Friday, December 2, 2011

Keeping on Budget for the Holidays!

Hey everyone!

Holidays are coming! You know what that means? SPENDiNG MONEY AND LOTS OF FOOD!!!

I hear a lot of you screaming about budgets and waistlines.
Fear not .... I am here to save you!

This is Part One of Two - Holiday Budget

This Christmas is a lot different than last year. Last year I did go overboard with spending on gifts because I wasn't 100% if I would be able to this year. So glad I did because with moving and everything, my budget has gotten a lot more strict.

Here's a few suggestions for keeping things in budget:

1 - Gift Sets
I cannot tell you how much these help. I got both my grandmothers bath sets. The ones I got have a bodywash, lotion and loufa. These types of gift sets are great because even if you get a name brand, they're excellent pricing.

Which leads me to #2

2 - Name Brands
I can tell you right now that name brands and no name brands are different every where, so compare pricing. Sometimes they're the same price. I happen to buy a lot of no name brand just for the sheer fact it's the same product for even slightly cheaper. [it makes a difference in the end]
When I say price around, I mean it. Flyers are great. Some stores have a "price match" thing.

3 - Price Match
What is Price Match?
Excellent question!

Price Match is when you can find a product in one store but cheaper in another store's flyer. Bring the flyer to the store, when you go to pay for your products you can show your cashier. I know Wal*Mart does this now but I'm not 100% on what other stores do it. Definitly check before you go shopping.

4 - Keep a price range for everyone
If you keep a certain price for everyone, then you can figure out budgetting. For certain people, you may be able to buy a few small things instead of one large/expensive item.

5 - One at a Time or List it!
If you walk into a store without having a person in mind, you can easily over spend. If you're not sure who to look for, try to get an idea of the store before buying - maybe write things down with their price. That way you can also price at different stores. [ie; Price Match]

6 - Find Good Sales
[fyi - I learned this part from my mum's shopping habits]
Many stores make sales/specials that really isn't worth it. There can be two things but only one on sale but if the 2nd has more in it, you're getting your money's worth. Always add things up with 2 for 1 deals, or a certain amount for a certain price [ie; 2 for 20$]

So those are some little tips. I suppose shopping may be a tad late [this really was suppose to be done earlier in November ...] but for all you last-minute shoppers ... SHAME ON YOU!!! But these are good tips year round.

I actually did my first holiday tutorial of the year! While uploading it, I realized how similar it is to Kandee Johnson's tutorial!
There's nothing wrong with that, just the fact in comparison hers is by far better! Lol Oops!


PS -
Next blog I'm going to talk about the amount of food during holidays!

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