Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Avril Lavigne

I'm sitting here, finishing my iced coffee and watching "Teen Mom" [say whatever, I like it.] I've been calling places I've had interviews and places that may be hiring for the past hour.

I am about ready to call it quits!

This is really frustrating. Going to interviews, thinking you're doing great then never getting a call back. I really want to go back to school - another makeup course - once some of my OSAP is paid down. [I have OSAP from a previous college course.] I'm not even sure if I can put it on OSAP ... but it is almost 3,000$ because I want to take 2 courses. There's a regular course that has lots of info, but then there's the advanced course. Both are awesome and I'm waiting to hear back to find out.

My interview Monday was with - hopefully - a makeup counter. I'm somewhat pushing for Clinique but I suppose I'd go with anything at this rate. I just know Clinique better [actually, I know MAC nd Sephora best but at Clinqiue is #3]

- 2 hours later -

This is usually what happens. I start a blog then disappear for some reason. This time I had to go clean stuff or else I couldn't think. So in addition to what I mentioned earlier about the makeup course. The major course - which is a hefty price - is probably something I'll take first. Neither do OSAP but the bigger course will give me an idea if I want to dish out the money for the 2nd course. Plus I'll get the kit, which is why it's so pricey. My plan is for September 2012 because it's such a huge price. Besides, I know for a few months it'll be complicated money-wise when I move because Matt has 4 months of school left [then graduated! Yay!] so I'll just save what I can, pay down what OSAP I can also and just keep reminding myself that he's got a job and school.

We already talked about this and we know we've got sacrifices to make while he's in school. Such as we're not getting cable. We may splurge for netflicks but not right away. We need internet for his school and so we don't lose our minds, so we'll be able to watch shows through that if we need to.

Vanilla e/s MAC
Silver Ring e/s MAC
Georgia e/s Cargo
082 e/s MUFE
Zero black cream liner Urban Decay
Black pencil liner [whatever works]
Frost e/s MAC
Tenderling blush MAC
Alpha Girl beauty powder MAC [Heatherette line]
L'Oreal Volumnous mascara
Aerie Pink gloss [whatever you have works]

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