Sunday, July 31, 2011

Hearts That Bleed or Good Life?

Hey everyone!

Honestly, sometimes it's hard to keep my cool sometimes with people. Someone hacked a friend of mine's facebook and said really cruel things. When he saw what was said, he apologized and explained his account was hacked. That's still dumb that people hack other people's accounts. Some people clearly need to grow up.

Another thing I'm having issues with is being unemployed. Yes I have been looking like crazy and if something doesn't come up soon I will have to see if a friend of mine is hiring at DQ. It's not my 1st choice but I need an income.

So I actually got a request to do an Avril inspired video. Which is exciting because I actually love her. This is actually a very different look to what she usually wears - it's not a dark eye! It's very grey but does have some of her trademark dark liner. I didn't do the under the eye smokey part because not many people can pull it off - like myself. I did change it a bit, but for the better I feel.

This is actually what I did instead of going to paint ball.

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