Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Brand New Start

As some of you many notice, I deleted past updates. I've only been writing this since January but so much has gone on that I had to delete them. I'm trying to move on from certain things that happened so I can move on and get on with my life.

I suppose this is going to be a blog about just that.
Moving on.

It's also going to be various day-to-day things nd vlogs. I'm on youtube. I'll be doing makeup vlogs soon too. Plus "day in the life" becuz i don't work nd i know i have lots to do.

My 1st makeup vlog is going to be simple. A basic everyday or - in my case - interview look. No bells, whistles, etc. Simple, plain, basic. Prob the best idea for a 1st makeup vlog, it's easy.

Actually I should mention why I'm restarting this vlog in September.

While out for dinner a couple weeks ago, Lori mentioned that September is like a brand new year [school starting, etc] but even though I'm not in school anymore [for now] I decided that it only makes sence. Yesterday was my 23rd bday nd now it's like a brand new year.

Here I am,
As perfect as I'm ever gonna be
You'll see
Love me for me
Stick around,
I'm not the kinda girl you wanna leave
You'll see
Love me for me

- Ashlee Simpson "Love Me For Me"

And here we go ...

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