Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Hating Countdowns So Bad!!

Good evening - night? - my lovlies!!

I'm currently sitting at my desk with hot chocolate [in the Cat in the Hat mug i stole from my mum], wearing a sweater nd fleece pj pants. Yes, i am freezing! Needless to say, autumn weather just snuck right up on us! Definatly the time to don the sweaters, cute boots nd hot chocolates!

Also the time of year we need to get serious about coats.

Fall coats are cute, but everyone needs a versitial coat that will take them somewhat into winter. I have a coat I got a couple years ago from Stitches [which is a very touch-nd-go store for me] nd it's a really nice brown coat. Warm. Not always great for serious winter, but generally i can wear it for awhile.

Mission: everyone go buy a coat! [water-proof!]

Personal mission: i need a decent coat that's warm nd water-proof. My fall coat isn't that water-proof, which makes things complicated on cold nd rainy days. You know the kind of days it's just crappy weather out nd you wanna stay in warm jammies nd watch movies or read all day? Well ... sometimes you need to go out. My point for a warm, water-proof jacket.

I actually almost had a video of today done. It would've been fine by now if Windows Movie Maker didn't fight with my QuickTime videos .... alas, i must find a new program that will allow me to edit QuickTime vids :[ Apparently QuickTime Pro is good, but idk.

Short version of today:
Got ready nd left in plenty of time.
Bus driver let me off at the wrong spot.
Got lost.
Back tracked like 4x
Finally got there.

For the record, this is the hotel that the interview

No idea what's up. The interviewer had a very good pokerface. [dead panned expression] I'll find out in 7 days [most like 6 days now cuz it's almost past midnight]

I hate waiting.

Headed to MAC nd Sephora today though!

Urban Decay Primer Potion
MakeUpForever HD Powder
Philosophy:Purity Cleanser [free sample]

Shock-a-holic [eyeshadow - "dare to wear"]
Sassy Grass [eyeshadow - "dare to wear"]
Tenderling [blush]

Still need to get a kabooki brush nd pencil brush. Guh!

Anyways .... vids soon!!

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