Tuesday, August 30, 2011

colds and canker sores

Hey everyone!

So I'm not sure about everyone else, but I have been fighting a cold for a few days. It's drained me so bad that I literally take a 1-2 hour nap when I can. It's mostly sinus with a dry cough, so I have liquid meds I'm taking [no name brand stuff but works great!]

There's not much you can do for a sinus cold or dry cough except meds, Vick's Vapo Rub [hate the smell but works great] and water/tea. It's great because I have cut down/off on junk food but this is great since I've actually lost some weight. I am going to start working out soon, so that'll help also.

Another downside lately is that I have a canker sore. Horrible nd gross. "Mouth Ulcers" ideally. My body hates acid and since my granny grows grape tomatoes in her garden, I have been downing them like candy.

Reaction = canker.

It's made my lip puffy and there's only so much salt and water rinse one girl can take. So I googled and got some great results. I've been swishing Benadryl liquid allergy meds in my mouth [over the canker - don't swallow!] and so far the results are good. I think it says not to do it more than 6x a day but clearly, the more you do it, the better.

I found my pink fedora!!!
I love this hat. I got it last Christmas but kept losing it.

This lovely boy-with-mop is my boyfriend.
We were at lunch before his tattoo the other week. He's a goof but a good guy.

Oh Angel.
My furbear decided to be cuddly with me yesterday. He's such a suck sometimes.

In other news, I have an interview tomorrow. I'm trying not to get my hopes up because lately my hopes have been let down so often with jobs. It's hard to keep up. But I am trying to be positive.

This week is all about positivism - sort of.

Wednesday [tomorrow] - interview
Thursday - no idea. prob cleaning
Friday - G.I Specialist appt
Saturday - Party with friends
Sunday - dinner with parents nd Matt
Monday - Calypso
Tuesday - Matt goes back to school
Wednesday - my 24th bday!!!

Exciting. I know!

Anyways there's some things I need to do before my mum gets home.



  1. Regularly using mouthwash can help treat canker sores. Mouthwash promotes better oral hygiene by actively killing bacteria in the mouth. These antibacterial agents have been shown to protect the insides of the mouth from canker sores while also helping along its treatment when you have them. Iodine-based mouthwash can also be used but be sure to always spit it out after swishing.

    how to get rid of a canker sore

  2. I use mouthwash regularly and still get them, I must have a high acid level in my body.

  3. I've read about swishing Benadryl liquid to relieve the sores but have yet to try. I am guessing it works well for you. I have used Prilosec and that seemed to work pretty well for sores caused by acidity.

  4. It works really well in my opinion. I also using for my cheeks because I have scarring from braces, it helps with the irritation since it basically numbs/coats it.

  5. I have had cancer sores all my life but recently they got to the point that I had one or more almost all the time and often they were very large and always very painful. Someone suggested that I go to an allergist to see if I was allergic to anything. After taking a full battery of allergy tests I discovered I am allergic to corn, almonds and soy which wrere very prevelant in my diet, especially corn which is used as a a sweetener in most processed foods. After eliminating all these foods from my diet, I have had NO cancer sores for many months.