Tuesday, December 20, 2011

winter blues and sparkles!

Hey Everyone!

Finally got around to doing 2 more tutorials for the holidays.

I actually got a lot of compliments on the first. I have naturally small eyes and this really does open them up. With the gold tones and keeping product minimal, this works on pretty much any eye colour.

[I do note in the video that if your skin is darker to use a darker colour. My skin is really fair so this tone works for me.]

"Bright Lights and Shimmer"

The 2nd is somewhat of a smoky eye idea but with brighter colours [of course]


Another thing is, Matt and I are trying to eat really healthy but honestly, it's really hard. Oh it's easy to not buy junk food [cookies, etc] but the fact is, if you look at everything you eat most of the things aren't healthy.

We're big on snacking so instead of cookies or chips, we got tortilla chips and salsa or crackers [triscuits are freaking amazing] I also started doing something else that my dad started.

"The Snack Plate"

What started it was that when you're hungry at night and you don't really want anything heavy on your stomach, you look at the fridge see what's there. Green onions, pickles, cheese, olives, etc. Basically whatever you'd put on a snack buffet works.

As the holidays approach, it's harder to stay on budget and keep waistlines fit. I had my first part of Christmas last Sunday.

I am not a fan of Egg Nog, I'm not entirely sure why I agreed to drinking it.

I'll put more on that in my more personal blog


Enjoy holidays!
I'll try to do another video ASAP!



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  2. Thank you Cami! I shall definitely check out your blog!