Thursday, August 4, 2011

Little New, Little Old, Little Nothing?

Hey everyone!

I've had so many interviews lately [2 different salons and one bankruptcy/debt company] and I'm pretty hopeful something will come up. It has to really, I'm just tired of being home all the time and not being able to afford anything.

Once I get a job, then we can start getting set up for moving and hopefully cut a deal nd get a mid-month move in. I don't know but it's hopeful.

We literally have almost everything. Couches, tv, bed, table, etc. Between both sides of the family. His mum is giving us a wok .... which honestly I'm stoked to make stir-fries. I'm not big on cooking now but I'm willing to try :D

Speaking of family, we're actually going to his dad's place this weekend. He lives a bit out of the city and between his hours and Matt's hours, things weren't making sense to go. Now keep in mind that I am a city girl through-and-through, but a lot of my family is from the country. So this weekend will be interesting.

I'm planning on doing a video early next week for a smokey look that doesn't include black shadow. It'll have probably a little black if I do eye liner but the idea is more of a day to night idea. Like if you're going out after work and wanna wear a neat shadow. Well you'll get it when you see it.

I'll keep everyone posted!


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