Saturday, December 10, 2011

Holidays : Waistlines, Partying and Keeping Fit!

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With the holidays coming up soon, a lot of people tend to over eat or over drink. I definitely get it though, temptation is a horrible thing! But drinking and eating - like everything - is all about moderation. We all know "One glass of water per alcohol beverage consumed" but who really thinks about it. If you're at a work or family function, you may want to ease up on the intake of alcohol.

Instead of worrying about water all the time, make sure that you keep yourself hydrated if you're drinking. Keep a glass of water with you so you're not worrying about getting some. It keeps you from getting too badly hungover [that's if you're drinking too much.]

Of course, there's the waistline issue. That goes with drinks too. Egg nog isn't easy on calories. It has the same ingredients as cake/cupcakes.

But, just like cake/cupcakes and egg nog [and everything else], things are alright in moderation.

So if you want to have that piece of cake? Do it! Maybe try to have a smaller piece, or try not to over do desserts. It's actually a proven fact that if you fill your plate with more healthy items [like veggies, cheese, fruits, crackers] you're less likely to "pig out" on unhealthy things. However, what is a holiday party without desserts?

As I mentioned before, everything in moderation.

A few tips for post holidays:
1 - When you get home from that party, drink at least one glass of water. It helps flush the toxins from sugary foods or the alcohol.

2 - Maybe try doing a few workouts. Even if it's simple like dancing around while doing things around the home. Or a few squats. Even if you're not big on exercise, it does make you feel better and just a little may help.

3 - Be sure to wash your face before bed and definitely in the morning. It helps get the grease/toxins out as well. A light exfoliant gets the job done [soap and salt mix for oily skin] but Google has a bunch of different recipes for different skin types.

Well that's all the tips I can suggest today. I hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday - whatever you celebrate.

Biggest thing I cannot stress enough though.

There's far too many options to avoid this.


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