Monday, September 13, 2010

i was never big on dinosaurs

Tomorrow is a pretty important day.

Interview day.

Which is actually lucky for you people because I'm also doing "a day in the life" tomorrow!! You'll get to see my house, downtown Ottawa, nd other various places. It's gonna be a mish-mash of clips nd it'll make sence in the end ... I hope.

The past few days I've been whitening my teeth with Crest White Strips so they're looking quite sparkly :] Plus brushing nd flossing of course! It's just a nice thing. I have avoided anything that could stain my teeth nd drinking lots of water. Best not take any chances haha!

After my interview I wanna go to the mall nd check out MAC nd Sephora. I need a new blush because I dropped mine yesterday. It was low so that's no biggie. I rarely use that blush, but because of my friend's wedding in February I wanna get it. She may wear it. It's a nice soft blush called Tenderling for the record. I've also been debating on getting the Naked Palette from Sephora .... I need an eye primer anyways. Urban Decay primer potion seems good. Haven't heard/read any bad reviews so that's a bonus!

In other news, we think my mum's spider - Milika - might be dead. *tear* I was never a huge fan of her - or spiders in general - but still. She's like 6 or 7 yrs old, BUT I say 'might' because Yahoo Answers say she could be molting! We'll know in about 3 days for sure. I'm not sure what I'm hoping for honestly.

Tomorrow is going to be busy. Guess I should crash early??

Luck and love!
Katie Danger

I promise to do an "about me" soon!!

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