Sunday, January 2, 2011

WELCOME 2011!!!

Hey everyone!

Hope everyone had a great New Years nd stayed safe!

I didn't end up doing much because I started feeling really sick - so I had to cancel my plans. I felt so bad because we were making such amazing plans ... *le sigh* I'm re-scheduling our hangout anyways.

Tomorrow i'm going to dinner with a few friends. We're going to our fave buffet place and even though I'm kind of skeptical of it - someone is going nd she recently broke up with her bf - because I want to avoid drama. It's one of my resolutions. To avoid drama, I had far too much of it in 2010

Oh yes, I also got featured in El'Aundra's LRFF [Loyal Rewards Forward Follows]. Here's the link to my feature. Check out her blog!

So also with the other photos from Christmas, you couldn't really see my hair. I recently styled it amazingly. Haha, i'm getting good!!

I'm very aware how volumenous it is! All hail the teasing brush! Haha, it's great!

I've already started planning a few things for 2011!
This weekend i'm going to C's place [hopefully the boots will be in - it's her xmas gift!] We haven't really hung out in awhile - last i saw her was her stag&doe nd she was so busy, didn't see her much. This will be fun for sure :]

Sometime in the next couple months i'm going to Montreal [which is a 2hr drive from where i am now] either for a weekend or the day. Not sure. It'll be mum, me, mum's friend Lori nd Lori's daughter Sarah [who goes to Concordia - the performing arts school]

Hopefully this summer i'm going to NYC with my mum. For anyone who doesn't know my mother, she is in love with that city. I'm not obsessed, but i wanna visit. We're going to do the bus tour - like she did before - and that way hotel nd stuff are included.

The 3rd trip is pending that I don't move this year - which is, once again, a goal - nd that's at the end of the year. Maybe between boxing day nd new years going somewhere south. Cuba is big this year, but we'll see. I'll know probably by August whether or not i'm going. Next New Years has to be awesome. I've decided that party is a must.

I'm trying to make the most of 2011, there was such downfalls of 2010 that the bad out lived the good.

Anyways, I did a tutorial New Years Eve .... here you go! Doing another soon because I love MAC's new line "Cham-pale"!!!
Might do another vid after i finish spending my christmas giftcards!


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