Saturday, January 14, 2012

Road to Healthy Living Starts Today!

Hey Everyone!

You know how you do one thing and it can completely change how you do things??

Every time I enter a change room to try on pants, I want to cry.
"My butt is too big" "My thighs are too fat" "My stomach is too puffy" "I HATE ME"
Things I usually say while pant shopping.

I absolutely despise buying new pants but every time this happens, I get a lot of motivation to be healthier. It's harder than it seems.

I did, however, get a bit of a workout in today and I'm going to get another in tomorrow after work.

I sit a lot - at work and at home - so when I do my goals in "Just Dance 2", it's under "Intense" What that does is it has "Sweat Points" It doesn't work the greatest because you can shake the remote and it'll gain you points BUT it does motivate you to get to a higher number goal.

I'm actually quite proud of myself today. I was up early to do a workout, shower, breakfast and clean. Now that boxes are going away, it's giving us plenty of room in our dining room. I want to start eating in there but with all the stuff, it's not easy. Slowly it's happening though.

On my other blog I'll show the photos I got of Matt putting together our iKea-ture. It was hilarious because I tweeted a photo and Heather [aka @sokolum] called him a Beaver :D

Anyways I have lots more to clean before work tonight!

Here's my newest video - Neutral Smoke!


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