Monday, July 4, 2011

Long Weekend Made Longer!


Last friday was July 1st - Canada Day - and today is July 4th - Independence Day. I celebrate Canada Day [since I'm Canadian, in case you didn't know] but a lot of people also celebrate July 4th. It's an important weekend for everyone.

I spent most of the weekend celebrating.
Friday -
Woke up early to head downtown. The Duke and Dutchess of Cambridge - aka William and Kate - and we got there JUST as the motor cade drove up with them. For the record, we only went because my boyfriend is a fan of Great Big Sea and they were playing.

Speeches, music, heat exhaustion.

I almost passed out on the bus. Luckily my friend had a granola bar in her bag to tide me over before we went for lunch.

Matt[boyfriend] and I headed home after lunch, hung out, had a couple of drinks before and with dinner. Headed out again.

Met with my friend Dalia and the 3 of us headed to KRC hill [which is not Parliament Hill but has great venue. More family friendly, concerts, food, rides, etc] We met up with our other friends - Sam, Kyle, Steph and Matt J - to watch concert and fireworks. Here's a few photos!

whole group

This would be Matt and I

Matt, Dalia and I - he's kind of a goof

Dalia and I

So afterwards the buses were being absolutely stupid, we had to taxi home. At this point we were so exhausted.

Saturday -
Got to sleep and get ready slowly but still headed out relatively early.
Matt and I went to his mum and step-dad's place before heading to his aunt and uncle's place. Met a bit of his family; snacks, beers, food, chatting, random music. It was fun! I think they like me? I'm not sure, it was the 1st time meeting them. Matt thought I'd be nervous but even though I usually am when meeting new people, with his family I haven't been nervous so far. I'd say that's a good thing. Haha!

Got home and chatted with my mum for a bit then crashed.

Sunday -
Super thankful that we have AC and that our plans weren't until later. By 10am, it was already really humid. Slept late, lounged most of the day then headed to Kyle's place around dinner. He was hosting a BBQ. Sadly no photos. Didn't get home until late and pretty much crashed right away because Matt has to be up early during the week.

So that was my weekend. Pretty go-go-go but that's fine.

I realized I forgot to mention something I did last week! PAiNTBALL!
It wasn't as bad as I thought, but of course the 1st hit I got - which was within the 1st 5mins of 1st game ... - was in the thumb. There was a nice scratch and bruise for awhile. The worst is when the paintball hits ground and bounces on you or bounces on you and just doesn't break. I have a nice huge bruise on my thigh [barely there now] from that.

Of course you walk away with battle wounds but adrenaline runs through your veins during the game that you don't realize how exhausted/hot/etc you are until the last game.

You can wear your own clothes - which is what I did - but they offer coveralls for those who don't want to. The company takes photos, so I took a photo off the site of both Matt and I [FYI - we went with his work]

I'm the one standing awkwardly in the grey shirt. This was probably 3rd game? I was hiding behind a barrier.

This is Matt hiding on a bridge. Thought this looked cool.

That's it for me.

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