Friday, September 24, 2010

I Am Not Afraid to Keep on Living

Today has been so up-and-down.

Woke up at the crack of freaking dawn [which is 7:15am] after not being able to sleep because of allergies. Ended up sleeping [thanks to Benadryl!] but for very little. Urg so not a morning person!

Angel - my sweet fur - came racing in when he heard my alarm nd meowing his little head off to make sure I'm awake. He does this when I have my alarm set [which is pretty much only once a week because I don't usually work until mid-afternoon]

ANYWAYS so not being a huge morning person, I had to drag my butt outta bed asap before I could concider falling back asleep [still tempting ...] Wash face, eat breakfast, shove cats out of my way, find boots, do makeup, remove Storm from my boots, get purse ready, change clothes 2x [stupid weather ...], nd finally leave. Surprisingly, my buses were on time! Such a shock actually ...

Took me 2 buses to get lost.
Of course I got lost!

Where I was going was in the mall I was originally at - so the 3rd bus I took was clearly for fun *glare*

Eventually got there - with a phone call nd assistance to get there - nd realized it was completely where I was suppose to be! It was a total beauty school but I'm only taking Makeup Artistry with a touch in Facial stuff [pretty obvious to me on why they have that involved]

Met with the lady - super nice nd loved her style! - nd i'm all signed up for makeup course! This is my DREAM nd i'm super excited! I start next week. Theory 1st nd idk when i'm getting my kit.

Afterwards I was SO BEYOND EXCiTED that I had to call my mum [yes, I call her lots even tho I live with her haha] She was super happy for me - obv ;D - especially cuz I'll be paying it all myself. I'll be semi-broke for awhile becuz I gotta pay half of it on the 1st day, but once I get my credit card at least I'll have backup for next payment in case I cannot pay the full amount. Ah well, work hours will be changing soon so I'll be able to save faster nd pay off other debts.

Needless to say, at this moment I feel half alive. After work my mum was super nice nd bought me an iced coffee. Clearly I looked half asleep to her also becuz the original plan was for us to share it, she had 2 sips nd gave it to me. *thanks mum!*

My plan is that on Sunday, one of my parents is coming with me to get baskets for my box shelving - it's getting quite cluttered - nd possibly a new laundry basket. Definatly need a messanger bag. Going from work to school isn't gonna cut it for my purse, especially if I'll be carrying my kit with me.

Anyways, tutorials next week! Promise!


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