Tuesday, October 11, 2011

change is in the air

Hey everyone!

I know some of you followers/readers are on my facebook and/or twitter, so maybe you already know? I mentioned this more on twitter actually.

Change is coming

My blog will probably be changing in a few ways by New Years [ie; 2012] for a few reasons.
1 - layout
I've been talking to my lovely boyfriend about helping me do some customization for my blog layout and stuff. Make it more acceptable to the eye. He does coding for a living, so he's going to help me figure out what's good and what'll work. I've got to figure out what I can do for a banner with photoshop [which I don't have ...] I'll figure something out

2 - posts
Actually, this is somewhat of a brief announcement but nothing is set in stone - YET! We're actually looking at moving at the end of November and because of this, I'll probably be lacking in posts for December, between crazy xmas plans, shoppers and the possibility of no internet .... it'll be hard to post. Unless I can figure out how to switch the internet from being at my parents, to the new place [since parents don't really need the net] then I'll be able to post.

3 - change of posts
Since I'm moving, I may not be posting about the same stuff as before. I'll try to keep it pretty similar. My goal is that this is a beauty blog, but it's somewhat more personal than that. I'm aware. It'll change.

So that's pretty much the biggest changes you'll see coming up. Now for answering the question most people have been asking me:
What are you doing for Hallowe'en costume/makeup? And are you going to do a video?

Ha ha, I love people sometimes! I know last year I promised a video and I did do it BUT it turned out awful. I procrastinated so much, I couldn't re-do the video. This year I'm going to try and do last year's idea at the very least. I'm not 100% what I'm doing for my costume this year but I need to figure it out soon because Matt's work is possibly having a Hallowe'en party. I've got a couple ideas for makeup, but again it depends on the costume.

I'll probably do a video of some sort about that also. Hunting for a costume I mean ...

I've been quite stuck for makeup ideas lately, so I spoke with Ronnnie [aka bowsandcurtseys] about some suggestions. there was a shirt I really wanted to wear, and I wanted to also rock some red lips. So she suggested a simple eye with cat liner.

Beautiful suggestion and very classic. Here's what I went to work with that day!

Also I wanted to try something new with my nails.

I took "Cowardly Lyin" from China Glaze and "Hot Coco" from Essie and got this gorgeous look.

To get this look is really easy.
Take "Hot Coco" and put 2 coats on all fingers you want. Make sure it's completely dry, then take a "Cowardly Lyin" and put a relatively thin coat on top. As if you're doing "Shatter" or "Crackle" look. Let dry, put top coat on and you're done. Simple.

No, that is not an engagement/wedding right. The one with hearts is the Daughter's Pride ring my parents got me, the plain silver band is something I found. I wear it there to even out rings on both sides of my hands.

For those who aren't Canadian, this past weekend was Thanksgiving. Saturday I worked closing shift, but Sunday Matt and I went to his mum and step-dad's place. There was about 9 of us [Matt's mum, step-dad, grandparents, step-grandparents, his brother, Matt and I] and we were so lucky it was beautiful weather.

I got a few new shirts [upcoming haul, promise!] and wore one on Sunday. It's purple and black, but to get the contrast colour right Matt took a photo of me and inverted it. Ended up doing a yellow and green look.

I was considering doing a video on this look, but then I realized that I've done a video on basically the same thing. Yes my technique has improved, but it'd be just repeating itself. Only difference is that I used different colours and there's black liquid liner on top lash line. No "eldorado" or "mildew" used in the above photos. Otherwise, the same. Same idea I guess.

Monday was Thanksgiving at my house.

I swear, between both days I really needed to workout today. I did and I'm glad I got to do 40mins before pain started.

Anyways, I'm off. This is a long enough blog, haha!

Love and makeup,

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