Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Hallowe'en, Facebook Joy, Secrets

Hey Everyone!

Just a quick update on everything going on.

Hallowe'en is coming up! Matt and I might be going to a party put on by his work BUT we're not sure of details. I keep telling him that we need to know ASAP because of costumes, etc. I have a few ideas on what I want to be, but it depends on pricing in the end. I really want to get a few wigs while they're decently priced.

Couple ideas of my costumes are bumblebee, ladybug, Alice in Wonderland or Cleopatra. The Alice one I'm not thrilled with from the site, but I'm hoping it's decent in person.

Something else that I recently realized is that 3 females on my facebook are expecting their first child! [I actually had to double check it was still only 3 people because most of my fb friends have kids] I'm so excited for them!
Anna asked me - while I was telling her who is expecting - when Matt and I are going to have kids. Of course she was joking, but most of our friends have children [yeh, more than one]
Honestly, Matt and I have talked about this multiple times and I was the one who stated that if I had my choice, I'd rather be married before having kids. Of course, nothing goes to plan but we're not trying to have kids.

Also, no I am not engaged. Just because Matt and I have spoken about this, doesn't mean it'll happen.

I know a few people have wondered about the fact that Matt and I are keeping a secret, but it's neither pregnancy nor engagement. So that should narrow it down and once we know for sure, it will be chaos. We're both having a hard time keeping this quiet but we are because nothing is 100% - just family knows right now.

All is good otherwise, Matt is scheduled to finish school in December and his job has said they're keeping him on full-time afterwards.

All in all, this is exciting times!
Keep up ;]


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