Friday, December 28, 2012

Another Blog, No Video!

Hey everyone!

Oh look at this ... another blog post!
Exciting, I know!

Just a mini update really.
Hope everyone's Christmas was good! Mine was pretty busy. My parents, Matt's mum and step-dad, Matt's extended family - all within 3 days!

I plan on doing a haul and fashion video come January since I got money and gift cards I'd like to spend, but I need to get new batteries for my camera. I'm sure I've mentioned it, but if not it's just that the my Canon camera has no batteries. The rechargables I have are defective. They shouldn't have crapped out so soon. Oh well, just going to get some new ones and it'll be fine! I swear I'll get videos up soon!

Although, if I'm honest, I have no idea what I'd do for makeup videos. You know ... the real reason I started my YouTube channel. Fashion and haul it is!!

New Years is coming. No tutorial for that. Which is fine since I doubt Matt and I are doing anything really.
We plan on having a party in the New Year, but not until mid-January. I'm not sure how that will go considering our new kitten.

Wait .... did I mention we got a new kitten?
We did. Angel now has a friend.
She's a tabby. I call her a strawberry-blonde colour [not quite beige, not quite orange] and her name is Penny Noel
Penny was a feral cat so being inside was a big change for her.
Of course that means she meowed all night the 2nd night we got her and since it's pretty much programmed into the female brain to wake up to a high-pitched sound [mothering instinct to wake up for their child], it means I was up a lot. However, she's loud and consistant so Matt was awake all night as well.
Basically, it's like having new child. Haha!

On another note, Matt and I have taken all the money we got mutually [he got money, i got money and some people put money in a car for both of us] and are saving. We've decided we really want to move, which isn't cheap but at least we got a head start! All we have so far is moving cost. Guh! We're each putting 50$ away from each pay cheque - so ideally 200$/month. Should work.
What I would love, is to BUY a house but money doesn't allow us quite yet.

Anyways, this is getting farrrr too chatty! Oops!


Sunday, December 23, 2012

Last Minute Gifts Ideas!

Hello my loves!

I know I have really been neglecting you lately, however in my resolutions I have added to blog more. If one wants people to read, one must write. So write I shall!!

With Christmas so quickly approaching [oh dear, is it really just next week!?] I realize that some of you might be in a pinch for small last minute gifts!

Here is my version of a gift guide, but we'll change that since most of you I am sure you have bought all gifts!


Guy in your life:
Pajama pants are always safe.
Cotton plaid is a great idea and usually are in all sorts of colours.
Unless you know a specific like of his [tv show, movie, etc] then definately get that print!

Girl in your life:
If you're shopping last minute, it had better be jewellery! Joking!
However that is acceptable - so are shoes! - not everyone wants that. [or it's just not that relationship!]
Specialty items are usually fun. If she's a tea fan, then might I actually suggest you to Teaopia or David's Tea!
They have interesting flavours around holidays, so gift sets are great.

These women are very picky. They will always say they don't need or want anything, but you know there's stuff out there she probably would enjoy but not spend the time/money on herself. Go get it.

This year I'm getting my dad some clothes and a gift card. He doesn't need anything, nor want anything, but I know from my mum that he needs clothes. As an added treat, the gift card will help him get something at a specific store later. Maybe he doesn't want anything now, but next month he may!

Extended family:
Christmas is expensive, so if you really want to get something for everyone the best money saver is baking.
You can get some cute cut outs or containers at the dollar store, when you figure out what everyone would enjoy then usually there's left overs. [always expect you need to bake more than you think. Recipes are finiky.]

I have done my research for this one! If you're going to a party, it actually is customary to bring them a gift. [especially if it's a new home] Wine is usually safe, but be sure you know what they enjoy. [Mmmm a good sparkling or rose is fun! Fruity!] If you decide on wine, don't expect them to open it up that evening. Chances are they have set out certain drinks. Think of it this way, once you've all left, it will be enjoyed.
If you don't want to get them some wine, maybe a gift card. If it's a new place, ask if they need anything. You can usually judge by that. [iKea is a great store, so is Home Sense!]

I hope this helped you last minute shoppers! Hopefully there isn't many of you.

Ahhh and then there's the age-old question "what did you ask for Christmas?"

Every year, I will put Christian Louboutins knowing full well that there is a low chance I will receive them.
A girl can dream!
One thing that did top my list this year - the only thing I could really think of that I want - is a Kobo.


Sunday, September 23, 2012

Long Over-Do Update!!!

Hey everyone! Long time no blog, I know. Unfortunately I'm still not on my laptop - which is pretty much declared dead at this point - but I am able to post. Matt has allowed me to use his laptop during the time. Eventually I'll get my own laptop. A bit of an update: In June was a wonderful wedding of Tara and Ron. I was lucky enough to do the makeup for the bride and her bridesmaids, plus the lovely Jess who was M.C. As per usual, Anna was my date. [or was I hers? Lol Never too sure on that!] It was the first wedding I was just a guest and not part of the wedding party, so that was interesting. It was a beautiful day for an outdoor wedding and the place - Strathmere - is such a gorgeous area. Kind of a farm area. The day after the wedding was Matt's college grad. He finished school in December, but the official ceremony wasn't until June.
Matt's mom - Jocelyn - Matt and I After the grad was dinner, and it was interesting because it was at The Keg. Never been and for some reason I had been craving red meat. July was pretty much a whirlwind. Canada Day I was with friends for a BBQ, then saw fireworks.
It was really a debate on if we were going to the fireworks anyways, because it was a pretty long walk. Last minute we decided to go and ended up being soooo close to where they set them off! Unfortunately Matt started having ankle problems on the way home, luckily one of the guys lived near the fireworks. After Canada Day a few of us - Kyle, Mike, Anna, Matt and I - decided to go to Calypso water park. So much fun! I'm not a strong swimmer nor do I enjoy being dropped from high altitudes, so there was a few rides I wouldn't go on. August wasn't that busy. I started a new job near the middle of it. I now work in an optometry and sales at an eye wear place. It's very different from the salon - definitely more professional, especially since I have to wear a blazer. September - as some of you know I turned 25 on September 7th. Since I had things to do, I celebrated with my family ahead of time.
My dad, myself and my mum Rare photo of all 3 of us On my actual birthday, Matt got me Lady Gaga - Heart Beat headphones [beats by Dre brand!] and parents, Matt and I went to Scores for dinner. Parents got me a cake with a stiletto heel on it and gave me a card with money. Everyone pretty much got me money since that's what I wanted. With my trip to Toronto coming in just under a month, that makes shopping easier. The day after my bday, Matt and I went to his cousin's wedding. Such a beautiful ceremony! It was at a Sugar Bush, so most of the food and drinks were maple themed. Surprisingly great! One of my favourite drinks was called a "Maple Butter Kiss" - vodka, butterscotch schnapps, creme and maple syrup. Delish! And very inexpensive. We were surprised at drink prices.
Matt's aunt had Christian Louboutin shoes .... I need these shoes so bad!
Matt's mum - Jocelyn - and I
artsy photo of Matt and I
yes we match. so cute. so my doing. Anyways, that's enough blogging for me for now!!! xo Moi

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Tutorial - Tangerine Tango

Hey everyone! After multiple attempts at uploading/editing this [3x editing, 2x uploading] I finally got it on youtube! FACE: Urban Decay 24/7 Concealer - FBI Rimmel Matte powder EYES: Too Faced Shadow Insurance Brule e/s [MAC] Fresh Daily e/s [MAC] Brash e/s [MAC] White Frost e/s [MAC] Black liner [NYC] NARS orgasm [blush] Urban Decay Lipgloss - Love Child

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Review: Clean And Clear Body Wash!

Hey everyone! Not long ago, I earned a klout perk and decided that - even though it's not needed - I would do a review about the product. Clean and Clear Body Wash with Bursting Beads: I got all 3 scents but decided to give one to my mom - who gave me feedback on what she thought - but I've only used one.
"Charge" Pomegranate and Orange This is the one I gave to my mom. Her words: "The smell is really fresh and those beads make really good exfoliating. It's not a strong scent but enough to know that you smell good." She showers in the morning and didn't find it woke her up much more than any other body wash. Found her dry skin softened more than usually body washes.
"Splash" Wildberry and Guava This is the one I use. You can really smell the berry while in the shower. I have combination skin, so I like to find product that doesn't make it feel like I need another shower. I find my skin smells great after the shower and it lasts awhile afterwards as well.
"Boost" Mango and Papaya This smells so fresh! I haven't used it yet but the citrus-y scent is really ... well, lack of better words, it's "bright". Since summer is coming, I wish I had started this one instead. The retail price [in Canada, at least] is 7.99$ It seems to be available everywhere. If you want a body wash with great, fruity scent then this is definitely for you!!! Well, until next time!!!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Make-Up : Abstract and Review!

Hey everyone!!

It's super mild out lately so wearing a jacket is pretty optional. I've got all the windows and patio door open. All the spring clothes are pretty much out.

I still need spring shoes. All I have is the winter boots.

Speaking of spring, I got a beautiful palette from the SHOP MAC collection.
How have I never worn tangerine!?

"Call Me Bubbles"

When debating on this or another palette, the MAC Artist said that this palette is rare. Such a great palette all together. I've worn it often.

"Call Me Bubbles"
A really soft white. Almost the perfect highlight!

"Fresh Daily"
Tangerine colour. Good for blending.

"Full of Flavour"
MAC's website calls it coral, but there's more pink than normal coral colours. It's not far off though.

Best explained as 'burnt orange'. Kind of frosty but great for making a interesting smokey colour.
Veluxe Pearl.


L to R:
Full of Flavour; Fresh Daily; Call Me Bubbles; Brash

Sorry the swatches aren't the greatest!


Today I decided to do something a little abstract.
This is what I got:

I'm not entirely sure what prompted this but felt like playing with some bright colours. I may do something else another day, but that's another day.

I kind of feel that if I had straight-across bangs, it would look better. My cow-lick is evil.

Maybe I'll try a eyeliner design next time!

Okay well I'll probably do another spring tutorial later this week.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Cloth Diaper Video, Baby Stuff, Rumour Patrol [plus FlashBacks]

Hey Everyone!

A few of my friends have started into cloth diapers. These are genius! Saving major money if you go cloth, plus diapers don't break down for a long time. Save money = Save the world!

My friend that did the video below didn't know about cloth diapers until recently and she's pregnant with baby #3 [she also does baby updates on that channel if you're interested]

She compares 3 different brands in this video:
Fuzzibuns, Sunbaby and Springbaby

One of her daughters is still in diapers, so she has tested these. Check out the video and see what she says!

Personally, if I were to have a kid I would probably go cloth diapers.
Yes you're spending a lot in the beginning but in the long run you are saving money. Probably a lot of money because you're constantly having to buy more.

Also, after a lot of research, I have decided I'm also going to be purchasing a baby bullet.

Wait wait wait .... before I even continue I have to state:
that I am NOT pregnant.
Matt and I are NOT trying for a child.
We are NOT engaged/married.

Maybe some day. But not today.

Why am I thinking about this though?
A lot of my friends have kids, so when there's a huge issue with a company that provides food for children, it's posted all over my facebook timeline. Which obviously makes me think about what I would do if I were to have a kid.

Back to the baby bullet though.

I have stated outloud to my mother since this thing came out on the market that I plan on getting one if I have a kid. It's a genius idea, even if it's a little time consuming. I'd get good peace of mind knowing that my child is getting food that i'm 100% is healthy for them.

Mind you, if you think I'm crazy then you should see me reading cat food. I like to make sure Angel [my fur-baby] is getting things that aren't bad for him. He has enough stomach issues, this does not need to be added.

I'm sure there's a few parents that read this, or anyone who plans for the future [like me, I swear I'm not crazy!!]

How do you cut costs and stay healthy for you and your children?
Or how do you plan on keeping costs down and still being healthy??



I'll leave you with a couple photos since it is #flashbackfriday

Grade 8!

During High School - grade 10 or 11?
I believe we were going on a field trip

Prom. Anna took this!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Fun Food Facts!!!

Hey everyone!

Until maybe 5mins ago, I didn't even consider making this post. Why am I? One of my friends didn't know a few things that I just told her.

So why keep secrets? I'll share with all of you!

Being on a budget makes you really want to make food last longer.
It really irritates me when I have to toss food, so in order to keep things longer there's a few things I'll do.

We go through a lot of veggies. Generally I like to buy fresh but sometimes frozen is better if the veggies aren't in season. I also prefer to buy local.

First of all, here's a list of when fruits/veggies are in season.

Now after reading that, go by whatever month it is and there you have your fresh fruit/veggies list!

Of course, it doesn't have everything and sometimes things aren't sold locally during that time [right now cauliflower is really expensive even though it's in season] so you'll have to really look around.

After buying non-frozen fruit/veggies, how do you keep it from going bad quickly?

What I do is that day [or the next, depending on if I have time] I cut them up and put them in water.

Baby carrots don't stay in their plastic bag, they get rinsed and put in water. Green onions are trimmed, tips cut and in water. Celery as well. And so on.

But say you forgot you had celery [I'm using this as an example because it works best with celery] and it's wilting. Water does work but to make celery get crisp really quick is vinegar.

This trick I learnt from a friend, who use to have celery sticks with her lunch. Of course you can't keep them in water but they get really soft out of water.
She would have them in a sandwich bag, put a little vinegar [best travel way, from fast food restaurants] shake the bag and it would make them crispy! So perfect if you forget about celery in your fridge.

I'm so impressed with myself right now. My fridge is so colourful! Colour is very important if you want to eat healthy.

Here's a few things I got from this website:

1. Eat plenty of "fire-colored" produce (deep yellow to deep red), such as yellow peppers and tomatoes, which contain antioxidants like beta-carotene that fight free radicals.

2. Don't forget purple-hued produce like beets, berries and grapes. These are rich in flavonoids, which protect against cardiovascular disease.

3. Remember to go green. Most green foods contain magnesium, which assists muscle repair and balances hormones.

4. Paint the town brown by eating appropriately cooked red meats, the best source of iron.

5. Don't forget white. The calcium and allicin in dairy products, onions and other light-tinted foods keep bones healthy and immune systems strong.

Please be food conscious. Healthy eating doesn't mean tasteless, it means your plate looks more like a rainbow!

There are some downsides and I am a somewhat picky eater, so here's some other ideas.

I don't do red meat [Matt is a huge red meat eater lol] and haven't since I was 16yrs old. I'm not big on meat in general and no I'm not a vegetarian, although some would consider it because my lack of meat in my palette.

Red meat is important [especially to females] because of the iron content. Of course you'll never get as great iron in comparison to red meat, and I'm not really a fan of asking for an iron shot.

Some foods high in iron are:

1. Dark Chocolate
2. Roasted Pumpkin/Squash Seeds
3. Sesame Butter
4. Sunflower Seeds
5. Dried Apricots
6. Eggs
and of course
7. Spinach

There's always iron pills but those are actually harsh on most people's stomach, so it's not always the best idea.

Another thing is that I'm not huge on milk. It's not like I find it gross, I'm just sensitive to dairy products and if I can avoid too much dairy then I will. I do try to have a glass of milk a day - just to make sure I have enough dairy. Yogurt is expensive!!

Also not a dairy fan or just can handle dairy?
Your body still needs calcium. Here's some other ways on getting it!

I actually really like soy milk. I drink Natura a lot. It's not cheap, so if it goes on sale I'll stock pile [like everything else ...]
I just prefer Natura because I find it doesn't taste thick and/or chalky like some soy milk tends to be.

Also they have some great choices - Chocolate, Cappicino and Vanilla are my favourite. There's more but those 3 are easiest to find.

Most people have their resolution as to lose weight and/or eat healthier. Now you have no excuse!!! There's so many options now and so much more information.

Pills, cleanses and diets won't do anything. If you change your eating habits to something healthier, you will actually want to stick with it.

Until next time!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Sweetest Valentine

Hey everyone!

Can you believe Valentine's Day is so-close! I want to write down what I'm doing for Matt's gift [and I'm mostly safe because Matt doesn't read my blog] BUT I don't really wanna risk at the chance he could randomly read this post before Valentine's day.

However, if anyone wants to message me and find out - be my guest!

Anyways so I really think everyone needs a soft, sweet, Valentine's day look. Whether you're staying home and watching TV, going out with friends, seeing family or with a sweetheart, might as well dress nice!

I like this look a lot because it's a very "day look" that can easily be switched into a "night" look with minor adjustments.

In Order:
Benefit Erase Paste #1
Rimmel Stay Matte Powder
Too Faced Eye Shadow Insurance
MAC "Vanilla" e/s
MAC "Blackberry" e/s
MAC "Frost" e/s [high light]
Urban Decay "Rockstar" 24/7 liner
BonneBell white liner

MAC "Kitchmas" pigment

Rimmel "Sexy Curves" mascara [extreme black]

MAC "Tenderling" blush

MAC "Angel" lipstick

Hope you guys liked this look!
I'll probably do another one later ;]


Sunday, January 22, 2012

Spring/Summer Fashions! Part Two - Accessories and Blazers


Hey Everyone!

I'm continuing my Fashion Spring/Summer theme. If you wanna check out my last post that included tops, shoes and just one dress, check it out *H E R E*

This one is including accessories and some blazers. [it's not that warm out!]

Let's start with accessories because this one just knocked me out of the water!

Seriously .... everywhere!

Keep in mind that this trend [like last year's animal tail] was very popular in the 1970's ... many trends are pretty much a repeat of previous years.

I walked into "Aldo Accessories" last week and I swear it's like a bird massacre! Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy this trend [like the stars, but we'll get there] but this is too much! Feathers everywhere! On headbands, earrings, hair, embellishments for shoes, etc.

I am guilty of buying one hair piece including feathers [read: bobby-pin with string/rope and feathers in black, also available in bright colours] and I own a pair of dangly feather earrings. Like I said, I enjoy this trend but it's kind of an over-kill to walk into a store and get over whelmed with feathers.

Personally, I find this too much.

Many examples of how feathers are used right now

I do like that last necklace. Metal feather and solo. Very simple but trendy.

Another trend I really like - kind of always liked even when it's not trendy - is the stars. During the holidays I saw a lot of shirts with star prints and there's some shoes out there that have stars on them [so hard not to buy them ... really]

Sadly, that was the only decent photo I could find online of star accessories but that's basically the idea. The stars are very simple and not huge. Not like before when it was hard to find something with a star on it that didn't have a giant cluster of them.

I actually bought a star ring years ago [mood ring that is now dead fyi] and I could never part with it! It's starting to rust like mad but I'm hoping with this re-introduction to star accessories, maybe I can find a similar ring.

Another accessory that I'm pretty sure most people forget exists is nail polish.

Pastel and neon seem to be back, and China Glaze does not disapoint!
After hearing about Sally Hansen testing on animals, I do plan on buying both of these sets so I can toss a few Sally Hansen polishes.
[Note: I have quite a bit of that brand and while I don't want to use them, I'm not buying anymore but I'm trying to find replacements - like China Glaze, OPI or Essie]

These China Glaze polishes don't come out until February [or so I've heard] and if you're in Canada I'm about 90% sure you can only get them at a beauty supply store but where ever you buy China Glaze should have them.



I do plan on buying these and I'll let you know what they're like. I've heard from Vintage or Tacky that they're pretty good. She reviewed a couple of them.

I see those colours and think of spring and Easter. I know Cora says that in her review but she's right!

So back to the clothes right?

Such cute ideas. They can be dressed up with a skirt, dress or just some dress pants or worn casual with jeans.

Here's a few I really like
The Boyfriend Blazer:
Usually a longer style, maybe a tad baggier than normal girl blazers. Tends to have a few feminine touches - girlie inner print. This one has zebra print in grey.

The Cropped Blazer:
Obviously blazers come in all sorts of colours, but I find the red in this style adds that little punch of colour that is great!
Cropped blazers is great for those who have a shorter upper body, or are just short in general. This will make your upper body seem longer, leaner and therefore taller.

Well that's about it for fashion for now.
These are just things I've seen often in stores lately for summer.

I'll have some of my Healthy Living stuff up soon! [more like Healthy Living on a Budget]


Friday, January 20, 2012

Spring/Summer Fashions! Part One - Tops and Shoes!


Hey everyone!

The more I look at up-coming trends for spring/summer, the more I get the feeling I know how I'm going to dress in spring/summer.

With my goal of being fit/toned/thinner by summer, I kind of plan on wearing shorts a lot. Maybe I'll buy a pair of those lacy shorts for when my friends and I go to the bar. They're super cute and I'm not even sure why I'm attracted to them

I like the way I've seen them paired up. Like the 2nd photo [just above]
With a long necklace, peasant tops or blazers. Mostly just keeping the lace shorts to show the most skin and the rest is kept modest.

I am enjoying seeing all the wedge heels - either full wedge or thick heels - for summer. Such bright colours and some great colour blocking. Clothes doing the colour blocking, maybe not but definitely shoes. Even just bold colours

Thick heeled boots. I do love the red ones.

A few colour blocking thick heeled shoes. Don't know which one I love more!

Different idea on colour blocking - wedge heel

I am big on wearing more plain shirts but while wandering around in various stores [Dynamite, Costa Blanca, Garage, Suzy Shier, etc] I'm seeing a lot of racer back tanks, lace additions and - for some reason - nautical mixed with floral [or strips and floral]
I actually bought a few shirts from Garage that were that idea.

Racer back with floral - model obviously not me.

Racer back with lace/crochet

Then there's the subtle lace embellishments out there that just adds a very feminine look to a dress.
Like here [from Garage]

Printed shirts seem to be back, but the brighter the print the better.
These styles are popping up everywhere!
I like this idea of cinching the waist with a small belt, because the waistline is very feminine and not always shown.

This long tunic could be paired with some cute leggings - short or long - or if it's nice enough out [and your body type can pull it off] as a dress. This is a type of shirt that you could easily get now and wear right through till you don't want it anymore. The long sleeves are great for cool summer nights.

This I almost bought actually. It's a lot nicer in real life and the pop of colour looks great with a dark bottom [be it a skirt, leggings, pants, etc] It's not form fitting but it doesn't show any unflattering things.

Anyways, that's enough of a fashion spam!

Next update will have some skirts, accessories and blazers/jackets!