down.

Woke up at the crack of freaking dawn [which is 7:15am] after not being able to sleep because of allergies. Ended up sleeping [thanks to Benadryl!] but for very little. Urg so not a morning person!

Angel - my sweet fur - came racing in when he heard my alarm nd meowing his little head off to make sure I'm awake. He does this when I have my alarm set [which is pretty much only once a week because I don't usually work until mid-afternoon]

ANYWAYS so not being a huge morning person, I had to drag my butt outta bed asap before I could concider falling back asleep [still tempting ...] Wash face, eat breakfast, shove cats out of my way, find boots, do makeup, remove Storm from my boots, get purse ready, change clothes 2x [stupid weather ...], nd finally leave. Surprisingly, my buses were on time! Such a shock actually ...

Took me 2 buses to get lost.
Of course I got lost!

Where I was going was in the mall I was originally at - so the 3rd bus I took was clearly for fun *glare*

Eventually got there - with a phone call nd assistance to get there - nd realized it was completely where I was suppose to be! It was a total beauty school but I'm only taking Makeup Artistry with a touch in Facial stuff [pretty obvious to me on why they have that involved]

Met with the lady - super nice nd loved her style! - nd i'm all signed up for makeup course! This is my DREAM nd i'm super excited! I start next week. Theory 1st nd idk when i'm getting my kit.

Afterwards I was SO BEYOND EXCiTED that I had to call my mum [yes, I call her lots even tho I live with her haha] She was super happy for me - obv ;D - especially cuz I'll be paying it all myself. I'll be semi-broke for awhile becuz I gotta pay half of it on the 1st day, but once I get my credit card at least I'll have backup for next payment in case I cannot pay the full amount. Ah well, work hours will be changing soon so I'll be able to save faster nd pay off other debts.

Needless to say, at this moment I feel half alive. After work my mum was super nice nd bought me an iced coffee. Clearly I looked half asleep to her also becuz the original plan was for us to share it, she had 2 sips nd gave it to me. *thanks mum!*

My plan is that on Sunday, one of my parents is coming with me to get baskets for my box shelving - it's getting quite cluttered - nd possibly a new laundry basket. Definatly need a messanger bag. Going from work to school isn't gonna cut it for my purse, especially if I'll be carrying my kit with me.

Anyways, tutorials next week! Promise!


Monday, September 20, 2010

The Future is in Your Hands!!!

Hey lovlies!!

I swear. Anytime i write a blog, it's always either late at night or at work! Oh well, at least a blog is written. Right??

What's been going on lately??

Well, actually lots!! Exciting news!!

First i must tell you about my day - because it's serious becoming an awesome day!!

Woke up this morning nd had to call student loan because I'm looking into going back to school for makeup artistry. They said I should talk to the financial advisor with the school [which isn't what i was told on Friday ... hate getting the run around!!]

Whatever. Right? Right.

Going on with my day, I got my dad to find some electrical tape that I can have for makeup. Got a nice roll of red tape!

**For those who don't know, tape helps with sharp edges. Scotch tape will fall off because of skin's natural oils. Electrical tape is epic. Duct tape also works but career flaw on my dad's part, we have electrical tape**

I've been practicing different looks prior to tutorials because I don't wanna mess them up when filming **HiNT HiNT** They're looking pretty good. Also with practising I can see if they need to be adjusted somewhat.

A few:

"Storm" - this is what I wore today


"Water View" - if I get orange, it'll change to a parrot idea

"Colour Swipe" - this was influenced by something a model wore for MAC & Milk fashion show

I do have a neutral one nd a simple single colour with strong liner too. Those are coming nd i'll show you pictas of course.

I DO have vids - just simple ones - on my youtube.
Check it out. Rate, comment, subscribe!

So after doing my makeup I did mad cleaning - dishes, my room, etc - nd started to see Matt. Before I left, I noticed mail.

Swapped awhile ago for eyeshadow [] nd came in today! The sweetheart sent a purple MAC paints .... not sure how to use it but i'll find out :D Haha! Learning!

Dropped some books off before going to meet Matt. Yeh i hate the Book Market. 25 cents per book is crap.

Matt went to the bank then we headed to McD's for lunch. Meh. Hallowe'en spirit store next! Found some awesome things. May go back for fake lashes that have red gems in them before hallowe'en.

Decided to head downtown instead of just the reg mall. We wandered around for a few hours. Matt got his passport photo taken, i got nylons nd found an idea for my mum's xmas gift. It was feeling like probably one of my fave days that I've had in such a long time. Then it got better!

After downtown, I had to get cat food nd i decided to get hamster treats [pet photos coming soon - we have 4 pets in total] nd even though it's a HUGE book that I rarely get, i had to get this month's Elle book. Why? Kandee Johnson is in it!!
[ OR -]

Kandee is my hero! After watching videos - especially one she talks about her past nd how she went through all this stuff nd has come out basically on top - she quickly became my hero. Same profession [makeup artistry] so I feel like I'm viewing her as a mentor. Kandee really inspired me to go after my dream - ie; makeup artistry.

So ANYWAYS got home nd saw that my mum basically bought my costume! [okay I have to pay her back but that's beside the point] Claire's had an Alice in Wonderland accessories line to promote the movie nd everywhere I'd looked, all the items were already gone! Around where my mum works, they had stuff still! YAY!!! Top hat on a headband, tutu-style skirt nd glitter tattoos for the face. I pretty much already have the eyeshadows to go with the style of makeup I want to do.

Which is this:

The only thing I'm not entirely sure on HOW to do, is the little eye decales with liner. I can do x's nd possibly hearts. Not sure how to do a club.

Ah well, plenty of time to practise!

Anyways I should crash, between talking to my parents nd MSN going off so much it's taken me almost an HOUR to write this .... damn.


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Time, Where Did You Go? Why Did You Leave Me Here .... Alone

After some thinking, I have decided that since I have NO idea what's going on with the Alberta job - the interviewer had such a pokerface! - that I figured it'd be best to think of a backup plan!

I have one somewhat set. Well technically 2 but both are in the same general idea.


It's my passion. It's my outlet. It's my love. It allows me to be creative and still work with people and everything! It's such an art and some people are AMAZiNG! Like Kandee Johnson! If you don't know who she is, idk what's wrong with you! Haha! She's seriously my idol.


Check her out.

There's lots of people on youtube who do makeup too but Kandee is def my fave!

I am quite lucky and happy that with my current job I can do varying style of makeup nd after seeing the pictas for MAC & Milk Fashion Show, I did my own version. Slightly different nd taken with iPhone, but you get the idea.

I think this may be a style you can only do with bright-ish colours. Not sure. Going to probably test out Sassy Grass with this style tomorrow.

Can't wait!! :D

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Hating Countdowns So Bad!!

Good evening - night? - my lovlies!!

I'm currently sitting at my desk with hot chocolate [in the Cat in the Hat mug i stole from my mum], wearing a sweater nd fleece pj pants. Yes, i am freezing! Needless to say, autumn weather just snuck right up on us! Definatly the time to don the sweaters, cute boots nd hot chocolates!

Also the time of year we need to get serious about coats.

Fall coats are cute, but everyone needs a versitial coat that will take them somewhat into winter. I have a coat I got a couple years ago from Stitches [which is a very touch-nd-go store for me] nd it's a really nice brown coat. Warm. Not always great for serious winter, but generally i can wear it for awhile.

Mission: everyone go buy a coat! [water-proof!]

Personal mission: i need a decent coat that's warm nd water-proof. My fall coat isn't that water-proof, which makes things complicated on cold nd rainy days. You know the kind of days it's just crappy weather out nd you wanna stay in warm jammies nd watch movies or read all day? Well ... sometimes you need to go out. My point for a warm, water-proof jacket.

I actually almost had a video of today done. It would've been fine by now if Windows Movie Maker didn't fight with my QuickTime videos .... alas, i must find a new program that will allow me to edit QuickTime vids :[ Apparently QuickTime Pro is good, but idk.

Short version of today:
Got ready nd left in plenty of time.
Bus driver let me off at the wrong spot.
Got lost.
Back tracked like 4x
Finally got there.

For the record, this is the hotel that the interview

No idea what's up. The interviewer had a very good pokerface. [dead panned expression] I'll find out in 7 days [most like 6 days now cuz it's almost past midnight]

I hate waiting.

Headed to MAC nd Sephora today though!

Urban Decay Primer Potion
MakeUpForever HD Powder
Philosophy:Purity Cleanser [free sample]

Shock-a-holic [eyeshadow - "dare to wear"]
Sassy Grass [eyeshadow - "dare to wear"]
Tenderling [blush]

Still need to get a kabooki brush nd pencil brush. Guh!

Anyways .... vids soon!!

Monday, September 13, 2010

i was never big on dinosaurs

Tomorrow is a pretty important day.

Interview day.

Which is actually lucky for you people because I'm also doing "a day in the life" tomorrow!! You'll get to see my house, downtown Ottawa, nd other various places. It's gonna be a mish-mash of clips nd it'll make sence in the end ... I hope.

The past few days I've been whitening my teeth with Crest White Strips so they're looking quite sparkly :] Plus brushing nd flossing of course! It's just a nice thing. I have avoided anything that could stain my teeth nd drinking lots of water. Best not take any chances haha!

After my interview I wanna go to the mall nd check out MAC nd Sephora. I need a new blush because I dropped mine yesterday. It was low so that's no biggie. I rarely use that blush, but because of my friend's wedding in February I wanna get it. She may wear it. It's a nice soft blush called Tenderling for the record. I've also been debating on getting the Naked Palette from Sephora .... I need an eye primer anyways. Urban Decay primer potion seems good. Haven't heard/read any bad reviews so that's a bonus!

In other news, we think my mum's spider - Milika - might be dead. *tear* I was never a huge fan of her - or spiders in general - but still. She's like 6 or 7 yrs old, BUT I say 'might' because Yahoo Answers say she could be molting! We'll know in about 3 days for sure. I'm not sure what I'm hoping for honestly.

Tomorrow is going to be busy. Guess I should crash early??

Luck and love!
Katie Danger

I promise to do an "about me" soon!!

Friday, September 10, 2010

heading for a heart heart heart break!

It occured to me recently - okay, abt 10mins ago - that everyone has at least one person in their life that seems to have the ability to constantly break their heart. It can be an old significant other, a current signficant other, a family member or even a friend.

It happens to everyone and honestly, it's hard to make it easier .... especially if you're close to that person in some sort of way.

I keep getting shown WHY it'd be easier for me to leave. I'm not running away - i don't advocate that! - but i am hoping to leave so i can return with a fresh look at things.

I suggest to everyone that they take their one moment of heartache nd figure out a way to make it easier on themselves. A few suggestions would be to look at your personal goals, how can you make those happen? Try to distract yourself from what's hurting you and take that hurt and put it to something useful instead of making yourself feel worse!

Love and makeup
Katie Danger

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Brand New Start

As some of you many notice, I deleted past updates. I've only been writing this since January but so much has gone on that I had to delete them. I'm trying to move on from certain things that happened so I can move on and get on with my life.

I suppose this is going to be a blog about just that.
Moving on.

It's also going to be various day-to-day things nd vlogs. I'm on youtube. I'll be doing makeup vlogs soon too. Plus "day in the life" becuz i don't work nd i know i have lots to do.

My 1st makeup vlog is going to be simple. A basic everyday or - in my case - interview look. No bells, whistles, etc. Simple, plain, basic. Prob the best idea for a 1st makeup vlog, it's easy.

Actually I should mention why I'm restarting this vlog in September.

While out for dinner a couple weeks ago, Lori mentioned that September is like a brand new year [school starting, etc] but even though I'm not in school anymore [for now] I decided that it only makes sence. Yesterday was my 23rd bday nd now it's like a brand new year.

Here I am,
As perfect as I'm ever gonna be
You'll see
Love me for me
Stick around,
I'm not the kinda girl you wanna leave
You'll see
Love me for me

- Ashlee Simpson "Love Me For Me"

And here we go ...