Sunday, January 16, 2011

Caviar Dreams [part 1!!]


I'm not sure how to describe lately to be honest. Some things are great - really great! - nd other things it's just like "Really? Are you kidding?"

Karma is being majorly in my favour, but i cannot say it's completely working. Certain situations are just working for me.
You never really realize what you have until you almost lose it.
Strong words spoken not so lightly.

Some moments i try not to over analyze but it's hard not to when you just know what could easily happen. Could BE easily happening. Let it ride out, you know?

More talk of moving happened. I'll have to get a 2nd job but i had a feeling i probably would have to.

I find out Monday [tomorrow] if i'm going to Montreal next month. Which will be exciting! I'm trying to save lots because i'll be using my credit card nd then i'll just pay it off when i get home [i only have a certain amount of interact usage per month]

Saving is hard I find. So many times i wanna just go spend it all!! Guhhh so complicated. Trying though.

I finally was able to do a video for the Caviar Dreams palette from MAC [Cham-pale line]

I'm recording the other look i use with this palette soon - pending lighting.


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