Saturday, September 25, 2010

About Me + A Bit More

So I suppose I should tell a bit about me because my readers - even though maybe not a lotta people read this haha!

My real name iS Katie
I just turned 23 on Sept. 7th [meaning I was born in 1987]
Graduated college with the Office Assistant diploma
I'm an only child
Oldest grandchild on my dad's side
Only grandchild on my mum's side
Only cousin is 7yrs younger than me nd i love him lots.

I live with my parents currently but am saving to move with a friend [maybe 2?]

Milika - spider [mum's] - 6yrs old
Kirby - hamster [mine] - a year in November
Angel - cat [mine] - 5 on Oct 31st [he is my fur bear!]
Storm - cat [mum's] - just turned 1yr in June

Currently single. Meh. My goal is Danny Jones. I will settle with no Danny Jones.

Which leads me to music.
McFLY [where Danny Jones is in], Hedley, Lights, Busted, Ashlee Simpson, Avril Lavigne, SUM 41, Porcelain nd the Tramps, Blondie, Joan Jett, The Runaways, Queen, AC/DC, The Summer Set, Sarah McLauchlan, Sarah Brightman - really any musicals, but she's in a lot of Andrew Lloyd Webber stuff -, The Pretty Reckless, The Veronicas, Train, Goo Goo Dolls, Adam Lambert, Johnny Reid, Carrie Underwood, Journey, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Fefe Dobson

Okay the list goes on ... literally. Mostly because I like one or two songs of groups but not enough to say I like the band.

I have 2 tattoos - pictas later.
One is a star chain on my right side - red, bleu nd purple. Represents my family
dad - red
me - bleu
mum - purple

The other is a lightning bolt on my left foot
That I got for my dad because he's an electrician. He always had a lightning bolt on his hard hat.
That was because he got zapped one day [yes he was fine] but his co-workers called him 'Flash' after that ... haha!

I have planned out my next 4 tattoos.
The one I want to get asap is an alien that a friend of mine drew. I'm getting it in her honour because she passed away this summer. That's going on my left shoulder blade.

Next is the grumpy bear cloud. Yes I mean the guy from CareBears. I love that cloud! Rain drops nd hearts. It's just .... to me it is amazing. That's going on my right shoulder blade

The 3rd is a spider. Same idea as the tattoo my mum has, only slightly different. Her tattoo is on her ankle nd it's suppose to be a black widow - except instead of the hourglass, it's a heart. It also has a fire heart around it. Mine is going to be on my left side - opposite of my star chain - nd it'll be a different spider but still with the heart.

My 4th tattoo [no, I'm not sure this will be the last one] I'm getting a heart with a halo nd wings in the middle of my back. That'll be last out of these choices because I'm really picky about the wings nd I'm not sure if it'll have colouring.
It's going to represent family I've lost in the past. Instead of getting something for everyone.

What else about me?
Hmm .... well I write a lot. I looooove shoes. I sing. Hanging out is fun. I miss a lot of my friends. There's a few I can't see often, since we don't live in the same city .... thank gawd for MSN! Haha! Even friends that DO live in the city, because of schedule nd work, etc. I don't see them often. We try to at least!

I am probably the least organized person, except for at work. There it's more of a scatter but I know where things are. Generally that's what it is in my room too .... until I really get cleaning. Then it ends up being "why do I still have this?" idea.

I am going back to school for makeup artistry. It is a passion of mine that really became something I was interested in about 4yrs ago when my mum sent me to MAC after finishing college. Since then, I'm obsessed. I've been told I have natural talent because - for the most part - I can copy diff types of makeup.

I've always been pretty interested in fashion. Not in the "I wanna be a designer or work in for a magazine" type of way. More like, I like the idea of different styles. I don't always go with a trend - sometimes I do like somethings.

Right now I've been wearing a lot of neutral colours because I'd rather play up my makeup rather than try to match it. Besides, I like bright makeup as opposed to bright clothes! Haha!

Skin care:
I get asked A LOT what I do to keep my skin so nice.
I'm not gonna lie. A lot of it is genetics. Both my parents nd their family have good skin - one of my uncles had acne as a teen, but that obv doesn't do much.
I do get break outs, but I learned awhile ago how to deal with them. Sunshine nd water. Plus the moisturizer I use also has medication to help breakouts [clean & clear - it's white nd has a purple lid. It may say 'daily moisturizer' ? I'm not 100% but no other looks like that.]

Summer I don't wear a lot of stuff on my skin. Powder is fine. Cooler months - like fall/winter - I wear foundation to protect my skin. MakeUp Forever HD foundation. It's most likely the lightest colour they have because I'm really fair [no I don't even tan. I freckle more than tan.] It's pretty much the ONLY foundation I live by. It goes on sheer, doesn't feel cakey. I love it. It's expensive but last awhile for me because I don't wear it EVERYDAY.

I drink a lot of water, so that also may help a lot too. I do take good care of my skin because I'm not taking the fact it's nice now for advantage. I know it won't last forever BUT taking good steps now, helps for the future.

Anyways, any questions anyone has feel free to post. I'm pretty open but I don't want to go on formspring.

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