Sunday, November 14, 2010

Beautiful, Dirty, Rich

I have the strangest craving for a dirty martini. I'm not even sure why! I love martini's, they're so classy. Makes me feel like i'm someone out of the 50's or something. They're always drinking martinis in old movies so it makes me feel classy like them. Haha, i swear i'm not a big drinker!

I am, however, a big shopper. Christmas is coming up nd i'm soooo excited! I live at home nd next year i cud be moved, so i'm going a bit pricy for my family.

For my mum i got her the MakeUp Forever Rockstar palette

Plus i'll be buying her a simple kit of brushes from Elf that she actually really liked. I'm so happy she's getting into makeup!

I'm getting my dad the original Tron movie from 1982 [i think] nd a calendar ... not sure which one yet.

Matt laughed at me the other day because of how much i spend on makeup. We went to Sephora nd while buying my mum's palette, i got myself this.

Oh yes ... Urban Decay 24/7 Jackpot eyeliners!

I fell in love with them through the picture posted beside them nd i was about to buy a few, then saw the packet of liners. Hello cheaper! [9$/liner, 47$ for the packet] Cannot resist!

What can i say? Makeup is officially my life.

Gala soon so obviously a haul soon ;D!

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