Friday, July 8, 2011


So I get a few questions often and so I'm taking this blog to answer them!

Feel free to ask more, I may end up doing a video if I get lots!

1. What are you?
Physically I'm a human female. Genetically I'm my parents.
But if we're going into specifics - as in nationality, etc - then here's the list:
German, Dutch, English, British, Irish, Scottish, Welsh.
This actually should explain lots.

2. Are you actually a makeup artist?
YES I AM! I got my certification last November.
I would post a photo here but it says my full name and I would prefer people who come across this not know specifics. Safety reasons.

3. Do you still talk to *insert name here*?
This question gets thrown around with a few people, but anyone that asks me this about certain people - the answer is no.

4. Do you want to?
Given the way things have ended a few times and the dramarama I went through, I would say no. My name had been tarnished because of a couple people. [however, karma pulled through and one of them actually heard one of the rumours ... idk what happened after that]

5. You use to be a party girl, why did you stop?
I was? Well I guess I enjoyed going out and having a few drinks. I was a regular at a certain bar. I stopped going because of a few reasons - work, drama, money - but I do go out sometimes still.

6. Why did you stop doing videos on youtube?
I haven't. Just taking a break because I wasn't getting great feedback. Besides, I had no time for awhile. I will again soon!

7. If you're into makeup, why don't you work for a company like MAC or Sephora?
Can I just mention that when this question comes up, people are usually rude about it.
Also I cannot force people to give me a job. It's very tempting and I wish I could, but I can't.

8. Why do you spend so much on makeup?
Short answer: because I can.
Long answer: I actually don't spend much on certain products.
I like MAC shadows because they've very pigmented but I don't buy the whole line.
I spend a lot on brushes because they are my tools that I use consistantly.
If I can find a similar colour for cheaper, I go that route. I'm also very picky.

9. What do you smell like?
I get this question from random people and it kind of weirds me out. However, mostly when I'm asked this I'm wearing my Betsey Johnson perfume. Only sold at Winners now ... sadly.

10. Why do you spend so much on clothes?
I really don't. I buy usually on sale and I don't buy high-end brands unless there's a good sale. A few things I splurge on - like dress pants nd bras. Dress pants because I have such an issue with sizing, so if it fits I'll buy. Lol! Bra's because I don't buy them unless I've had to toss one.

11. Why do you dye your hair so often?
First it's called "colouring" my hair. Second, my hair is surprisingly healthy.
Besides, it's my hair.

12. You go so often with bare nails, then colour them neon. Why?
My nails are never bare. When they seem bare, it's just I have a nude colour on in just one coat. Sally Hansen stuff that my friend got me, helps strengthen my nails. I love neon colours.

Anyways that's all I've got for now. I guess I seem sort of rude in these answers but honestly, most are from people I don't know or nosey.

Feel free to ask me questions! I won't be rude haha!


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