Tuesday, January 11, 2011

FlashBack Tuesday Plus Video nd Weekend Update!!!

Hey everyone!

I had an amazing weekend at my bestie's place - Charlene. She lives abt 45mins away nd honestly, i see her less than I like :[ Her hubby came to pick me up on Friday. We had McD's for dinner nd he ended up going out so her nd i just chilled nd chatted. We planned on going for coffee with her friends but he didn't get home till late, so we gave up on that idea.

Saturday we chilled, her neighbours came over, then drama happened with the kids. Anyways aft the neighbours left, we dropped C's oldest son [Seth - 3yrs old] at his nanny's place. C nd i came back, did our makeup nd headed out. C's hubby Jamie's sister - April was having people come over before bar.

That's the group of us. April, Shannon, Ashley, me nd C is in front.

We went out to the bar they usually go to nd it's so good! When you walk in there's places to just sit nd drink, then the bar nd then at the back is the dance area with coloured lights nd tables/booths. Small towns bring around the funniest people! It was fun. C kept having to sit down cuz her feet hurt - 5 1/2 inch heeled boots that i got her for xmas - but we're people who are up so much. The biggest difference is that i'm use to wearing heels nd she's not. Oh well! At least they're kinda broken in for her now. She did give me a great idea for an outfit tho - i wore the boots with nylons nd skirt, she wore it with skinny jeans.

Anyways so the bar was fun. Sunday there was no hangover. More dry mouth than anything but that's pretty normal.

Came home Sunday nd my parents had moved my room around. Now there's a giant mess.

Now to my FlashBack thing.
I change my hair often [like .... really often] nd most people can't keep up. This will be in no specific order but i'm going to TRY to keep it from oldest to newest!


Sometime in late high school

heading for a school trip

Grade 7 - beginning of dye jobs.

Grade 8 - growing out the black

Last yearbook photo

C's fave picta of me - blonde nd black nd short .... nd a bow headband

just after highschool - it was a dark, dirty blonde

Short nd dark red

Profession shot from modelling

Blonde nd dark brown. Just below my shoulders

Blonde, dark brown nd there was some purple mixed in the dark


when i had my extentions

just done pink in the back nd dark brown at front

my own styling

pink side piece

brown, red nd really dark brown with some blonde

just brunette

it wasn't that yellow. it's the lighting in my friend's bathroom - this was when she wasn't working nd just doing hair out of her kitchen

Test for hair for my friend's wedding - it was major curl puff when all the bobbypins were taken out

I got my hair styled/trimmed for my bday that year, this was a month later

August 2010

Hair now.

Hope everyone enjoyed this! I missed a lot of photos - like blue bangs, orange hair, purple hair, red hair, mad curled hair - but this was a photo spam enough for you. Haha!

Videos soon!!


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