Friday, July 29, 2011

Wedding talk, rumours and a new video!

Hey everyone!

Sometimes people make me laugh with their rumours about me. It use to really bother me, but it doesn't anymore. It bothered me mostly because of who it was and now I'm just kind of use to it. I laugh now.

Latest rumour:
I'm moving to Montreal.

There's a couple things wrong with this.
1 - I don't speak French.
2 - The one who started this rumour, I don't talk to her.

I'm not sure what encouraged this rumour. I mean I do have a friend that is going to school in Montreal and I visited her in March. I def wanna go back because the shopping there is not to be believed. I'd love to move there, but the language is kind of an issue. Yes I'm Canadian but I'm not great in French.

Well that's that.

Also lately a friend of mine nd I have been talking about weddings. Neither of us are engaged but we both watch a lot of wedding shows. So today we started talking about ideals for when we get married. [meaning if it was up to us completely - we both agree the guy should have plenty to say!]

I've learnt how to cut costs because of a few friends of mine have gotten married and they paid for it themselves. [except one, but that's a diff story]

Makeup I actually did nd wore to my friend's wedding.

Doing her makeup - best friend and the bride :]

People say different things about where you should spend your money. Dress, photographer, flowers, etc. Personally, I'd probably get a dress that wasn't too pricey and then go more expensive for shoes. After all, you probably won't wear the dress again but the shoes you definitely can.

What are your opinions on weddings? I love hear different opinions!


So I decided to turn this into a series. Guru's on youtube are those who are really good, get lots of views and possibly partners on youtube [ie; get paid a certain amount from youtube]

Of course they're going to inspire people! Just to show my appreciation to those I watch lots, I

Makeup [in order]
MAC Face&Body foundation [C1]
Benefit Erase Paste [light]
MAC Studio Pressed Powder [light]
Too Faced Eyeshadow Insurance

Lid: "Too Dolly" e/s [MAC Hello Kitty line]
Crease: "Shockaholic" e/s [MAC] and "Romping" e/s [MAC Hello Kitty line]
Highlight: "Aspin Summit" e/s [Sephora]
Liner: lid - black NYC Liquid Liner // waterline - white Bonnebell pencil
Mascara: Rimmel Sexy Curves "extreme black 003"
Blush: "Orgasm" [Nars - powder]
Lips: "Boybait" [MAC Lipglass]


  1. Wedding ... personally, I would elope to a sandy beach and perhaps wear a white bikini for the occasion ... no makeup, but I never do anyway ;)
    For you or anybody else, I'd say, do what you wish/dream of and don't be influence by anybody.
    PS: Charlene looked so pretty!

  2. Ooh! Beach would be beautiful! You have glowing bronze skin anyways, so you don't need anything ;]

    Weddings are fun and I love hearing what people like :]


    she was stunning! :D