Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Good, The Bad nd The Voice?

Hey everyone!

Sorry I don't update this as much as I would seriously love to but I don't think I could figure out something interesting to say all the time. HA HA!

Well at least right now - even though I'm not really doing videos for awhile nd I'll explain that after - I've been really into lists. Which is what I'm doing here!

The Good
[aka things i'm loving right now]

• Morning commutes
[Is this really cheesy? I like my morning commutes to work because I ride the bus with my boyfriend...]

• Iced Coffee
[specifically from Tim Horton's ...]

• Over Sized Hoodies
[My boyfriend's hoodie specifically. He's note-ably larger than me so his sweater is quite comfortable.]

• Make-Up Artist Fashions
[Because of where I work I get to see lots of different styles of clothes and I really feel this has helped me with my own fashion choices.]

• Make-Up in General
[My love for it has not wavered.]

• Nail Art
[I got the Konad kit about a year ago nd still have no mastered it. Photos below of today's nail art!]

Of course there's bad things going on, like money, stress, etc but I'm in far too good of a mood to even post that!

Haha, sorry.

Has anyone caught episodes of "The Voice" ? I swear, it's like American Idol BUT WAY BETTER!!

The beginning audition, the judges [Christina Aguilera, Cee-Lo Green, Blake Shelton nd Adam Levine] are faced backwards so they only hear the person's voice.

Unlike American Idol, these people are not judged on their looks. I'm sorry [sort of] to those who are Idol fans but they are known to judge on looks. We're a vain generation I suppose.

Anyways, so if the judges like the voice they swivel their chairs. If more than one judge swivels, the contestant gets to choose who's team they're on.

It's a great show and eventually there will be just one person. Aka "The Voice"!

So what's new? I've actually be experimenting with various things. I'm trying to learn how to do "cut crease" but so far it's not working. I may not have the right brush to do it - which would explain a lot ... - however, once things are paid off I'm planning on buying a brush roll from Sigma.

Okay so my Konad nail art didn't work so well. I'm not sure why, but I'm going to look it up to figure this out!

Anyways, probably doing a video soon!


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