Thursday, October 27, 2011

moving stress

Hey Everyone!

So my last post was just a countdown widget. Sorry I didn't post much!

Our moving date is December 3rd and we've booked the elevator for noon. I am unbelievably stressed right now. There's so much to pack and I've barely started. What I have done is go through a ton of stuff and either trashed or given away stuff. I've used 2 boxes for soft cover books.

We've actually got a lot of stuff. His parents gave us these metallic dipped leaves for decoration, and I have a picture plus a mirror. Matt bought me a Marilyn Monroe poster from his school because he knows I like her. My dad caved and bought us the Fantom Power Pet vaccuum. My mum's lending a bunch of curtains for the place and bought us cutlery and a mattress cover. [just in case because it's a new place] My nana is giving us a bunch of towels and face cloths, possibly sheets too. We're going to her place for the typical Christmas buffet thing she does - my parents, Matt plus my aunt, uncle nd cousin - so we'll get the stuff then.

We've figured that we're probably going to have the house-warming in January because December is way too hectic. Plus Angel - my cat - is going to brought here in early January.

Now for a few photos. Makeup from yesterday and the stack of boxes - only a few are being used currently.

First of all, the trunk that most of this stuff is on is full of curtains, kitchen things and dvd's
The purple box is the vacuum - Fantom Power Pet - and on top is utencils and a muffin tray [kept it out with intention of making cupcakes soon]
Beside that is 2 Dole boxes - those are filled with books.
Everything else is empty so far.

Anyways, that's about it.


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