Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Good morning bloggers!

Is everyone good today?? I'm .... okay. A little bit irritated with where I live because the company is just not being very fair.

Enough about that, I doubt you really care.

I am so happy to share this! I went to a swap last saturday and got a bunch of things. For those who don't know what a swap is: Usually it's at someones house and people bring snacks for everyone. You bring clothes, shoes, books, etc and everyone can pick nd choose what they want. We also ended up watching "Prince of Persia" Such a good movie! I was surprised because I'd heard some bad reviews.

Anyways, so the swap was good. I didn't get a lot but I do enjoy what I did get. The girl running it had saved me a shirt that she thought I would like .... I thought that was nice :]

Well I did a video on the stuff I got, plus a few other things.



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