Sunday, September 23, 2012

Long Over-Do Update!!!

Hey everyone! Long time no blog, I know. Unfortunately I'm still not on my laptop - which is pretty much declared dead at this point - but I am able to post. Matt has allowed me to use his laptop during the time. Eventually I'll get my own laptop. A bit of an update: In June was a wonderful wedding of Tara and Ron. I was lucky enough to do the makeup for the bride and her bridesmaids, plus the lovely Jess who was M.C. As per usual, Anna was my date. [or was I hers? Lol Never too sure on that!] It was the first wedding I was just a guest and not part of the wedding party, so that was interesting. It was a beautiful day for an outdoor wedding and the place - Strathmere - is such a gorgeous area. Kind of a farm area. The day after the wedding was Matt's college grad. He finished school in December, but the official ceremony wasn't until June.
Matt's mom - Jocelyn - Matt and I After the grad was dinner, and it was interesting because it was at The Keg. Never been and for some reason I had been craving red meat. July was pretty much a whirlwind. Canada Day I was with friends for a BBQ, then saw fireworks.
It was really a debate on if we were going to the fireworks anyways, because it was a pretty long walk. Last minute we decided to go and ended up being soooo close to where they set them off! Unfortunately Matt started having ankle problems on the way home, luckily one of the guys lived near the fireworks. After Canada Day a few of us - Kyle, Mike, Anna, Matt and I - decided to go to Calypso water park. So much fun! I'm not a strong swimmer nor do I enjoy being dropped from high altitudes, so there was a few rides I wouldn't go on. August wasn't that busy. I started a new job near the middle of it. I now work in an optometry and sales at an eye wear place. It's very different from the salon - definitely more professional, especially since I have to wear a blazer. September - as some of you know I turned 25 on September 7th. Since I had things to do, I celebrated with my family ahead of time.
My dad, myself and my mum Rare photo of all 3 of us On my actual birthday, Matt got me Lady Gaga - Heart Beat headphones [beats by Dre brand!] and parents, Matt and I went to Scores for dinner. Parents got me a cake with a stiletto heel on it and gave me a card with money. Everyone pretty much got me money since that's what I wanted. With my trip to Toronto coming in just under a month, that makes shopping easier. The day after my bday, Matt and I went to his cousin's wedding. Such a beautiful ceremony! It was at a Sugar Bush, so most of the food and drinks were maple themed. Surprisingly great! One of my favourite drinks was called a "Maple Butter Kiss" - vodka, butterscotch schnapps, creme and maple syrup. Delish! And very inexpensive. We were surprised at drink prices.
Matt's aunt had Christian Louboutin shoes .... I need these shoes so bad!
Matt's mum - Jocelyn - and I
artsy photo of Matt and I
yes we match. so cute. so my doing. Anyways, that's enough blogging for me for now!!! xo Moi