Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sephora Inspired Spring!

Hey everyone!

Don't you love how i keep saying 'everyone' when I doubt many people read this? Haha!
Oh well .... to all those who do read, thank you! Feel free to leave comments, questions, etc. I like hearing from people. [if you post anon for some reason - please leave a link/your name so i know who says what!]

So spring is coming - eventually! - and that means more colours. Flowers, outfits, makeup, etc. They're such beautiful and bright colours. Don't get me wrong, i enjoy muted, or monotone colours [white, grey, black] I actually wear a lot of black.

But spring, with all it's colours around you kind of want to be colourful also!

However, with spring there's a matter of nessessities. Of course, everyone is different but I'll keep in general.

Note: Some may seem pretty simple. Needs to be said though!
Also, stores/items mentioned here are my own personal opinion - no one has asked me to say this.

1 - Rainboots.
- I absolutly hate getting my feet wet. It's probably the biggest irk of mine. Yes, it's different if i'm not wearing shoes but if I'm wearing shoes nd my feet get wet .... no joke, i walk funny.

2 - Rainboot Liners.
- I'll probably talk more about these once I get a chance to use them. I buy rainboots that aren't expensive becuz I know I'll probably need to buy a new pair every year. Usually by the end of the rainboot weather, I have a hole SOMEWHERE [never in a place I can see so I can fix it of course ...] but the liners are like plastic material. Prevents feet from getting damp/wet or even cold if it's not warm out. Great idea. Better than putting plastic bags on your feet [which I've done]

3 - Raincoat.
- I have been on the hunt recently for a decently priced coat that is nice nd has a hood. Are hoods obsolete?? It's nearly impossible to find one. BUT i DiD!
Black, semi-trench idea nd pretty warm. WiTH A HOOD! 35$ from Zellers under the "London Tower Fog" line [which is my winter jacket, ironically.] It had a belt, but there wasn't any belt loops so I lost the belt already.

4 - Umbrella.
- Do i need to explain this though? Although I love hoods on my jacket, umbrella is important too!

5 - Moisturizure.
- Your winter skin will be disappearing now, but you can still use that cream for night time! Now it's time to glow! My favourite glowing moisturizure is from Clean&Clear "Morning Glow" [the orange bottle is my favourite, but there's green nd now yellow - read the bottle to make sure which your skin needs!] If you want to go a little more expensive, MAC has beautiful glowing moisturizure.
Tip: Mix with your foundation to make your skin naturally glow.

6 - Wardrobe Switch
- Ahhh, probably my favourite time of year! When you go through your clothes nd decide what stays nd what goes. Don't put away all your sweaters/hoodies, summer isn't always swealtering nd spring is chilly! I usually keep out 2 or 3 sweaters.
This is also the perfect time to start trying on last year's clothes nd debating on if you're going to need more stuff [I had to get more skirts] or if you feel you gained some winter weight [everyone does. it's normal!] now is usually the time to debate on how/if you're going to deal with it. I know I'll be trying different workout dvds nd seeing if that works, as well as eating healthier.

7 - Self-Maintainence
- This varies for some people because not everyone is into the same things, but now is usually the time to concider hitting the spa or nail salon [or even hair salon!] Facial, manicure, pedicure time!
But I realize that not everyone can afford this, or enjoys other people touching them [especially feet!] So maybe go to the store, pick up a mask, some nice nail polish colours that make you feel more "spring-y" nd have your own "at home spa treatment" I have a few ways for some homemade nail soak nd facial mask that I'll be posting in another blog. Always have a cheaper solution!

8 - Shopping!
If you're going to spend money, do it wisely. There are generally some sales for old winter items now [so if you need a new pair of winter boots - like me - now is the time to find them!] nd occastionally stores are starting with their spring/summer line.
I cannot stress this enough! I wanted a bomber-style jacket nd if I hadn't looked around before getting mine, I probably wouldn't have gotten it. I got mine at Suzy Sheir. Chocolate brown. 49.99$ [no sale, but I did buy it on giftcard from Christmas]
Other stores were asking way more than that nd I just wasn't willing to pay the other asking prices.

That's about it for now.
Spring has yet to come, so you should expect a few things to come about this!

Nd now for a Sephora Inspired Spring tutorial!

MAC Face&Body #C1
CoverGirl Concealer #1 [lightest colour]
MakeUp ForEver HD Powder
Too Faced Eyeshadow Insurance
MAC e/s Omega [eyebrows]

Sephora Colour Play 5-in-1
#239 [MAC brush]
#42 [green e/s]
#49 [gold e/s]
#44 [purple e/s]
Sephora Smudge brush or angled brush [ex:#266 from MAC]
#217 [MAC brush] blending
#266 [MAC brush] lining with #44 [purple e/s]
Blush from #5 palette
Aspin Summit [Sephora e/s - highlighter]
Revlon "Grow Lashes"
Tightlining with white liner [mine is Bonnebell]
I used a pink opaque lipgloss from Playboy Bunny line.

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