Monday, October 18, 2010

The Makings of an AWESOME Portfolio!

Hey lovelies!!!

Okay so i was going to make a video YESTERDAY ... actually i had a few i was gonna do. Tutorial nd showing off my makeup kit BUT i woke up with the worst sore throat nd body aches, that i just had zero energy. I pretty much slept most of the day nd watched tv ... Stephen King's "The Mist" was on. That is one messed up movie! I hate horror movies but this wasn't too scary. Just a few parts i cud've done without. *shudders* Just gross.

Anyways ... this weekend i'm actually going to be starting my portfolio - which is also for my course. I'm getting marked on it but it's going to be for when i apply at makeup counters. Two of my friends have agreed to let me do their makeup when i see them this weekend. Another of my friends is getting married in a few weeks, so if i do hers or the other bridesmaids makeup, i told her i'm stealing pictures. Also i'm getting in touch with a photographer i did makeup for one of his shoots nd asking for those pictures. [he had promised he'd send them, but never did]

My course is going good. I got my eyebrows fixed for free, which is always a bonus. Now they're sort of even. One side is slightly different, but that's becuz they're different sizes. Don't ask. My eyebrows don't really work well becuz i shaved them


a few years ago when i got my eyebrow pierced. They never really grew back properly. So Friday we learned abt tweezing nd various eye makeup. I did someone else's makeup nd it's really weird becuz i'm use to a) my own brushes, b) my own makeup nd c) not qtips! We're allowed to bring our own brushes - i had to ask! - as long as we wash them before class. Now that we have our kits, we can use our own brushes. It's huge nd wonderful. I also got brushes, but i prefer mine. [which are MAC nd Sephora] I'll be doing a vid on them probably wednesday.

So that's probably it for me. I'll post pictas nd vids here soon soon soon! Promise!

love nd makeup!

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