Monday, September 20, 2010

The Future is in Your Hands!!!

Hey lovlies!!

I swear. Anytime i write a blog, it's always either late at night or at work! Oh well, at least a blog is written. Right??

What's been going on lately??

Well, actually lots!! Exciting news!!

First i must tell you about my day - because it's serious becoming an awesome day!!

Woke up this morning nd had to call student loan because I'm looking into going back to school for makeup artistry. They said I should talk to the financial advisor with the school [which isn't what i was told on Friday ... hate getting the run around!!]

Whatever. Right? Right.

Going on with my day, I got my dad to find some electrical tape that I can have for makeup. Got a nice roll of red tape!

**For those who don't know, tape helps with sharp edges. Scotch tape will fall off because of skin's natural oils. Electrical tape is epic. Duct tape also works but career flaw on my dad's part, we have electrical tape**

I've been practicing different looks prior to tutorials because I don't wanna mess them up when filming **HiNT HiNT** They're looking pretty good. Also with practising I can see if they need to be adjusted somewhat.

A few:

"Storm" - this is what I wore today


"Water View" - if I get orange, it'll change to a parrot idea

"Colour Swipe" - this was influenced by something a model wore for MAC & Milk fashion show

I do have a neutral one nd a simple single colour with strong liner too. Those are coming nd i'll show you pictas of course.

I DO have vids - just simple ones - on my youtube.
Check it out. Rate, comment, subscribe!

So after doing my makeup I did mad cleaning - dishes, my room, etc - nd started to see Matt. Before I left, I noticed mail.

Swapped awhile ago for eyeshadow [] nd came in today! The sweetheart sent a purple MAC paints .... not sure how to use it but i'll find out :D Haha! Learning!

Dropped some books off before going to meet Matt. Yeh i hate the Book Market. 25 cents per book is crap.

Matt went to the bank then we headed to McD's for lunch. Meh. Hallowe'en spirit store next! Found some awesome things. May go back for fake lashes that have red gems in them before hallowe'en.

Decided to head downtown instead of just the reg mall. We wandered around for a few hours. Matt got his passport photo taken, i got nylons nd found an idea for my mum's xmas gift. It was feeling like probably one of my fave days that I've had in such a long time. Then it got better!

After downtown, I had to get cat food nd i decided to get hamster treats [pet photos coming soon - we have 4 pets in total] nd even though it's a HUGE book that I rarely get, i had to get this month's Elle book. Why? Kandee Johnson is in it!!
[ OR -]

Kandee is my hero! After watching videos - especially one she talks about her past nd how she went through all this stuff nd has come out basically on top - she quickly became my hero. Same profession [makeup artistry] so I feel like I'm viewing her as a mentor. Kandee really inspired me to go after my dream - ie; makeup artistry.

So ANYWAYS got home nd saw that my mum basically bought my costume! [okay I have to pay her back but that's beside the point] Claire's had an Alice in Wonderland accessories line to promote the movie nd everywhere I'd looked, all the items were already gone! Around where my mum works, they had stuff still! YAY!!! Top hat on a headband, tutu-style skirt nd glitter tattoos for the face. I pretty much already have the eyeshadows to go with the style of makeup I want to do.

Which is this:

The only thing I'm not entirely sure on HOW to do, is the little eye decales with liner. I can do x's nd possibly hearts. Not sure how to do a club.

Ah well, plenty of time to practise!

Anyways I should crash, between talking to my parents nd MSN going off so much it's taken me almost an HOUR to write this .... damn.